Kitty Maurer (aka. Santana Thibedeau) collared 6 years

Today marks our Kitty’s 6th collaring day. What a long time, what a journey together. Thank you for your dedication to us, Kitty.

It all began when we met Santana at Stonehaven. He was convinced that the could tame and enslave us even if we put him in cuffs and chains and throw him in a cell. So far he was always able to talk himself out of every misery, This time not. The only way out of the luxury suit he lived in in our Hotel California was to submit. And he did – 6 years ago.
Santana developed being a great friend and always happy to cause troubles that often end having really fun. One day my former sister Yar turned him into a Kitty. That day Kitty Maurer was born. And Santana enjoyed it that much that he didn’t want to change back. As Kitty he could cause even more trouble, leaving pee on cushions, scratching the edges of all corners or simply by making silly comments. For a longer time, Kitty was our explorer. She went to sims far away to discover them for us. Of course she got trapped, cuffed, gagged and chained – but her ability to talk herself out helped her getting home always. Quite similar began Kitty’s change into a pony. She once was transformed into a pony and enjoyed it. Again Kitty dived deep into her new life. She trained, exercised and made all pony tests, she pulled carts, freed other ponies – simply had fun.

Our pony Kitty Maurer

Our pony Kitty Maurer

Unfortunately OL (her Other Life) takes Kitty from us for longer periods again and again. But she learned to keep in touch and to send a hello or small sign of life regularly – thus we are always up to date, where she is. But this darn OL seems to prevent her from getting online today and she missed her collaring day present. What might it be? Well, as Kitty will read these lines we will reveal it here. It is a simple present. We will release Kitty from her pony life. This way she can turn back into her Kitty shape and skin (she got a real nice avatar in the meanwhile making her all female *winks*) and enjoy causing troubles as the curious cat she is, once her OL allows her to return for longer strays. And we’ll get new reports from far away sims all over SL.

Happy 6th collaring anniversary, Kitty Maurer!

Happy 6th collaring anniversary, Kitty Maurer!

We love you, Kitty Maurer
Happy collaring day!

From both of your Mistresses Diomita and Jenny

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  1. Kitty
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 10:05:25

    WOW!! Usually, the cat doesn’t get Kitty’s tongue… but with such a wonderful blog entry, it’s hard not to be speechless. Thank you, Mistress Diomita and thank you Miss (or should that now ‘really’ be Mistress?!? hmmm…*wink* ) Jenny for those phenomenal, fantastic, marvelous and most amazing 6 years! Even though some may want to debate this fact, there is no doubt that throughout these years, yours truly had the most fun of all (* big smile! *). Thank you so very, very much for caring for your guard-cat (tigerrrrr!) and for those countless, wonderful moments where you made time stand still. And yes, Kitty vows betterment from OL and ohhhh yessssss, thank you so much for your gift!!! Whoooohoooo… !! Now, dear SL, be warned… Kitty is on the prowl again, patrolling sims near you to ensure that SL remains unpredictable, dangerous and fun.*

    Love you lots and lots!

    *) Disclaimer: Should you ever find Kitty in a restricted state or should you come across news announcing Kitty’s capture, confinement or similar form of imprisonment, by virtue of reading this blog, you hereby agree and commit to immediately forming a Kitty-liberation-posse and riding to Kitty’s rescue. Failure to do so will result in a massive pimple growing on the middle of your nose. :p


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