Diary 2018 (155) August 25th/26th From red to green

Mistress Jenny and I had a relaxed and enjoyable Saturday night, August 25th, at Ropers Playground. We went there with slave kelly and slave Flo. Gina Lytham was at Ropers, said hello and came to us. We know her from several clubs and had occasional contact with her. That night she was wearing a white gown, a headscarf and a veil and was looking quite like an Arabian.
I sent slave kelly over to her and she had to ask her for permission to kiss her feet. Gina granted it and after she got her footkiss she began to play with slave kelly’s pear plug. She had fun, we had fun and slave kelly did behave very well although she must have been very excited.

August 25th at Ropers playground: Gina with slave kelly / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo watching

Later we also sent slave Flo over to Gina and she teased our two slaves. The group at the bench, where we were sitting, grew and it was entertaining not only to watch Gina with the slaves but also to follow the other activities around us. To our left we watched a group in furs, a fetish that we came across as kitty told us about her experiences – Kitty in furs (read here). To our right we watched a Ropers Mistress with her two subs. One of them danced for us and in particular for Gina to Arab music.

August 25th at Ropers playground: Gina with slave kelly and slave Flo / Mistress Jenny and Diomita watching ladies in furs (upper right) and a sub dancing to Arab Music (lower right)

We stayed longer than planned at Ropers and went home at around midnight. As a reward, we didn’t store slave kelly for the night but allowed her to roam at our island quite unrestricted.
Mistress Jenny took me to club Domme a Domme to expose me before she took advantage of me once again at our skybox. She fucked me hard with her strapon, then I had to spoil her with my tongue. Mistress Jenny ended my red light afterwards and replaced my Ehesklavin collar with my normal sub collar. The last days had been quite intense for me and deepened my submission to Mistress Jenny. Thank you, Mistress.

August 25th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at home in our skybox

Sunday afternoon, August 26th, I met Angelique at home. She had some new clothes in her wardrobe, presents from a secret admirer. I selected a new outfit for her using mostly her newly added presents. Wow, she looked really cute and tempting! I went inside of our house with Angelique and had her standing in the corner, just to look at her back and to tease her. And I can reveal that she was excited. Mistress Jenny joined us and she did also join the teasing. As our time was limited, we decided to have a game of greedy while we caught up not just among Mistress Jenny and myself but also with Angelique.

August 26th at home: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with our niece Angelique

Sunday night I started a green light, that Mistress Jenny had granted to me. As she just had finished my red light the night before I wanted to start it slowly also for myself to get into the right mood for it. Hence I just asked her to wear a nice dress for me and the vixen collar as a symbol that I’m in control now.

August 26th at Psi’s realm: Jenny, slave slut cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Brie (left) / slave slut cecy, Gero, Brie, Jenny, slave Flo and Diomita (right)

We met Angelique and slave Flo at home and were about to take slave Flo to a club, when slave slut cecy came inworld. She was literally hanging around where we left her a week before, at Psi’s realm. We went there and stayed the whole night. It was full and step by step we locked up other subs. We had a little bondage night. Brie (brie4675), Gero (Geronimo Grantham) and Rareity1977 were tied up next to slave slut cecy. And slave Flo had to watch our fun. Argi joined us as well, actually she joined us twice and could see the number of tied up subs increasing. It was a fun night.

August 26th at Psi’s realm: Argi, Jenny, slave slut cecy, Diomita, Gero, Rareity1977 and Brie (left) / Diomita with Brie and Rareity1977 (right)

After midnight I retreated with Jenny to the annex of our skybox to take advantage of my green light. It’s really a bliss to own my owner vice versa. Who else can call her mistress also “Mine”? And who else can even tie her up? And who else can have their way with the one who is in control usually? It’s for sure rare and we both enjoy it.

Diary 2018 (124) July 15th – Lazy Sunday

Sunday, July 15th, I had a lazy day in Second Life and more or less in RL too. I met with Angelique in the afternoon and as I expected Mistress Jenny to get inworld we played greedy together first, then we moved on to club DeLust. I had fun with Angelique as I swapped poses and Angelique did enjoy the swapping as well. Mistress ran late and I missed her this afternoon.

July 15th: Angelique and Diomita at club DeLust

Sunday night, Angelique and I discussed with slave Flo about her wardrobe until Angelique had to leave. slave kelly was inworld in the meanwhile and I took her out of the pit. I hope she has learned her lesson again now. And then slut cecy joined us. Due to her RL, she has become a rare visitor. After some chitchat also with Gero, who came by for a visit, I took the slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon. I was very full and she slaves decorated me well.

July 15th: Diomita at home with Angelique and slave Flo / Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave kelly, slave slut cecy and slave Flo

Again I noticed how much slave Flo misses being restricted. It’s about time that she finishes with her wardrobe *winks*

Dear Diary

It’s about time for another “Dear Diary” entry. So what is going on? First of all, Mistress Jenny took me into a longer, very intensive red light in the last week of August. She pushed me very deep into subspace. It is not easy to express in words what did happen but for sure Mistress is confirming her dominion. I am owned, I am hers and she sets the rules.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny takes Dio into a red light

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny takes Dio into a red light

During my red light there was still a lot going around us. Mii (miisiek89.tenk) became closer to us. Mii loves bondage in particular and did appear already in the blog particularly when we had our bondage nights. This time it was more than just bondage. Mii became a submissive friend of ours. We used her and we introduced her to some basic rules. She had moments where we took advantage and others where we simply enjoyed her presence kneeling next to us. As our online times do not really match, for right now at least Mii will stay a close submissive friend of ours, following our rules when she’s around but free to follow her other activities during her online times.

