Danii becomes a Rubber Mare

Tonight our Fosterbrat Danii Syzdlowska began another experience in her SL. Danii has been a pony before and has explored games and programs aorund rlv-restrictions, so when she read about the Hu-Mare program at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) the desire in her was seeded. But since she watched her sister Dana becoming a Hu-Mare she was even more eager to get this experience herself. Some issues kept her from beginning but tonight she entered. And again I watched the transformation procedure with mixed feelings of loosing some control for a limited time, happiness for her wish being fulfilled and with pride as I know how hard it will become for her.
The transformation takes about one hour and starts with getting the appropriate scripts (Mare hearing) and the right pony gestures. Then the livestock-to-be is stripped and has to take off all HUD’s, scripts, gear and is even shaved bald. Danii had to change her profile indicating that she’s just livestock owned by sNr and lost her name. She’s “Rubber Mare” now. The next step is installing the scripts and gestures. Yes, and then the shape is turned into a Rubber Mare and her body is sealed into latex. Finally the head is encased into the Hu-Mare head mask…… Welcome to your new life as a Rubber Mare.

In the picture above you see the three major steps of Danii’s transformation. It was conducted by sinha. I still smile here looking at the picture as you can easily combine the date (Feb 20th, 2012) and sinha’s costume. Today was the most important day of German carnival, Rosenmontag. sinha wears the “Funkenmariechen”-costume which is quite famous over here.
Back to Rubber Mare. If you take a detailed look at it you’ll she the Danii’s tatoos under the latex. Mare will serve for 4 weeks and for 4.000 laps minmum (depending what is reached first). I don’t get tired repeating how proud I am that Danii takes the challenge exploring this extreme experience. We’ll try to see you as often as we can and I look forward cracking the whip while you’ll do your work.  Good luck, Rubber Mare.

The livestock in it's stall

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