Diary 2017 (177) October 17th/18th – Two varied days

Tuesday, October 17th, I took the slave Flo and slave kelly to Adara Kattun’s rebuilt place, that I named for myself silent bondage palace as silent bondage island doesn’t fit anymore for it. Slave Flo still wore her Michilin latex suit. We explored it a bit but is was really silent as there were no others than us. We went to The Secret House next and after a while returned home.

October 17th: Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly at silent palace and at The Secret House

slave Adarra was inworld ad I decided to have a relaxing night at home. I put slave kelly and slave Adarra on two tubular boobular racks facing eachother at the Stonehaven patio and had fun playing with the remotes. Both slaves entertained me with their moans and begging and as I was in a generous mood bit slaves did cum for me.

October 17th: Diomita watching the slaves kelly and Adarra at our Stonehaven patio

Wednesday, Ocotber 18th, Mistress Jenny came inworld in the afternoon and she inspected slave kelly and gave her permission that I may take her into trial. Hence now slave kelly is not just a slave that we control, play with and sell again. Now we consider to keep her permanently. We had an relaxing hour together and visited The Secret House together with slave kelly and slave Flo. slave Flo attracted some attention in her Michilin suit. Other guests discussed what might happen if the bubble explodes spreading all of its fluid content around in the room. Will the repulsion cause slave Flo to fly around like a ballon? Anyway, we had fun.

October 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave kelly and at The Secret House with slave kelly and slave Flo

I bought a new office desk and had slave kelly and later also slave Flo at my side while I was doing my work (actually I wrote the first part of this blog entry). When I had finished, I first changed slave Flo’s Michilin bubble suit. The red suit was spread outside for drying and I put her into a shorter suit in yellow and pink. I took the slaves to Venustus. I had noticed just recently that Venustus is back. I had lost track after it was closed and moved several times. It was full and slave Flo did again attract some attention and banter in her bubble suit but also slave kelly’s plugs didn’t stay unnoticed. I had fun and I learned that Venustus is already back for 2 years. We might visit more after again.

October 18th: Diomita with slaves kelly and Flo at home and at Venustus

After slave Flo went to bed, I visited Bondage&Storage Project with slave kelly and put her on a spanking rack, just for my entertainment. Then we made a tour with the blimp and chatted from up there with other visitors at BSP. Finally I went to club DeLust to wind down and to finish the day. slave kelly was unattentive and sobbed on my thigh. Hence I went home and administered an according punishment at the new office desk before I stored slave kelly for the night.

October 18th: Diomita with slave kelly at Bondage&Storage Project, at club DeLust and at home

Diary (20) March 6th – A Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash

March 6th: Sunday at Mistress Jenny's leash

March 6th: A Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash –  being naughty at the Cyprian Garden

My Sunday began very relaxing. I went to The Cyprian Garden and continued exploring. I found out that there’re 4 parts: The Cyprian Garden, The Cyprian Gallery, The Cyprian Terrace and The Dark side of Cyprian. I found a dungon hidden in a vault behind a thick steel door and still being naughty, I tried the wall rings that I found there (see the picture above). Later I spent this Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash. She exposed her property first at The Secret House …

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at The Secret House

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at The Secret House

She didn’t demand me to kneel … she used the cuffs to hogtie me and I had to smell the carpet. The next station she took me was Domme a Domme. Mistress Jenny ensured that everybody can see who is in charge of us the two of us …

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at Domme a Domme

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at Domme a Domme

After Domme a Domme Mistress had a surprise in mind for me. She took me to a red-light district where she placed me behind glas like a whore who expects her punters … and obviously Mistress enjoyed the view.

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at red-light district

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at a red-light district

But at least I got rewarded by Mistress. She took me into a seperate room in the back and we cuddled and I could enjoy her presence .. mmmwah

March 6th: Mistress Jenny teasing Diomita

March 6th: Mistress Jenny teasing Diomita

What a Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash! At night we visited 4you, former venustus. I met Sandra Bing a few days before and she complained that we didn’t show up for a long time. Actually we hadn’t seen yet the refurbished club  “Lock & Chain”. We, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and I had a great night dancing to  best classic rock.

March 6th: Mistress Jenny with slave Flo and Diomita dancing at 4you "Lock & Chain"

March 6th: Mistress Jenny with slave Flo and Diomita dancing at 4you “Lock & Chain”

But the night was not yet over. slave Flo had been cheeky all week long and she certainly longs for being punished. When we returned home she had prepared a board and a tranparent Picture of herself. The board text is “Slave Flo declare to all and everyone: It was Mistress Diomita who should get all honor for building the new Island. To all those who heard about Flo has worked hard … this is a lie. All she did was Messing her Mistresses work”
Oh my, isn’t that cute? Well, slave Flo, that won’t save you from being punished for your cheekiness … and not just about the lie above *winks*

March 6th: slave Flo's declaration

March 6th: slave Flo’s declaration

Thank you for this Sunday at your leash, Mistress Jenny.

Burning Bush in concert at Venustus

Yesterday night we visited Venustus again after quite a while we haven’t been there. It was gone and reerected. By coincidence there was an inworld concert from the “Burning Bush”, a second life cover band playing popular and rock music (lead singer is Britny McMahon-Humphreys (britny.mcmahon)). Their show is a bit weired, but it is SL, isn’t it? And if you take a close look, you can see what gave the name for the band. Jenny, slave Flo and I had a relaxing time and enjoyed. And the picture which I took turned out to be really good, so I had to share.

Burning Bush in concert at Venustus

Burning Bush in concert at Venustus

Chilling out

..when you explore and seek some kinky stuff you might end up doing something totally different. Tonight we had our first bowling match ever in SL! That was real fun. You’ll find the bowling arena where you won’t seach for it …. here’s the LM

Chilling out

We like to go dancing at the end of our evenings. That is our time to talk about SL and our adventures or simply to listen to the music. For the past few months we have been going to Venustus, a ladies only club. We have never seen it empty and it is usually quite laggy, but once you managed to teleport there and rezzed that doesn’t matter as long as the music stream doesn’t break and as long as you chat in IM. There’s always a theme like we have for our Friday Nights at Club Eurobrats. This adds to our fun as we can see what others wear for these occasions. We can recommend visiting and as a teaser I enclose a pic of Jenny and me taken yesterday as the theme was bondage. Although I am biased – Jenny looked really yummy. Here’s the SURL to Venustus http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zhongli%20Quan/165/166/23

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