Delilah collared 3 years

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Delilah Maurer’s collaring and how the time flies. When Delilah got closer to us, we were just moving to Mount Everest. She was very patient during these days while we were busy building and creating our home and her collaring was the first event we celebrated on our new island.

Delilah was our huntress first as she loves to use the bow and arrows for hunting. Over the years with us she revealed her sensitive and submissive side more and more until she became our concubine. You can sense that she’s able to dive deeply into her second life and the scenery. Delilah also loved the ballet academy of tittia, she really misses it. Giving lessons there revealed another Delilah, demanding, passionately yet still very sensitive she is a natural when it comes to coaching others and getting them to work hard.

More recently Delilah shared some on line stories with us and all of them expressed the same theme. Delilah it seems is susceptible to hypnosis and we have implanted some very strong controlling trigger words that we do use on her from time to time.

Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale) collared July 20th, 2011

Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale) collared July 20th, 2011

Delilah’s RL has not allowed her to get online often lately and she’s having a tough time. We wish you all the best, Delilah and we look forward seeing you inworld again – and then we will celebrate together.
HAPPY 3rd COLLARING DAY, Deli!!! You make us both very happy.

love Dio and Jen

Delilah Maurer – collared 2 years

Today is Delilah Maurer’s 2nd collaring anniversary and Jenny and I wrote both an congratulation note for her:

Diomita’s toughts:
Delilah recently became our concubine. our personal sub, patiently waiting to serve her owners, or to please them just by her presence.
I remember that her patience impressed me when she came to us. She stayed on our new island, with her thumbs cuffed together at her back. She was not restricted to teleport out, yet she stayed as I told her. What began at the former domme a domme site as an erotic testing of eachone’s power, with me kneeling at her once as we met there, led surprisingly to this stay at our home and consquently it led to her collaring 2 years ago. Delilah had a lot of fun with our Strict ballet academy and she was (and certainly is) an excellent teacher of this art. When she had a student there she fully focussed on the lesson and her passion filled the room. Unfortunately we had to close the academy due to it’s rare use but we keep it in our memories. Delilah faith, her dedication first to me, now to us both is a particular gift. She shows the same passion that we sensed in the SBA now as passion to serve us. We’re blessed having her and will go on accompaning her way submitting to us. We love you. Happy collaring anniversary, Delilah!

Delilah giving a ballet lesson (student's face not shown intentionally)

Delilah giving a ballet lesson (student’s face not shown intentionally)

Jenny’s thoughts:
We met Delilah at Domme a Domme a long time ago when Dommes actually went there. We were playing with our new RLV arm mounted crossbows and trying to capture people there to play with. Well we caught Delilah that night and right from the onset we knew we had already got our money’s worth from our toys.
Delilah is not your usual pretend Domme looking for somebody to break her, she was quite surprised at how events progressed and for months afterwards we called her our Huntress and she gave lessons in the SBA and in all fairness she was very good at it.
Just recently Delilah approached us and told us that she would like to get closer to us. It transpires that our Huntress is better suited to serving us at a more personal level and we have brought her closer to ourselves as a couple. Delilah is now our personal concubine and we will expect her to work hard in her new position.
Thank you Delilah. When we first caught you we knew we had a prize in our hands but just how special that prize is becomes more apparent each day.

Delilah - Maurer's concubine

Delilah – Maurer’s concubine

Eurobrats update – some changes

Jenny and I have been looking at our SL and in particular at our family. We mostly make time for our subs and try to get the most for us and for them. But frankly spoken it needs some regular online time to keep a D/s relation alive. And in addition when online times do get too rarely, most of the time left over is used for catching up and this time is lost for all of us. Some of the decisions we have made have been hard but we felt they had to be made. They make officially what is somehow reality already for quite a long time.
Today I updated our family chart as well as my profile.

I have released Vanessa Rendelstein after close to 4 years wearing my and our collar on August 22nd. Vanessa was and is a joy to own particularly because of her loyalty and dedication. Unfortunately her online presence became less and less over the last years and she got the title “Night Owl” as when she logged in it was just when we were ready to log off. We came to the decision that she might enjoy her SL better alone and without having any obligations and hopefully she’ll get new excitement out of her SL. Vanessa will always be our close friend and stay close – nothing will change that. We all love you, Vanessa!

I have released tittia (mistress.cutitta) after close to 1 1/2 year wearing my and our collar on August 16th. Tittia is  only having a very time online for one year now because of her RL and there’s no chance that this will change soon. Upon her return online she will have no obligations and can start seeking new adventures and excitement. Nonetheless tittia will stay a very close friend of ours and hopefully we’ll see her around with us often. First of all we wish all the best for her and that she can make time for SL later again. You’re always welcome to us, tittia.
We love you, tittia!

