Dear Diary

It’s time to write a diary entry as nothing specific happened the last two weeks, nonetheless there are themes and events to write about to keep the memories.

First of all after returning of my spring vacation I put Jenny into a longer red light which lasts now for over 2 weeks already and is still ongoing. I admit it is great to have her at my feet again and i admire her patience. She tries hard to be a role model.
Danii is still enjoying her pony training with Arka as her trainer. Just yesterday she wrote a new text in her own blog about her progresses (see Dana is also a pony right now. She stays at SnR being a so called class III pony.
We found several new places that we explored. I want to mention “sexy”, a full sim with a lot of different areas. We’re still exploring it and we might publish an entry about it soon. Also Fortriss Martice has changed over the last weeks and we just began to explore it again.
Fae Howlett, my little sub sister from old days withing Yasmin’s Brat Pack, returned being online more again and visited us. We had a good chat and she selected Mount Everest as her home base. We might have found a good place and company for her just yesterday and we look forward to hear how that is developing for her.
Last but not least Yasmina, Yasmin’s homesim, doesn’t exist anymore since April 1st. We will keep it in good memory as we have so many good memories to it and to the fun we had there. Bye, bye Yasminia.  You know you are all welcome to visit our home any time. As a side effect we also lost “our” place to play another dice game – “pentadee” (known as Yahtzee outside of Second Life). So we bought a table for Mount Everest now. So that’s in short about the last two weeks. As a little teaser and for our diary I a picture of Sarah and us exploring “sexy”.

Jenny (transformed into a rubby teddy), Sarah and Dio exploring "sexy"

Jenny (transformed into a rubby teddy), Sarah and Dio exploring “sexy”

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