Art in Second Life 2021 (86) “Nero” by Lex Machine

I have covered Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova)’s art installation already several time and just lately I saw the intallation “Numb” (read here). Lex told me that he also just had finished another installation at SLEA and gave me the direct landmark to it. The installation is called “Nero” and shall be open for the public until end of September.

Impressions of “Nero” by Lex Machine – overview / view at the landing point / theather and guitarist

Nero” is an artfully arranged installation with objects from other artists and builders. Lex’s artful way to arrange the objects, to combine them, place them into different contexts and backgrounds and to build a relation between them is his particular style (which I like a lot). As for as I found out for “Nero” Lex used art and obejcts from: Rena (guraa), Rebeca Bashly, omronAK (anthonymorfy), Brotherchic (xxalexmodelxx), Chunker Chip Cookie (Jamie Rozenberg), Tah (Tahiti Rae), Alir Flow, Ness (donotgivemyself), Gwen von Aurora (Sweetgwendoline Bailey), Ganja Brune, Bryn Oh, Nams (Nama Gearz), Jogi Schultz (yogijo), Wassa (wassaabii) and Arken Soothsayer. Wow, what a long list and I’m not sure if I got them all.

I made a bird eye’s view of “Nero” and gave most objects a name. At the central landing at SLEA you can grab a notecard about “Nero” and about Lex Machine. In this notecard Lex wrote about “Nero“:
With this arrangement I tried to tell an open ended story of 4 different perspectives: The world with evidence of it’s end standing in front of it and the reaction of being happy to just wiggle the rest of it’s sand to the bottom of the hour glass, it’s dependency upon the virtual realms of sedation and all those oh so cool different masks it lets us all wear, the dichotomy of religion….it’s nurturing nature it’s other dark sides of fear and control, and some sign of hope behind it all. At the center is something more personal…the core of what causes this brain to move in these directions. To know more of those, you will have to ask me personally. I play those truths closer to my own chest.

Remark: The hour glasses are around the guitarist who plays in front of the theater.

Impressions of “Nero” by Lex Machine (1)

Lex Machine asked to play with the environment settings for getting different impressions of “Nero“. I didn’t do that for this isntallation but you can get quite dark or quite sunny and happy pictures when you do, it’s up to you only – so try it!

In his art installations Lex tries to come to terms with his experiences as a combat soldier, with all the misery and hardship, with the violence and with the pictures that are literally burned into his memory. Art helps him (and maybe others) to express his thoughts and to rebuild his life. I personally am always touched and intrigued by his work.

Impressions of “Nero” by Lex Machine (2)

Thank you Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova) for another great installation. Thank you to Tansee and all others involved for curating SLEA. I did enjoy my visit.

Direct landmark to “Nero” at SLEA Region 4 NE
Landmark to Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA
Lex Machine (archetype11 Nova)’s flickr

Evre – are we everywhere …. at all times?

Saturday, October 1st, I got some time for simploring again. I used the destination guide to select where to go and decided to visit Evre which is listed under art in the guide: “Time is everything or is it nothing at all? Experience Evre from Tahiti Rae and delve into the power of your mind, merging the paranormal and unexplained with new quantum physics. Evre step outside your dream…and walk right back into it? Maybe we exist everywhere, all the time. Travel through time and then out of it. Exhibit open through Dec. 31” (taken from destination guide about Evre).
That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Upon landing on Evre I tried to figure out how this journey into time is done. There’re several boards at the landing point and one of them describes how to discover.

October 1st: Discovering Evre (1)

October 1st: Discovering Evre (1)

It is quite simple. On the ground level there’re 12 clocks spreaded over the sim. Each clock is a teleport hub to another world. After visiting one world you tp back by clicking on the couple that stands where you arrive.
20161002-evre Each world deals with time be it that you travel into another time or be it that you deal with life beyond death or with parapsychology. For sure everyone will interpret and experience the worlds different. For me it was fun on one side but it also made me thinking. Fun was for sure the world of the dinosaurs – as they live there next to people of the Stone age. I found it amusing to stand next to the really small dinosaurs and to see the Stone age people hunting them with spears. As opposed to the Psi pavillion left me thinking, in particular the board about strange facts and stories around the deaths of some celebrities.

October 1st: Discovering Evre (2) - the Psi pavillon

October 1st: Discovering Evre (2) – a board at the Psi pavillon


October 1st: Discovering Evre (3) - For sure the journey back into the womb was pure fun

October 1st: Discovering Evre (3) – For sure the journey back into the womb was pure fun

Last but not least I also stood between an inclined tower of the World Trade Center and the sinking Titanic, catastrophies of the modern world of which the first one is burned into my memory as if it were just yesterday. Evre is a particular experience in Second Life, something you really don’t see every day and an art project trying to realize the meaning of time and life. Really impressive and worth a visit!

October 1st: Discovering Evre (4) - World Trade Center next to sinking Titanic

October 1st: Discovering Evre (4) – World Trade Center next to sinking Titanic

Landmark to Evre:
Destination guide: