Diary 2018 (110) June 25th – Black night

Monday afternoon, June 25th, Mistress Jenny exchanged my sub collar with my Ehesklavin collar taking me into a red light, as we call it, and into deep subspace. Every time she does that is a bit particular, it is strengthening her position and a special experience of helplessness.
This time she wanted me to wear the nose ring, that our slaves are wearing. It was a bit difficult to get it working. I had only copies with Mistress Jenny and myself a fixed owners. Luckily the creator was online and could help me getting it right for Mistress Jenny. Another loss of control for me.

June 25th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (1)

Mistress put me into the reverse straight jacket, gagged me, prevented private chat to others and added the veil. slave kelly and Angelique tried talking to me, noticing that Mistress took full control of her Ehesklavin. Then Mistress Jenny took me to club DeLust for the rest of the afternoon where she enjoyed having me under her full control. When we had to leave, she left me restricted like this in our skybox. She knew very well that I wouldn’t go anywhere like this.

June 25th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (2)

At night Mistress Jenny released me from the gag, the veil and the reverse straight jacket before we went down to see the slaves. slave kelly, gwenney and Leana were at home and Angelique joined soon after. Leana and gwenney have been visiting us quite often lately and Mistress wanted them restrained. We do prefer Real Restraints by Marine Kelley as basic gear for our subs and slaves.
In order that we both, Mistress Jenny and I, have access to the gear, we both need a master key for it. Technically we have a script that needs to be added to the active parts of the Real Restraints. While I worked adding this feature to the gear of gwenney and Leana and had a busy start into the night, Mistress Jenny relaxed, chatted and had slave kelly licking her boots.

June 25th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Angelique, Mistress Jenny, slave kelly, gwenney, Diomita and Leana (from left to right)

It took about half an hour to get it all done, then we went to Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique, slave kelly, gwenney and Leana for the rest of the night. The title of this diary entry is referring to the conincidence that we all were wearing black clothes. Just Mistress Jenny and I had some white straps in our (fitting) outfits as a contrast.

Diary 2017 (169) October 7th/8th – The Weekend (part 1)

Saturdays are often quiet in Second Life, it’s the time I often go simploring. This Saturday in visited Deadman’s Island  (read here). Later in the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny who came inworld again during her vacation. We spent most of the time in our skybox and caught up, then we visited Domme a Domme and The Secret House.

October 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enjoying togetherness

At night I met with our niece Angelique. We went shopping and visited FitMesh Designers Expose October Round. There wasn’t much that we really liked, just at one board I dound something for me that I can wear potentially for my wedding anniversary with Mistress Jenny. Angelique found something for herself at the same board. When we got home, we tried on what we bought and to my surprise Angelique had bought the same dress like me. So once again we do look quite alike – just like aunt and niece.

October 7th: Diomita and Angelique shopping

When Angelique had left for bed, I decided to wind down a bit at club DeLust. I was not very surprised when slave slut cecy came inworld just when I was about to leave for bed myself, as I did expect her to get online. At least we could talk a bit and slve slut was happy to see me.

October 7th: Diomita and slave slut cecy

Sunday morning I met Kitty. She was at Zhora, the sim that was fomerly owned by Marine Kelley and was the headquarter of the SLBI. Most parts of the sim didn’t change but it is owned now by Tom Wyoming (zerotsm). Kitty introduced me to OrahMalkaFromSomePlaceInSpace (orahmalka), or shorter Orah. Orah told us about the bane program she’s running at Zhora. I wonder if Kitty is interested in becoming a bane now. The bane processing center is at Zhora, right next to the prison museum and I think I saw it before there. Orah continued telling Kitty and me about the bane program. The just keep them for 4 hours, which doesn’t sound long but can be very long due to punishments that add to the time. Banes have to go to the center every hour to be hooked up to tubes to eliminate waste and give nutrients. If they don’t show up in time, 1 hour is added, for every second they don’t move one minute is added, hence the bane time can rapidily raise. The only downside is that the banes have to remove everything including a collar in order to be processed. Anyway, Mistress Jenny and I can consider it for having a time-out and keep the slaves busy in a particular way.

October 8th: Diomita and Kitty at Zhora and at Adara Kattun’s silent place

Back home, Kitty told me another news. Adara Kattun has rebuild her silent island, not as an island (her last place wasn’t an island anymore too) but with the main features we know. I quickly went over there with Kitty. For sure I’m going to explore it soon more detailed.

If I think of it, weekends aren’t that quiet….

