Two Cuties

Our vicitm Maurer’s It aka. qt (Quen.Takacs) had some technical problems last year as her SL-world became literally pink. It almost destroyed her fun coming to SL. The pictures taken from her screen, that she showed us were awful. She could solve the problem luckily after a while and was so exhausted that she needed recovery. We built a new pit close to the new lounge for her and locked her down there. Now she has a lot of time to recover from this hard time and being in permanent forced mouselook maybe she catches a view on our feet sometimes (also see
Qt celebrated her 3rd enslavement day on New Years day. What a time spent in bondage. Thank you qt!

Maurer’s cutie aka. Danii (Danii.Syzdlowska) had not as much time with us online lately and was also caught by other ways to spend her free time (see at her blog We had her nicely tied up in strict bondage over a latex catsuit and in a severe hood. Thus she could focus on the more essential issues during the more rare time that she spent with us. For the holiday season Danii was released from her bondage – originally it was intended more to be just a break for her. But now she asked for a bit more time being unrestricted to explore and to roam and to tend to another passion, a passion that we were not aware of before. Or maybe it is just becoming a passion now because of Danii’s new graphic card, about what she is so excited: Pictures. Surprise – Danii has a deviantart account for already two years now. And she posted just a few pictures. I added the URL to the other links section.

Yesterday Jenny and I were busy in other sims as our family began to gather at home. When we arriced home we found Danii laying naked on the bars of qt’s very personal pit. What an eye candy for qt! Danii and qt know eachother for a very long time reaching back to a time before I rezzed in Second Life. Danii is Maurer’s cutie. When you speak “qt” how does it sound? Yes, like cutie. So there we go: Two Cuties!
Danii not only gave qt an eye candy – she also made a picture of the Scene. The result is quite erotic in my personal view.

Two cuties: teasing... (by Danii Szydlowska

Two cuties: teasing… (by Danii Szydlowska)

Just something inbetween

Right now I can’t login. Apparently SL has gone down unexpectedly. No SL, no SL homepage, no marketplace. Time to write a little bit about the ongoings within the Eurobrat family.
– I wrote already about Kitty’s return. I decided that Kitty may have another start and I hope that she will never again vanish without warning.
– tittia’s RL is keeping her from going online. RL is always priority but of course we miss her. We get applications for the Strict Ballet Academy every once in a while but without instructors the academy remains closed.
– Puppe (Dana) is transformed to a puppy. We do enjoy the rare times we see her due to the time difference. She had some issues with the gear that prevents her friends to chat with her via IM. Luckily she found a workaround and I still hope that we can get a feedback of the builder of the gear why it is not working as it should. Well you can always say, voila it works as puppies can’t chat.
– vanessa is vanessa. She comes online at midnight every once in a while when we’re just on our way to bed. Nonetheless her devotion is amazing. And every time she sees a new face being with us she asks “A new sister?”
– qt, Maurer’s it, is still nicely locked down and dreams of escape. She never gets tired to warn those who come close to us but most people simply don’t take her warning to run as fast as they can seriously. Well, we can always say they have been warned.
– Delilah had to reduce her online presence a bit due to her RL. That prevents her from instructing at the ballet academy. Right now she’s assigned to keep our house clean being our first maid. We simply like the idea of bound maids that work for us. It is not our idea and the place “bound maids” is down since quite a while and the new place for the maids isn’t working yet. With the help of Danii we installed some objects which attract the dust in the house and which need dusting every once in a while. Of course this work can only be done with a dustergag.
– That leads to Danii who worked on her scripts after being released from her humare life. And she helped to develop the dusting system for the house.
– Our youngest family member, Angel, is the most active of all of us right now. She brought some new kinks and new roleplay to our SL and we, her aunts, enjoy teasing and humiliating her as much as she enjoys the other side of the leash.

And Jenny and I? We still enjoy ourselves, our togetherness, we make plans and laugh a lot and have fun. Friday nights are still a highlight of our everyday life in SL and RL. So overall everything is just fine although RL is preventing some of us to get online as much as before right now.

Queen Takacs one year enslaved.

What is a Windfall?

If your neighbour owns an apple tree that overhangs your garden and an apple falls onto your side then you may consider it yours.

Our very good friend Claven has been a neighbour of ours more than 3 times in different locations. At Rivers Rock she had a Prison in the sky that was up against the boundary of our plots. Quite often an inmate would fall onto our beach and we would often capture them and return them to Claven. For the most part she could satisfy their needs more than we could so it was a better for everybody that we did. However one day QueenTakas (QT) fell to earth and landed on our plot and we decided to keep her.

In fact it was not the first time we had met her. QT had met Diomita a couple of times before looking for some type of confinement. We were not sure we could satisfy QT or give her the type of restraint she desired which is why we thought that Claven was the obvious choice. However their time zones meant that their paths did not pass often enough to make any sense of any RP so Diomita and I decided we would hold QT and keep our eyes open for somebody that could care for her.

As the weeks passed we realised that QT was very easy to look after. She had very few needs and she is not demanding. QT was more than happy to be in the background mute and with very minimal contact. We have a varied family and we accept that people have different needs and expectations from SL. We do not judge and as long as it does not offend us we will try to explore everything. But Diomta like me enjoys having contact and meeting people so we always took time to be close to QT if she was there and we discovered that under all the latex is a very likeable person indeed.

QT was called Toy by Diomita who as the head of the family had main control of QT’s restraints. Part of my teasing for QT started out that should Diomita ever grow tired of QT then I would claim her for my own. QT resisted this with every opportunity and has called me some very nasty things during this play which always made me smile inside. It was QT that first called me Miss Evil and this is a title I am very proud to have. By spending time talking to QT I think we have discovered what she needs to make her SL feel right. We like to tease limits a little and subs need to be taken out of their comfort zone sometimes to show them that they are not in control and are owned.

Queen Takacs enjoying less restrictions

Also when QT opened up to us a little she told us a little about herself and her history in SL. She and Danii are sisters from their early days and it is very comforting to see them together especially when they are both clad in heavy latex and restraints. Qt has vowed to escape the moment we make any mistake and give her the opportunity. This is something that will never happen. You are never going to escape us.

As I said earlier we had met QT a couple of times before she fell into our clutches. After we discussed keeping QT we tried to look back to find the exact day this was and the closest we could find was New Years Day 2011.

So on the 1st January 2012 QT celebrated 1 year of belonging to us. Thank you QT for the joy you have given us. You always make us smile with your comments and our family would not be the same without you.

Love Jenny and Diomita Maurer