You can’t be serious!!!

I saw Kitty on Wednesday this week and mentioned that it was almost her 4th collaring day. After the shock over the time subsided Kitty said something that most of us will relate to .

I asked Kitty how her collar felt after 4 years. Kitty said “what collar?…Oh you mean this badge of honour that I wear around my neck.” And that just about sums it all up.

Really, when you submit to somebody it can go either way, a good short time, or an even better life. Kitty is having the time of her life. I remember 4 years ago when a cocky and sure young man knelt and offered to serve us. Santana has been loyal to us ever since and even though we can’t always see him, he is either our contact with our American cousins or our roving reporter discovering new and exciting lands for us to explore.

He is always a source of humour and brings a smile to our SL often.
Happy four Years Santana / Kitty Maurer we love you very much.
Now bend over and take your spanks like a man.

Love fom Jenny and Mistress Diomita


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