Art in Second Life 2021 (84) Numb by Lex Machine

When I was looking at SL Destinations  for a place to visit on Sunday, August 29th, I came across the latest installation of Lex Machine (archetype11 Nova), named “Numb“.
Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova) was formerly known as Schmexysbuddy Resident and created the Hotel California sims, which I visited in 2019 (read here and here). I saw Lex Machine’s installation “Isolation’s Passengers” last year (read here) and his installation Bermuda Locket earlier this year (read here). The last installation I saw from Lex was “The House that Love Built”, which I saw end of February 2021 (read here).

Lex’ installation Numb is a collection of art objects of different artists. His art is arranging them in his own way and setting them into a context and into an intriguing environment. To get an overview I once set environment to “Midday” to create an overview. But to get the full experience you have to use the shared environment. In this environment the installation is quite dark and bloody.

Impressions of “Numb” by Lex Machine – overview and first pictures

I started my visit with the blood licking heads wearing top heads. The heads as also quite some other objects in the installation “Numb” are from Stabitha (what88 zond). The bloody gears are from Noke Yuitza, an artist who I covered in the blog already. In the center is a nurse distributing pills. Put together the scene is quite depressing. It is best seen from the chess board, where Lex has placed a piano and a cello.

Impressions of “Numb” by Lex Machine (1)

Quite dominant are the flying captured hearts as if someone has ripped them off the bodies. The flying hearts are from Rebeca Bashly. And there are quite some dead bodies hanging on balloons, surrounded by dead trees. There’s also a scene with playing kids. As if they don’t mind all the misery around, open to begin something new, being just curious.

Impressions of “Numb” by Lex Machine (2)

Lex was present during my visit and I had the opportunity to talk with him. “Numb” wasn’t built with happy thoughts, he told me. Lex was a soldier and just recently lost another brother in arms to suicide. In the end more veterans commit suicide than are killed in action. They have memories of things that used to kill people and the pictures drive them nuts. Far too often the only cure given are drugs … with the known results.
Lex’ anger with that and his own struggles with recovering from what war has done to him is the basis for the “Numb“.

In the light of this background “Numb” is quite depressive, but it is also a very artful way to express feelings. Art can be healing, expressing yourself in art can be healthy: “There’s a pill for everything these days…. none of them actually cure what’s wrong”

I dicovered a little girl on the palm of a creepy figure sitting on the ground. For me the girl expressed hope and it made me smile in all this darkness.
What else? A scene with a mermaid (created by Ginger Chevalier) surrounded by floating fish. I also saw two faces by the artist Wassa (wassaabii) almost buried in the ground. I saw objects from Frank (meshmastermind), Raya Jonson, Runa (alrunia ahn), Krys (krystali rabeni), C. Edo (cory edo) and Paco Pooley. But there might be more…

Impressions of “Numb” by Lex Machine (3)

Oema (Oema Resident) made a video on “Numb” which is really very well made and she must have changed the environment setting as the pictures are quite brighter and she selected a fitting music. Great work, Oema!

Lex told me the installation “Numb” shall be available a few days more although it was already set up one month ago. I learned though that it was closed down on September 6th to make room for another temporary installation:
“I will build a short lived installation to remember 9/11/01. This event changed my life and others I know personally and I always remember it with a build every year. On 9/12 the sim will be closed again and re-opened as soon as the new build is completed.”
Hence when you go there right away until Saturday, September 11th, you can see Lex’ 9/11 installation.

“Never Forget” by Lex machine

Thank you Lex Machine (archetype11 Nova) for the installation “Numb” and for our open conversation laying out your thoughts. I did enjoy our talk and my visit.

Landmark to “Numb” by Lex Machine
Lex Machine (archetype11 Nova)’s flickr
Oema’s video of “Numb”

Diomita in art – Gates of memories

I found some time for simploring again. Yesterday I visited the “Gates of memories“. The sim’s description in the landmark is short: “We don’t remember days, we remember moments“. So what is it about? Basically it is a sparse winter landscape with two small houses. The whole island is snowbound and it is snowing permanently. Embedded in this scenery is art which is outstanding in the quite monotonous scenery.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (1)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (1). Left sculpture by Raya Jonson, right sculpture  by Mistero Hifeng.

As the whole island is snowbound and the sky is gray and as it is snowing, you won’t see many colours. Hence, every coloured piece gets particular attention in this surrounding, like the coloured paper laterns that you see first time when landing in the sim. Later I came across a red car with a christmas tree on it’s roof. This car would not get any attention elsewhere but here it is a real eye candy, literally glowing red.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (2)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (2)

For me, “Gates of memories” represents another way to exhibit art. You can become part of it as you walk through it, sit beside it or even on it, get close to it and as you become part of it as a counterpart of the art itself. The fact that the art is in a virtual world and thus only exsists temporarily plus the fact that you become part of the art by walking through it or standing next to it , makes a visit unique. What is left are memories and maybe a few pictures which capture the moment.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (3)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (3). Sculptures by Mistero Hifeng.

There’s a detailled description of the sim in Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog titeled “Stepping through the Gates of Memories in Second Life” with her impressions of this region. “Gates of memories” was created by the photographer shelly70 and the following quote from her profile fits perfectly with her sim “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away“.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (4)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (4). Sculptures by Mistero Hifeng.

Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:

Landmark “Gates of memories”:

Enjoy your own visit and create your own memories! Thank you shelly70 for providing the sim for our pleasure and memories.