Dio’s 4th year in Second Life Feb 11th 2012

Tomorrow i’m going to start my 5th year in second life. Again time to look back and to have a look foward. Writing this post i read my 3 year anniversary text several times. This year in SL has been extraordinary eventful. One of my most biggest wishes for my 4th year hasn’t been fulfilled. One base, one cornerstone of my SL changed: I’m no longer owned by Yasmin. For me it was a hard step to take. Yas’s collar was locked well over 3 years around my neck. What I expierenced is that the remaining cornerstones were stable enough to support me and they became stronger than before. First of all my partner, my Ehesklavin stood by my side and knelt at my feet. But also my subs, my sisters in Yas’ family and all my neighbors and friends supported me, lend me their ear and confirmed that my neck does not need any collar anymore. Thus my base in SL has changed but still is solid as a rock.

One year and there’s more to report and to write into this diary. Looking at more than 50 posts in this 4th year you can tell that this year has been eventful. My family, the Eurobrats, changed. Tittia and Delilah were collared – welcome to us, we love you. Danii returned collared as “fostersub” as her Mistress and wife reduced her online time drastically. Those who left us or who we assume being not in the most inner circle anymore did all stay close friends. We celebrated several anniversaries and being aware how quick life changes in RL and SL I am very thankful for the anniversaries:
June 5th – 3-year collaring of Jenny
October 5th – 3-year collaring of vanessa
October 24th – 3-year wedding anniversary with Jenny
November 22nd – 3-year collaring of Kitty Maurer (Santana)
December 18th – 1- year collaring of Dana
Jan 1st 1-year enslavement of Maurer’s It

In June last year we lost our 2nd home in SL, “Dragon Cove”, due to the dweeb that took over the sim. This experience led to ownership of an homestead, “Mount Everst”, where we build the new Eurobrats Headquarter with lots of space and a beach disco for our Friday night parties. Part of the sim is owned by Virgo and Tyra our longtime neighbors. Also Claven had a part of it for her private prison. But the performance of an homestaed wasn’t high enough for running it. Now Sarah Fhang became an addtional owner. We’re very  pleased to have neighbors like you are!

Just recently, my hairdresser recomended a new cut for me. And as I use these anniversary entries also to document my style changes I’ll add a picture of me with the new haircut.

Regarding our activities not that much has changed. We like to play dice games, to dance (join us at our beach disco every Friday night), to explore other sims, to shop (of course!), to roleplay and to express our kinky side. With tittia we reerected her “Strict Ballet Academy” at Mount Everest. Playing there is a nice variation. We also spend time at DaD (Domme a Domme), more or less a meeting place for those who are into similar kinks as we are. This last year in SL I met tittia and Delilah at DaD, who have been collared later. I also had a few short trips to Gorean roleplay. My friend Cruella is living on Gor and she brought this kind of play nearer to me. I can understand it’s facination but there will be just episodes for me on Gor.
There’s a lot more that happened in my 4th year. We met great people and made new friends. I assume that the variety of people, the different kinks and the different ways to enjoy second life as an escape from everyday life, as an place to live our fantasies and dreams is what makes most of SL’s facination. I’m not tired of it and look forward full of confidence and curiousity.

Dear Jenny, dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 4th year in 2nd life. Many thanks!

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  1. jennymaurer
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 22:56:34

    Congratulations Mistress Diomita, my wonderful wife and best friend. All of our SL is better for knowing you and together we have a strong basis for exploring for a long time to come.
    May your 5th year bring you more of what your heart desires and most of all FUN.
    All my love
    Jenny / your Ehesklavin


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