Simploring 2017 (1) – Silvermoon Fairey’s sims

For my first simploring tour 2017 I scrolled back in Inara Pey’s blog and decided to revisit “It’s a new Dawn”, that I visited in November 2015 (see here). I just followed Inara’s track with my first and now my 2nd visit. For a detailled description read Inara’s post “Returning to It’s A News Dawn in Second Life“.
It’s a new Dawn didn’t change much, at least I didn’t notice as many changes as Inara did and without reading back it looked just the same for me at the first glance. It is very peaceful place, rural, pastoral and wandering around and inhaling the nature is very relaxing. You’ll find many places to sit, to chat and to chill. Looking more in details I found many new views and spots, like the little roofed place by the sea or the hanging seat overlooking the sea and a part of the land. It’s a new Dawn is perfect to chill and to find peace.

Jan 8th: It's a new Dawn

Jan 8th: It’s a new Dawn


Once I began simploring, I did the big tour visiting all the 4 places of Silvermoon Fairey. “A Painter’s link” for me is like an extension of It’s a new Dawn with a different style of buildings, maybe a bit more dedicated to the landscape and offering different opportunities for taking pictures. As opposed to It’s a new Dawn, there’s no agriculture. I found a particular spot to sit and dream, that fits perfect to Second life – Live your dream.

Jan 8th: A Painter's Link

Jan 8th: A Painter’s Link

Jan 8th: A Pianter's Link - Live your drean

Jan 8th: A Pianter’s Link – Live your drean

Located above A Painter’s Link is “50 Words for snow“, a magic mountain winter scene. Upon my arrival I felt like standing on my skis, like being on skiing holidays. Last but not least I visited also “December will be magic again“, the winter installation above “It’s a new Dawn”.20170108-a-painters-link-50-words-for-snow
There’s one element, one idea that is common in all 4 places, they are peaceful and being there was very relaxing and like diving into another, more quiet and peaceful world. At the landing point of It’s a New dawn, you’ll get a folder with all 4 LM’s and with a short note from Silvermoon Fairey recommending the best settings for your viewer for your visit. The notecard is signed with “love and peace, Silvermoon Fairey”. And in her Second Life profile Silvermoon describes herself as “A dreamer of pictures, lover of words, music is my drugs”. For me Silvermoon has expressed her feelings and ways in her sims very well. Thank you, Silvermoon Fairey!

Link to Inara Peys post “Returning to It’s A News Dawn in Second Life
Landmarks to Silvermoon Fairey’s sims
(It’s a new Dawn)
(50 Words for Snow)
(A Painter’s Link)
(December will be magic again)

Dear Diary

20151108 Mistress Jenny back in control_001Again something for the diary. For those who haven’t noticed yet in the pictures of the previous posts Mistress Jenny is back in control since November, 8th, and she fitted the thick leather collar around my neck, nothing changed for our subs and slaves though.
I leashed slave Dana (dana.drezelan) at Gwen’s storage for a whole week so that she can readjust to her enslaved life. I can report it was the right thing to do. She is very obedient and willingly again. Mistress Jenny and I plan to transform her into a cow again – and might expose her to the public a bit more after the transformation is completed.  As mentioned before slave Dana is on sale for the best offer (not the highest bid necessarily).

Nov 15th: Dio and slave Dana

Nov 15th: Dio and slave Dana

You might have noticed in the picture above that the house is spotless clean. While slave Flo had a week off to recover from some RL issues the house got more and more dirty. We decided to instruct slave Nina so that she can clean the house if and when slave Flo isn’t availabe.  So slave Nina got a maid outfit and the according cleaning gear and cleaned the house. Well done, slave Nina. Those who follow this blog and my deviant art (dA) account know that slave Nina has also a dA account (link is in the other links section), you will find more pictures of the slave maid Nina there.

slave maid Nina in her cage (picture by sgunjin)

slave maid Nina in her cage (picture by sgunjin)

slave maid Nina after finishing her wor (picture by sgunjin)

slave maid Nina after finishing her work (picture by sgunjin)

Last Friday Mistress Jenny and I had an enjoyable time with a friend, who’s name I won’t reveal here (at least not now). We had a little bondage session with her and I’m going to publish some of the pictures taken in the next enjoying bondage entry. Here’s just a little teaser. After this session we took the bondage model to the cage club for winding down a bit.

Mistress Jenny and Dio with suspended bondage model

Mistress Jenny and Dio with suspended bondage model

Mistress Jenny winding down at the cage club

Mistress Jenny winding down at the Cage Club, Dio holding the leash of our bondage model

Last Sunday, Nov 15th, I had another simploring tour, visiting “It’s a New Dawn“. I’ve visited Silvermoon Fairey’s different sims already before. Search for the tag “Dawn of Radiance” or have a look at this older Dear diary entry ( The new homestead is called “It’s a New Dawn” and does reveal memories and deja vue’s.  It’s rural, the colours of Autum are lovely.

Diomita taking a rest at "It's a New Dawn"

Diomita taking a rest at “It’s a New Dawn”

I explored and discovered the whole sim and took a bunch of pictures. There are uncountable great views and the selected windlight setting adds to the calming effect of this silent island. The animals graze peacefully all over the island’s meadows, benches and loungers on porches invite to sit down and to take a rest. Or you take a walk along the beach. I myself enjoyed my visit. Thank you Silvermoon! There’s again a more detailled description in Inara Pey’s blog “It’s a New Dawn in Second Life“.

It's a New Dawn (1)

It’s a New Dawn (1)

It's a New Dawn

It’s a New Dawn (2)

It's a New Dawn (3)

It’s a New Dawn (3)

Beach View at "It's a New Dawn" (1)

Beach View at “It’s a New Dawn” (1)

Beach View at "It's a New Dawn" (2)

Beach View at “It’s a New Dawn” (2)

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