Expect the unexpected

During the holidays we had two really unexpected changes. To stay in chronological order the first unexpected change happened to Dana, who has been sold by us to our close friend Claven. Slavery involves being a marketable good and as such you never know. Thus Dana and her wife JennAnn (JenAnn.Dubrovna) have different owners for years now and both have been put in different stages of slavery. I heard as rumor that JennAnn is somehow happy that Dana shares her destiny. We hope that Claven is content with her new property (which is worth two with regard to weight) because as it was a deal among friends as we had to grant her a sale or return. Here’s a picture of Dana with her new owner.

20140201 Claven and Dana
On a sidenote: We will not change Dana’s status as long as there is a right of return for Claven.

20131231 Pony Kitty and her trainer Betty (bettylatexlover)The other change that happened unexpectedly occured to our Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau). She was naughty watching ponies for a while now. She freed Hu-mares at SnR (Stones and Rubber) just for fun and loitered around in the according sims like FFF (Frilly Filly Farm). Consequently she made friends over there and got drawn into the scene more and more. And although Kitty fought the thought of becoming a pony in SL ever and insisted that she went there just to watch, the unexpected happened. Let me quote from the message that we got from Kitty:
“Hello Mistress, hello Miss Jenny… the unthinkable finally happened… Kitty is trying out pony life. Kitty has been talking for several weeks now with someone from Sweden called Betty (bettylatexlover.resident). Kitty mentioned her to you before. Well, with a bit of coercion Kitty decided to embark on a brief mission into the pony world. Sometimes, if you don’t understand something, even after observing it for so long, maybe you just have to give it a try. Since Kitty understands and respects your views on pony play Kitty wants to make sure that you understand that Kitty hasn’t gone mad… Betty and Kitty started exploring sims over the last two weeks and despite the language differences have been getting along very well. After Kitty shared the fun of being Kitty with Betty and the spark caught on (she changed her riding outfits to catwoman) Kitty noticed how mischievous she started becoming. Whether it was for the latter or the lack of good English, Betty decided that the best way to answer Kitty’s questions on ponies would be to try it out. That’s where we are now and so far and – admittedly – it’s been more fun than Kitty expected. More news to follow… Kitty”

Pony Kitty and her trainers Betty and Merjeni

Pony Kitty and her trainers Betty and Merjeni

To make a longer story short: Kitty has became a pony. I quote again: “… the events of the last nights were happening too fast for Kitty to fully process what actually happened. At the end of yesterday, Kitty was placed under tight restrictions and leashed in a stall. Betty had a lot of fun explaining to Kitty in much detail the next step of how that tail plug would have to be replaced with a larger one. Kitty was given a stack of straw to sleep on. RLV-straw… grrrh.. It traps Kitty for a predetermined  time (6h) to force rest. Now, that Kitty is staring at the stall door and the walls, reality is setting in, leaving Kitty to wonder which is the lesser evil of the two: The inevitable transformation and formation of Kitty to a pony or Kitty’s mind running wild with crazy thoughts about it all?”

Thank to Jenny, who got her the perfect right gear, she’s looking close to perfect now. She has two trainers the above mentioned Betty and Merjeni (Merjeni.resident). We know already that pony Kitty is quite good in the pony exericises but of course we expect nothing than a wall full of prizes and rewards she will bring home for Betty, Merjeni and for us. Whinnies, pony Kitty!

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