Delilah collared 3 years

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Delilah Maurer’s collaring and how the time flies. When Delilah got closer to us, we were just moving to Mount Everest. She was very patient during these days while we were busy building and creating our home and her collaring was the first event we celebrated on our new island.

Delilah was our huntress first as she loves to use the bow and arrows for hunting. Over the years with us she revealed her sensitive and submissive side more and more until she became our concubine. You can sense that she’s able to dive deeply into her second life and the scenery. Delilah also loved the ballet academy of tittia, she really misses it. Giving lessons there revealed another Delilah, demanding, passionately yet still very sensitive she is a natural when it comes to coaching others and getting them to work hard.

More recently Delilah shared some on line stories with us and all of them expressed the same theme. Delilah it seems is susceptible to hypnosis and we have implanted some very strong controlling trigger words that we do use on her from time to time.

Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale) collared July 20th, 2011

Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale) collared July 20th, 2011

Delilah’s RL has not allowed her to get online often lately and she’s having a tough time. We wish you all the best, Delilah and we look forward seeing you inworld again – and then we will celebrate together.
HAPPY 3rd COLLARING DAY, Deli!!! You make us both very happy.

love Dio and Jen

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