Two Cuties

Our vicitm Maurer’s It aka. qt (Quen.Takacs) had some technical problems last year as her SL-world became literally pink. It almost destroyed her fun coming to SL. The pictures taken from her screen, that she showed us were awful. She could solve the problem luckily after a while and was so exhausted that she needed recovery. We built a new pit close to the new lounge for her and locked her down there. Now she has a lot of time to recover from this hard time and being in permanent forced mouselook maybe she catches a view on our feet sometimes (also see
Qt celebrated her 3rd enslavement day on New Years day. What a time spent in bondage. Thank you qt!

Maurer’s cutie aka. Danii (Danii.Syzdlowska) had not as much time with us online lately and was also caught by other ways to spend her free time (see at her blog We had her nicely tied up in strict bondage over a latex catsuit and in a severe hood. Thus she could focus on the more essential issues during the more rare time that she spent with us. For the holiday season Danii was released from her bondage – originally it was intended more to be just a break for her. But now she asked for a bit more time being unrestricted to explore and to roam and to tend to another passion, a passion that we were not aware of before. Or maybe it is just becoming a passion now because of Danii’s new graphic card, about what she is so excited: Pictures. Surprise – Danii has a deviantart account for already two years now. And she posted just a few pictures. I added the URL to the other links section.

Yesterday Jenny and I were busy in other sims as our family began to gather at home. When we arriced home we found Danii laying naked on the bars of qt’s very personal pit. What an eye candy for qt! Danii and qt know eachother for a very long time reaching back to a time before I rezzed in Second Life. Danii is Maurer’s cutie. When you speak “qt” how does it sound? Yes, like cutie. So there we go: Two Cuties!
Danii not only gave qt an eye candy – she also made a picture of the Scene. The result is quite erotic in my personal view.

Two cuties: teasing... (by Danii Szydlowska

Two cuties: teasing… (by Danii Szydlowska)

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