From the other side of the leash

Diomita writes and posts most of our blogs. While many of them are all her own work I contribute to some of them and make the odd correction if needed. Diomita knows the English language better than most Brits now so that isn’t very often.

However there are occasions when I should add a few words myself just to remind you of life from the other side of the leash.

At the start of 2014 I made a resolution to have full control of Diomita before the end of 2015 including making her wear a thick and heavy collar in place of the vixen collar we had been using for what we call green lights. (The occasions I was allowed to take control for a short period of time.) Through out the first few months of 2014  I took little steps purposely, sowing seeds, nurturing them and developing new ideas so that eventually the day came when Diomita chose her new collar with me and I locked it in place for what turned out to be the rest of 2014.

Snapshot _ Eurobrats HQ, Mount Everest (66, 97, 4002) - Moderat

That was not to say that I was in control for the second half of the year, Oh no Diomita still held on to the last small bit of control and I really wanted to help her to let that go. My green lights became longer and more intense. I had to think hard for new ideas and ways to re enforce Diomita’s new experiences and finally, shortly after September I noticed that Diomita took that final step and released the last tiny grip she had of control. For those of you who know the feeling it can be like a very big high. The release is like becoming very free and that is why it can sometimes take some time to come back to normality afterwards.

Snapshot _ Eurobrats HQ, Mount Everest (60, 99, 4003) - Moderat

Over November and December our relationship has changed again. before we may have switched but now we truly do own each other just as any Mistress owns a sub. By the end of December we both new it was time to sit and talk about how we should manage our new relationship and we have done that leaving a lot of room to develop and  explore over 2015.

The only way relationships like this can work is if one person has the deciding vote should an occasion ever arise that needs it. Diomita owned me first and will always be my number 1. I know she should never have to use that vote and we both share a trust that will bind us together  for a long time to come.

So for now enjoy the posts from Diomita, her messages come from both of us and be prepared for anything if you meet us in world.

Lots of love

Jenny Maurer.




Celebrating my 1st collaring day

It is well known by now that Jenny and I own eachother mutually. After my release of Yasmin’s collar it took a while for me to wear anything around my neck again. But then I missed the animations that come with the collar and I was used to the chat commands. It was no surprise that my Ehesklavin, wife and domme during green lights demanded ownership of this first hidden collar and thus we became mutually owned during 2012
(see also
Jenny’s ownership of me extended with time and even if the hierarchie between us and in particular towards our subs and slaves didn’t change I accepted her ownership more and more. We never fixed a day for my collaring. In fact it was more than 2 years ago now according to this diary blog. Nonetheless in April last year I somehow submitted fully to Jenny and we fixed a day, April 21st, 2013. She and i agreed on certain rules so that we still can tease eachother and take charge when it is the right time doing. For example after a long time domming it can be really relaxing not to be in charge. But the main rule is that we accept eachothers ownership and won’t submit to anybody else even in play – and if we do we know about the consequences *grins*. And still we might escape some time for a roleplay where we both sub to someone.

Mistress Jenny with her Besitz Diomita and Angel and slave

Mistress Jenny with her Besitz Diomita and Angel and slave

Since April 21st, 2013 Jenny just takes what is hers when she needs or demands it and I do the same. We care for eachothers needs. My pet name for Jenny is “Ehesklavin” … and she choose “Besitz” as hers for me. Besitz is a German word for property. Mistress Jenny locks a vixen collar around my neck when she takes control. And it does show my nickname on it.

Mistress Jenny's Besitz

Mistress Jenny’s Besitz

To shorten it: Today I am celebrating my 1st collaring day.
Thank you Mistress Jenny
I love you!