Diary 2017 (110) July 7th – Green

After we had a diary entry titeled Yellow and another titeled Black & White, this post is titeled “Green”, and you can guess why.
When I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon, Friday July 7th, she welcomed me naked with her elegance cuffs on and handed over her keys to me. I didn’t expect that the green light would start right away today but of course I took it. Jenny unlocked my thick “Ehesklavin” collar and left it to me which collar to wear. I selected the thin partnering collar.
I replaced the elegance cuffs with the vixen cuffs and added the vixen collar, and asked Jenny to wear a semi transparent dress. Then I took her shopping and we bought the cloak from Marine Kelley’s Goodies for Jenny. The cloak can be coloured and you can change the material and you can even select something transparent. The hood throws a shadow on the face of the wearer and you can adjust if the face is visible, partly visible or totally hidden by the shadow. It can be worn open, a little open, half open or closed. Once I had locked it on Jenny, it was ad me to adjust it to my liking. As with all long dresses, gowns and coats, kneeling doesn’t really look good. With the new cloak, her hands cuffed on her back and gagged my property was well prepared for a short tour exposing her. We went to Domme a Domme and to The Secret House.

As I hid Jenny’s face and restricted chat and instant messages, she was kid of isolated in public. That was my intention. I exposed my mistress as my property, Mine – and I enjoyed it! After visiting Domme a Domme and The Secret House, I took Jenny home to our studio and made a picture of her wearing the cloak together with me using my LUMIPro HUD. For this picture I selected a shadow for her face where she’s still recognizable.

Diomita with her very owned property Jenny (picture taken with LUMIPro HUD)

My afternoon with my property ended – what a surprise *winks* – taking my property with my strapon. After Jenny had her way with me the day before it was my turn making her beg to cum for me. What a nice start into the green light and into the weekend!

Appropos weekend. At night we had our regular Friday night party and I insisted to enjoy it at eye level with no restraints on either of us, just as a couple. We had slave Flo and Kitty with us. Time to put our Kitty into something yellow ….done 🙂

Friday night party July 7th: Diomita, Jenny and Kitty

Diary 2017 (31) Feb 25th – red light

Mistress Jenny released me from the shackles Friday night, February 24th, for our regular party. We had the theme “camouflage” and the catsuits from Marine Kelley did fit perfect for that theme. We had a very relaxing night listening to the music, dancing and teasing our slut cecy. When we went to bed I had forgotten about Mistress’ subtle hints about taking me into a red light. Next day, Saturday, February 25th, Mistress Jenny asked me to wear a straight jacket. When she asks for something, it is her way to order it, being fully aware that I have no other choice, but it sounds a lot more nice. With my straight jacket on she took me once again to Domme a Domme to expose me. DaD seems to become one of her favourite clubs again.

Feb 25th at DaD: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita

Feb 25th at DaD: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita

We spent about an hour at DaD more or less catching up about RL and about family in SL. We also read profiles and came across a particular hairdresser shop for subs and slaves. I thought it might be a shop to get some very particular hairstyles for our slaves. It turned out to be a hairdresser shop, great for roleplay as it has the according chairs and animations for example for washing hair. But you can’t get any hairstyles there, so you’d have to have that prepared in advance. We tested some animations and I took the following snapshot:

Feb 25th at an hairdresser shop: Mistress Jenny and Diomita

Feb 25th at an hairdresser shop: Mistress Jenny and Diomita

Back home, Mistress unlocked the straps of the straightjacket and I was allowed to remove it. Mistress Jenny locked a chastity belt on me and exchanged my collar to the heavy leather and steel collar. With a smile she said: “Welcome to your red light, Ehesklavin”. My hunch was not without reason. At least Mistress allowed that I cover the belt the best I can. Hence don’t be surprised seeing me wearing quite wide dresses the next days.

Feb 25th: Ehesklavin Diomita

Feb 25th: Ehesklavin Diomita


Diary (95) Sept 20th – Sept 23th

I’m back home as Mistress Jenny already announced. Thank you for writing in our blog again, my love! During my vacations I only visited inworld for short times that were mostly filled witch catching up. While I was online September 20th Mistress took me to club DeLust where I took the picture below.

September 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Club DeLust

September 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Club DeLust

Upon my return Mistress Jenny had a present for me, a corset to wear above a full latex catsuit. She herself has the same corset. And we both have the Latex catsuits from Marine Kelley, which I can only recommend for Maitreya meshbodies. I think that we both look great in these corsets and catsuits. Mistress wears the black opaque version and I wear the sheer version. Hence it is quite obvious who is in control (despite the cuffs that I wear) *winks.

September 23rd: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at home

September 23rd: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at home

Thursday night Mistress had some RL obligations and I had time chat and catch up with Angelique, slave cecy and Arka. Arka is back from a longer absence of SL and we might see a bit more of her again. Angelique explained her newly improved wardobe to me. She did an awesome job on it and made it useable via RLV. I always shyed back doing that with my (way too large) wardrobe. Well done, Angelique!