We  have decided to close the Strict Ballet Academy for the public and will keep parts of it for private play only. We had fun with it and will have fun with it again. But we got many applications that we couldn’t fulfill as we lack intructors and the time to run it properly; plus Delilah can’t run it on her own. Thus there will be ballet lessons but just for selected few and who knows, maybe there will be a time when we or tittia will reopen it officially.

We understand the RL always comes first, this will always be our first rule and we don’t judge anyone for having less time.

Love Diomita and Jenny

Delilah collared one year

Tomorrow, July 20th, it is one year that I collared Delilah Ormidale.
During her trial we placed a stump next to her capsule on our brand new home island to sit and relax while talking to her. Attentive visitors know that this stump is nowadays placed overlooking the main living area of Eurobrats Headquarters. We placed it there for Delilah as she likes that stump and she sits there now contemplating sometimes. That year flew by quickly.
Delilah began to develop a passion for tittia’s Strict Ballet Academy and as tittia isn’t online very often lately Delilah is now the only Ballet Mistress giving lessons at the SBA. She’s really good in doing this and I get excited when I think about the lessons of her that I could watch. Unfortunately also Delilah’s time is limited but who knows, maybe we can recruit other instructors to support her and tittia some time.

Delilah is also a fan of Dr. Who and she collects the best sayings and shares them with me. As I do not watch the series I lack sometimes of a deeper understanding of Dr. Who but I enjoy reading the “Best of” that Delilah writes and shares with me. One of my favorite quotes is “You should always waste time when you don’t have any.” For me it summarizes  to some extent what we do in SL – we enjoy the little time we have with living our fantasies.

Of course I read the entry that I wrote on the occasion of Deli’s collaring one year ago. She said herself before entering the capsule “I’ll enter in it as a domme with a sub side, and will leave it, I don’t know when, as a slave with a domme side”.  Today I would not describe Delilah as a slave with a domme side. She’s more my brat and my sub, willing to serve, enjoying being controlled, bound and locked. She’s dedicated and devoted to us, but the still enjoys her domme side and most others will exactly experience this side of her when she’s not in my company. Thus the tag “Dio’s Huntress” still suits her very well.

Congratulations Delilah! Thank you for your allegiance and a great year together.
We love you, Deli
Diomita & Jenny

Just something inbetween

Right now I can’t login. Apparently SL has gone down unexpectedly. No SL, no SL homepage, no marketplace. Time to write a little bit about the ongoings within the Eurobrat family.
– I wrote already about Kitty’s return. I decided that Kitty may have another start and I hope that she will never again vanish without warning.
– tittia’s RL is keeping her from going online. RL is always priority but of course we miss her. We get applications for the Strict Ballet Academy every once in a while but without instructors the academy remains closed.
– Puppe (Dana) is transformed to a puppy. We do enjoy the rare times we see her due to the time difference. She had some issues with the gear that prevents her friends to chat with her via IM. Luckily she found a workaround and I still hope that we can get a feedback of the builder of the gear why it is not working as it should. Well you can always say, voila it works as puppies can’t chat.
– vanessa is vanessa. She comes online at midnight every once in a while when we’re just on our way to bed. Nonetheless her devotion is amazing. And every time she sees a new face being with us she asks “A new sister?”
– qt, Maurer’s it, is still nicely locked down and dreams of escape. She never gets tired to warn those who come close to us but most people simply don’t take her warning to run as fast as they can seriously. Well, we can always say they have been warned.
– Delilah had to reduce her online presence a bit due to her RL. That prevents her from instructing at the ballet academy. Right now she’s assigned to keep our house clean being our first maid. We simply like the idea of bound maids that work for us. It is not our idea and the place “bound maids” is down since quite a while and the new place for the maids isn’t working yet. With the help of Danii we installed some objects which attract the dust in the house and which need dusting every once in a while. Of course this work can only be done with a dustergag.
– That leads to Danii who worked on her scripts after being released from her humare life. And she helped to develop the dusting system for the house.
– Our youngest family member, Angel, is the most active of all of us right now. She brought some new kinks and new roleplay to our SL and we, her aunts, enjoy teasing and humiliating her as much as she enjoys the other side of the leash.

And Jenny and I? We still enjoy ourselves, our togetherness, we make plans and laugh a lot and have fun. Friday nights are still a highlight of our everyday life in SL and RL. So overall everything is just fine although RL is preventing some of us to get online as much as before right now.

Strict Ballet Academy

We added a new place to our home sim – the Strict Ballet Academy (SBA). The following text was written by titta, Delilah, Jenny and myself. Enjoy learning more about the Academy.

When I was young girl I was in ballet. I loved it and did it for many years. First classical and later I tried  jazz ballet. Somehow the elegance and hard work attracted me. Looking back on that period I liked the way my ballet mistress was harsh and strict.  So I guess that memory with the BDSM theme made me founding the SBA some time ago.
I started it first as a Ballet Mistress but in time I realised there was something stronger deep inside me. Now I am a slave and therefore there isn’t a place for me to be in front of the classroom.  I wanted  to keep the SBA alive and my lovely family were with me on that point. So in good consultation with my Mistress Dio, we decided to bring new life in this wonderful and exciting place. Mistress Dio and her family members did a great job to keep the right spirit and rebuild the SBA on another sim. I’m proud and happy to see that there is a bright future for the SBA in front of us.

