Dear Diary

The season is busy as every year, even more we enjoy our free time at SL to wind down and to have fun being just ourself. So I wanted to share a bit of this season so far. Our just recently collared slave Flo got herself into trouble by being rebellious. I tested with her a new writing desk where she had to repeat given sentences. The desk’s script is mean as it recognizes cut and paste and thus slave had to type letter by letter and of course all mistakes were counted. She seemed not to be very amused and revolted. Now she’s enjoying her hood again and has time to think about her behavior.

Slave Flo punished for her revolt

Slave Flo punished for her revolt

At our party last Friday we had the theme “Bondage”. That fitted well as our slave Flo was already restricted in her hood. And then Danii came over on her currently more rare visits to SL. She could enjoy kneeling next to slave Flo and of course I made a picture.

Slave Flo and Danii at our Friday Night "Bondage" party

Slave Flo and Danii at our Friday Night “Bondage” party

What else is going on? Tyra, or better expressed Miss Tyra right now, is enjoying to keep Virgo tied up. Hence the theme for last Friday’s night. And as Miss Tyra was off for two days due to RL obligations she asked Jenny and me to take care a bit of Virgo. That was just what we needed. As slave Flo is punished for her revolt and encased in her hood, she can’t keep the house clean and we stay more inside now as the island covered with snow. So we put Virgo to work. One upside is that maid Virgo can much easier reach even higher boards.  Doesn’t she look like a very good maid?

Introducing the new maid Virgo

Introducing the new maid Virgo

Besides that all we’re enjoying visiting “The Secret House” sometimes or just to chill at home. Monday night we teased our slave qt aka. Maurer’s It (queen.takacs). She is permanently locked and bound in her very own pit, restricted to mouselook and with restricted hearing and talking. To give her at least an eye candy we love to stand on the pit while we chat.

An usual family night - Jenny, slave Flo, Dio and Fae - at The Secret House

An usual family night – Jenny, slave Flo, Dio and Fae – at The Secret House

20131216 an usual family night_001

An usual family night – slave Flo, Jenny, Fae, Dio – at qt’s pit

20131215 Enjoying the season

Diomita and Jenny Maurer enjoying a dance

20131218 Dana Maurer

Dana Maurer 3rd collaring anniversary

That’s it for now? No. Tomorrow, December 18th, marks Dana Maurer’s (Dana.Drezelan) 3rd collaring day. We’re happy to have this adventurous brat in our family. She always happy to try out something new. When we collared her 3 years ago we all were not sure how it might work out with the timezone difference between her and us (6 hours). Thank you for your submission, your devotion and your faith, Dana. Happy collaring day!! And her next adventure is planned. But that’s something to report about soon.

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