September 22nd: Diomita back home with Arka, Angelique and slave cecy

September 22nd: Diomita back home with Arka, Angelique and slave cecy

Dear Diary – Back in charge

It has been a bit more busy for us lately. Besides slave Flo and Sklavin, we took slave Ashley (AshleyAnnLove.resident) and will collar or sell her. So far we keep the young slave naked, she quite needs no clothes and is an eye candy. Also Paige visited us several times. During one of her visits I took the picture below of her with slave Ashley. Aren’t they cute?

Paige and slave Ashley

Paige and slave Ashley

We still consider to collar our toy (Karen.Emms). So far RL and timezone are against us and we decided to postpone her collaring but to keep her as our toy nonetheless. It is fun to tease her and to see how she struggles and squirms as we add rules and form her more and more from a respectable housewife into our toy. Her diary will be continued ….

Dio and toy

Dio and toy

As I hinted before, Mistress granted a green light to me. It’s my turn to take her slowly deep into subspace. I enjoy her submission and devotion a lot. It feels very particular having her at my feet again as my Ehesklavin, although I should be used to it after all these years.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

20160917 My Ehesklavin and me_003Jenny got a new armbinder from Marine’s Real Restraints. It’s called highbinder and and offers quite some possibilites to adjust it and to colour it. And it looks simply great, particularly when Jenny wears it. Nothing can describe how it feels to have your Mistress bound like this. I get an idea now how it feels for her having me *winks*.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

But even tied up and obviously controlled and owned herself, Jenny still stays superior for our brats, slaves and subs. Slave Ashley experienced it even although it is very rare that we expose eachother that obviously in front of them. She had to clean her boots (and more) and she could sense Jenny’s natural supremacy as we discussed our further plans for her.

My Ehesklavin and me and slave Ashley

My Ehesklavin and me with slave Ashley

And after all it is also very helpful to delegate surveillance and leashing to Jenny. Not only that I can tend to other things, no, it also helps her to direct her domanince to someone else but me *winks*. A real win-win-win  situation.

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin at Mesmerize Dungeon

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin

That’s it for now.


Enjoying bondage January 2015: The bondage frame

End of December 2014 we had a small spontaneous bondage night that began with wrapping up our slave Flo into a bondage mummy. At the same time, we discovered how cute and balletic our niece walks with her ankles tied taut (thank you Marine Kelley for this lovely animation). Time to roll slave Flo over to Sarah’s patio and to watch Angelique’s walk over there. When we arrived, Mii also came over and was quickly encased in her inflatable mummy bag (we begin to call her our michilin mummy).

Enjoying bondage: Jenny inspects slave Flo, Angelique and Mii

Enjoying bondage: Mistress Jenny enframed by slave Flo, Angelique & Mii

Enjoying bondage: Mistress Jenny inspects slave Flo, Angelique and Mii

Enjoying bondage: Mistress Jenny inspects slave Flo, Angelique & Mii

What you can’t see are some issues that were caused by the bondage. Well, slave Flo’s bondage wrapping is not proof and after some hours it began to leak. Mii’s inflatable bag is proof and we don’t know if she began to swim inside. And Angelique with her weak bladder grumbled as she was worried, she couldn’t reach any toilet in time with her ankles tied. The little chain between her ankles made her walking like a ballet princess, so cute! Anyway, we had our fun.

Angelique however didn’t like her balletic walking at all. As opposed to us, she didn’t find it cute but embarrassing. And those who know our niece do have an idea about her rebellion and bratty behavior when she’s feeling uncomfortable. On New Year Day I asked Angelique to walk for us again as I just wanted to enjoy the view. She refused it and even threats couldn’t bring her to terms. As a good aunt I had to insist getting my fun with her. And I did get it. I put Angelique in a bondage rack and secured her safely. Slave Flo who I put her in a latex bag in the meanwhile as her wrapping was soaking wet and stinky, had to watch. The latex bag is at least pee proof and doesn’t smell.

Diomita getting her New Year fun with Angelique. Slave Flo watching.

Diomita getting her New Year fun with Angelique. Slave Flo watching.

First I only used my crop delivering a nice spanking on all of Angelique’s exposed parts to remind her not to deny pleasure for me again. She took it bravely but still rebellious. But then I remembered that I have a drawer full of nice little mean toys in my office and grabbed a nose hook, a vibrator butt plug and a dildo vibrator. The dildo vibrator was added to the rack and so was the butt plug to my niece’s ass and the nose hook to her nose of course. Time to enjoy her misery and excitement for aunt Diomita.

Angelique providing New Year fun for aunt Diomita

Angelique providing New Year fun for aunt Diomita (1)

No bondage is complete without a gag. So I added a ringgag that prevented Angelique’s talking back, started the two vibrators and just enjoyed. Do I need to mention that there was pee puddle already? Anyway, Angelique added other fluids to it. Oh, and if she denies again a little favour for me or Jenny – I made up my mind already for the next pleasure that I will simply force her to provide *winks*.


Angelique providing New Year fun for aunt Diomita (2)

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