Double anniversary: Maurer’s cutie’s 1st collaring day and Angelique Maurer’s 5th Rezzday

Today it’s been a year since we recollared Danii Szydlowka as our brat. First as our fosterbrat but for several months now as our full brat.
Danii was our sub before together with Pike, but we had to release both. As Pike left SL more and more Danii came back to us and one year ago she finally was recollared.
Cutie is a very special brat. She is a very good scripter and has some evil thoughts particularly about restrictions. She’s scripting mostly for herself and to try restrictive scripts on herself *winks which provides us many opportunities having her nicely tied and locked at our feet. Cutie also likes  to roleplay. She had some longterm roleplay particularly in prison as a therapist before the time with us. We recommend to read her blog for that and for more of her adventures so far like her time being a hu-mare pony ( Just recently when she was seeking a bit of restricted time in prison again, we arranged a hunt for her. The SLBI was hunting her and we had a lot of fun until she was caught. Her stay in prison turned out not to be as exciting as planned and thus she has been released.
Right now Danii is being restricted by us again and enjoys the feeling of control. Danii always wears her glasses and she’s quite helpless without them. If you ever see her without her glasses don’t be angry that she doesn’t recognize you, she might be just not able to see clearly.
We have enjoyed owning Danii, Maurer’s cutie, this year and there will be many more to follow. Happy collaring day, cutie!

Today is also Angelique Maurer’s 5th rezz day. Angelique added another way of play to our family in SL. She’s our niece, always bratty and seeking to test her limits. And besides her love for her aunts she also loves to challenge us. We sent her to schools in SL in order to provide the education that is appropriate for a young lady like her and although there’s some progress we will certainly provide more school and academy stays for her. After several weeks of technical problems getting online, we’re happy to have our little brat back with us. If you see Angel be sure to give her 5 rezzday spanks and don’t mind her protests:-)
Happy Rezz Day, Angelique!

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