Delilah :
Hearing about this place after I joined the family made me curious and one evening, as I had time with tittia, I asked her to take me to visit the place and she accepted. First thing she did was to lead me to the dressing room and made me wear a Ballet Slut uniform which, I have to say, immediately turned me on and made me wet and shameful. (Even today, as I write those lines, and as I come back for that in this place which is about to disappear, and where I had occasions of several memories of a very *different* way since that, I can’t help but still feeling a bit dizzy about that particular first moment.)

Then she led me to the ballet studio and made me do a tour of the possibilities there. She didn’t give me a real lesson, but that was enough to get me really excited, and we both agreed it was very sad to let this place unused because of the lack of Mistresses to run it. Then I had an idea — and I couldn’t have foreseen what this idea would bring! I suggested an agreement to tittia than she would form me as a Ballet Mistress: she would give me lessons to make me know this world better “from the inside”  and then I could make the SBA reopen. Of course we had to ask Mistress Diomita if she would agree with that… She did not *only* agree, she immediately showed herself really enthusiastic at the idea.

Later on the night, as everybody had get to bed except our night owl vanessa and me, I talked about that event with my sis, and showed her the uniform. Just seeing me in this seemed to make her the same effect than it did to me to discover it by wearing it. And when I logged back in the next evening, I found vanessa in this uniform, and Mistress Dio said to me she ordered her to stay in it until otherwise told. And yet vanessa didn’t say anything to Mistress about the previous night. Funny how the things go. Quickly I went to give my first lesson as Ballet Mistress to vanessa, under the eyes of Mistress Dio who told me she was very pleased about it. Some other lessons followed. Today I realize it was these details that betrayed Mistress Diomita’s enthusiasm about all that, an enthusiasm which would soon give unexpected results.

So she started to talk about moving the SBA to the Eurobrats’ island, up the Hotel California,  next spring when the lease of the previous place will end. Then, about moving without waiting so long. Then, not only about moving but improving: bigger place, more furnitures, scripts… And then she started to build. One night Miss Jenny and Mistress accompanied me to “Miss S.” shop, so I could show them what tittia suggested it would be good for me to wear as working as Ballet Mistress; and instead of that, Mistress Dio started to talk about the idea to make an uniform for all the Ballet Mistresses. We spent some few time to debate how it would look, and she contacted Scissor Serpente to order it.

And here we are, not only tittia and me but also Mistress Diomita and Miss Jenny, standing in our brand new and sexy Ballet Mistress uniforms in this huge place that is the new SBA , above our Mount Everest. There is still a changing room and an office, but the Exercise Hall that replaces the previous Ballet Studio is far more big than it was. And we have a brand new Correction Center to deal with some undisciplined students. And there’s also something more that we have: some very exciting perspectives for the future of this place…

tittia, Jenny, Diomita, Delilah - at the new Strict Ballet Academy

I met tittia at her Strict Ballet Academy. She showed me the place and I got the ballet slut uniform. And just a few seconds later I found myself excited in a submissive position… and I admit I enjoyed it a lot. I considered to become a student. When I met tittia later again I saw her submissive side and I couldn’t resist to explore that side. And this exploration ended when I collared her as “Maurer’s Prima”. Her tag implies already that she’s a ballerina – my ballerina, our ballerina. The founder of the Strict Ballet Academy.
Building the Academy on our home sim was a lot of fun as I like building. And we made a lot of plans and most of those plans will become reality sooner or later. For right now we want to reopen the Academy. My first plan is to get some more family members involved and hopefully also some of our other family and friends. If we get more of us instructing at the SBA we will be able to take a few more students, and to run the place a bit more frequently and maybe even to advertise for it.
As Jenny and I care a lot about our family our time to instruct ourself will be limited. But I should be able to supervise. And I look forward to use the new place and the background of it. In my opinion the ballet offers a great opportunity for role playing. And that might add some different fun for us and even become a family hobby for the Eurobrats.
I am quite open for enjoying the SBA at the most.. and we did already have a lot of fun just by moving, building, furnishing and getting the right clothes. So if it is just our family hobby I will be happy with it. If there’s developing more – even better.
Be sure to get a tour and consider applying for a first lesson.

This project came at exactly the right time for us. It has given us both a focus and an opportunity to involve and include our family.
When we developed our family as a couple we moved from Rivers rock and Dragon Cove and finally to Mount Everest. During these moves we have focused on making a home for our family and now with the Academy the focus has shifted to making this a family venture.
It has been a delight to see the energy and enthusiasm from all sides and for this reason alone it has been a great success