Mistress Jenny and Mii in the dojo

Mistress Jenny and Mii in the dojo

We descided to keep slave Flo and Sklavin a bit like twins. First we had them in similar restraints and catsuits. The more important change for them is that we enforced their rule to speak only when spoken to. We used a nice little tool (the STFU gag from Daisy Creations) for enforcing. That worked out nicely and we were envied for the obedience of our slaves. But even harder then being forced by a tool is to be forced by a simple command. This way we taught slave Flo to use emoting for describing what you can see and not for communication. Both slaves managed the assignment pretty well and were rewarded as we allowed them to enjoy eachother  one night.

slave Flo enjoying sklavin

slave Flo enjoying Sklavin

We finished August with a family night, just chatting and that night our toy (karen.emms) did show up. It was fun having her around. We still don’t know how things will develop for and with her but right now, it is fun to tease her and to enjoy her helplessness.

A Family night August 31st: Mii, Mistress Jenny, Dio, slave Flo and toy

A Family night August 31st: Mii, Mistress Jenny, Dio, slave Flo and toy

While this was going on, Mistress Jenny kept me in deep submissiveness. And she exposed me in public when we had a quiet moment together. I could sense her pride as well as her strictness and power. As mentioned in the beginning of this post it was a very intense experience for me.

Dio at her place at Mistress Jenny's feet

Dio at her place at Mistress Jenny’s feet

We started September with a mini “Enjoying bondage” night as we took Mii and sklavin to Ropers playground and secured them nicely next to eachother. We ourselves were sitting comfortably on a couch and watched Paige (paige.umino) who danced for us on a dance pole. Paige is another submissive friend of ours who we lost contact with. She developed a lot in our opinion and we enjoyed her presence which is rare due to timezones. In the second picture you can see a young woman standing behind the couch near me. This is Ashley (AshleyAnneLove.resident). She was a stray slave, very willing and watched us quite a while. We took her home and claimed her. We might sell her or use her or simply have fun. We don’t know yet.

Sept 1st: Mii and sklavin tied up at Ropers playground

Sept 1st: Mii and sklavin tied up at Ropers playground

20150901 sklavin at Ropers (her view)_001

Sept 1st: At Ropers playground, sklavin’s view on Mistress Jenny, Dio and Paige (dancing)

By the end of the first September week Mistress Jenny released me of my red light. She intends to grant a green light to me soon but I need time to recover in order to get out of subspace. We continued to form twin slaves from slave Flo and sklavin. So one night we took sklavin to our dungeon and shaved her hair with a razor and cutted out the word “slave”. Now sklavin wears the same hair cut as slave Flo. But her hair can grow again as opposed to slave Flo’s hair that is not growing anymore because of a disease. After shaving her hair we dressed the slaves simliar but in different colours. Well you still can tell who is who but both please us as we have fun. If your take a closer look you might see that I wear my jewelery collar again :-).
20150905 Cutting sklavin's hair_003

Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and sklavin at DaD

Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and sklavin at DaD

Dio, Ashley, Jenny and sklavin at Gwen's slave storage

Dio, Ashley, Jenny and sklavin at Gwen’s slave storage

On September 6th we had a rare visit: Coco McGinnis. For us she’s still Dana (dana.drezelan), our former slave who we sold last year. Coco is still having fun exploring the more extreme sides of slavery in SL. She does look ..ehm.. extrem *winks*. I’m sure that just looking a her does scare our slaves.

Dio with Coco McGinnis (dana.drezelan)

Dio with Coco McGinnis (dana.drezelan)

I’ll end this post with a family picture that I took on Monday, September 7th. Funny but we really had our Sunday night on a Monday. Usually at a Sunday night everybody drops in and it isn’t possible to do anything else but chat. That Monday we had our Sunday night. And we enjoyed it! Jenny and I were cuddling at the decking and were surrounded by our slaves and subs and Argi added the spice and fun to our conversation not only with her very particular Argi-vocabular.

Sept. 7th: A Sunday night on a Monday. Jenny and Dio cuddling surrounded by Gero, Ashley, Flo, Paige and Argi (standing)

Sept. 7th: A Sunday night on a Monday. Jenny and Dio cuddling surrounded by Gero, Ashley, Flo, Paige and Argi (Standing)

Enjoying Bondage August 2015: A short Sunday night event

It was time again for a bondage night. This last Sunday night, we had Mii (miisiek89.tenk) and gero (geronimo.grantham) visiting us. Spontaneously Mistress Jenny decided that together with slave Flo and sklavin we just had enough people to decorate Sarah’s patio. You might notice that both slaves don’t wear the obligatory gags. Don’t be fooled, they wear gags and quite strict and nasty gags. They can only speak when their according trigger word (“sklave” or “skalvin” respectively) are spoken. They couldn’t do anything else but behaving perfectly. Beside that Mistress Jenny and I enjoyed a nice evening and had fun, it was just the right small event for a short Sunday night.

A short Sunday night Event: Mii, sklavin, Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and Gero enjoying bondage

A short Sunday night event: Mii, sklavin, Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and Gero enjoying bondage

A short Sunday night Event: Mii, sklavin, Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and Gero enjoying bondage (surrealistic July light)

A short Sunday night event: Mii, sklavin, Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and Gero enjoying bondage (surrealistic July light)

A short Sunday night Event: Mii, sklavin, Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and Gero enjoying bondage

A short Sunday night event: Mii, sklavin, Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and Gero enjoying bondage

We plan a bigger bondage event in autum again, well so far it is just planning. Let’s see if we can realize it, as planning in SL is always difficult with different timezones and RL time schedules.