Kitty Maurer (aka. Santana Thibedeau) collared 5(!) years.

Hello Miss Jenny, Kitty hopes you’re well. On Kitty’s side, SL has become dreadfully boring and Kitty is out and about, away from those sNr-afk-snoozes and ready to kick up some serious dust. Here is a nice sim that Kitty came across. One big caveat though: Bring time with you. Not to explore but to wait until everything has rezzed.

our Kitty Maurer collared Nov 22nd, 2008

our Kitty Maurer collared Nov 22nd, 2008

“.. beedipbeedibidbidbeedip… This is Radio Maurer with a breaking story…. Kitty managed her return to Adara’s Silent Bondage Island. Kitty reports that the island has been given a very beautiful makeover. Among the many pretty updates, one noteworthy change are two beautiful sailing yachts docked in slips near the port. Kitty assumes that during the makeover process, the list of banned avatars must have been cleared. It is also possible that the list of ejected and banned avatars exceeded the servers processing capacity and had to be shortened. Another plausible hypothesis is that Adara successfully managed to ban every avatar in SL. Once nobody came to the sim anymore, Adara may have decided to clear parts or all of the banned avi listings. Roving reporter Kitty is now investigating the true cause of this highly unusual event.

Kitty reports that Kitty managed to pass an entire 5 and a half minutes exploring before stumbling into a 30 minute trap.  So far, no sign of Adara. Radio Maurer will bring more updates on this story…. Stay tuned!

“.. beedipbeedibidbidbeedip… This is Radio Maurer with an update to a breaking story… our roving report Kitty Maurer has managed to free herself from the trap and has now reached a old mansion. Kitty has entered the mansion and discovered that it is littered with traps. Kitty is proceeding with utmost caution. The interior of the mansion is well appointed and features tasteful and classy furniture and artifacts.  We will continue to provide updates on this developing story. This is Radio Maurer. Stay tuned.

“.. beedipbeedibidbidbeedip… This is Radio Maurer with a breaking story. Kitty Maurer reports to have located an extensive underground dungeon at the island. The entrance to that dungeon is from the basement of the mansion. Just like the mansion, the tunnels and rooms of the underground dungeon have extensive traps hidden on pathways and corners. The good news is that Kitty managed to identify and avoid all such traps and even found her way through a long maze out of the dungeon.  Once Kitty made her way outside to the beach, she triggered a device that placed Kitty into a cell. Radio Maurer will have further news updates on this story… stay tuned.”

This is Radio Maurer with a final news update on Kitty’s discovery. Kitty explored the rest if the island without major incidents. A beautiful place it is, Kitty just arrived at home now, glad to be out of there even though future visits are planned. This is Kitty, reporting live for Radio Maurer.

* End *

Kitty taking a nap after her adventure

Kitty taking a nap after her adventure

It was my turn to compile an entry for our blog and coming up to Kitty’s (Santana Thibedeau) 5 year collaring day this was no easy task. We have told the story of slave boy many times so read back if you missed something. What I wanted to do was to write something relevant to Kitty and how he / she fits to the family now. Then this morning I get this off line message and everything fell into place. Kitty works very hard in her other life and when she comes into SL a lot of this energy is a major construct of her SL persona. There are many times when we log in to find and off line message giving us in fantastic detail why Kitty is not responsible if we get a complaint about her presence in another sim. Or how she came to have such an unusual titler set. Logging in to these messages always begins our SL experience with a smile. Kitty is not one for sitting and watching for long periods, she has to be a part of the fun and contributes a lot to those who are lucky to have her company.
So if you do meet Kitty enjoy the light hearted banter and fun that will ensue but remember one thing, if you look just below the surface you will see a very caring person hiding behind the mask. Santana started his life with always threatening that he will have us cuffed and kneeling for him, but in reality he captured us in a different way. Our family has a perfect blend of personalities right now and your contribution to this is very well received.

20131122 Kitty MaurerWe hope to own you for at least another 5 years Kitty and that you have not used up your nine lives by then, don’t worry if you do though as we could always find something else to transform you into.

Lots of Love
Jenny and Diomita Maurer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S.: for her rez day present we bought Kitty a ball of string, just to make sure she does not lose it we have tied it to her ankles, legs, arms and body. Feel free to play with it if you meet her.