News from flo – Chapter 12: Honest and silent


Again slave Flo wrote about her life for our blog. According to her counting this is chapter 12 now (all are published, but some chapters were put up as one entry in this blog). We will use her counting from now on. So this is chapter 12. This time she even took and processed a lovely picture to illustrate the entry. Thank you for writing and documentating, Flo. Although enslaved, we love you dearly. Enjoy reading!

Long time since the last few sentences from Flo – the little doc. Since many weeks she is close without any mistakes. Doing her daily dusting every afternoon, alone and without any complaints… just…one time she took all her courage and told Mistress Diomita that the ball she had to bite on is hardly battered and the the feather is really obsolete. Her Mistress did not care for and so little doc had to use them and tighten the straps even stronger to keep up her good work in dusting. some would say there are more undies. Mistress Jenny took her to shopping and purchased for Flo a wonderful white leather corset and a nice thong in same material. Something unbelievable occurred one day…. her Mistress Jenny called her by name “Flo” not slave … no “Flo” – it was like jingle bells in her ears – Flo was so happy to hear – therefor Flo gave much more attention in doing correct the please her Mistresses. or correct wear ballet boots. Flo is very skilled in walking on such high heels and balances with elegance aside her Mistresses. Flo is a honest prissy slave.

One scene was very hard for her to understand as Mistress Diomita punished her lovely niece Angelique. Each stroke of her hard slaps had burned in her own brain like arrows of fire. Poor Angelique did not tell to Flo why she received that hard punishment. Flo became witness of several new girls like Chianna or rona. Rona has fulfilled her trial and became one of my new step sisters. Flo admires the high level of rona’s submission and her skills as creative one – therefor Mistress Diomita gave her the title “Künstlerin”.
For the start-up Party of the football WC her Mistresses gave her a suitable bikini in the colors of her country – Flo was happy as she never has been even the thong was that tiny and showed more than covered. This bikini was worn on every game of her team, but as the Swiss team lost against Argentina it has seen the last use of. Flo was’nt sad about the result as she told us she’s proud that her team hasplayed 120 minutes longer in world cup than UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Flo modelling her outfits

Flo modelling her outfits

The family is growing as Dana came back as well as Kitty. Since Kitty is back there is someone close by who always is teasing Flo with something like “helmet”. Flo knows well but doesn’t show any reactions as these times had been very hard for her – but its long time ago.

I love you my Mistresses and kisses you both on your…..
little doc Flo

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