Dear Diary – Between the years and year end changes

The time between christmas and the new year is always a time to look back, make good intentions and to clear up. So we did to some extent in our Second Life as well. Just a few days ago I cleared up the family and friends group, ejecting those who don’t belong to our closest friends. We like to keep the group restricted to the family itself, former members and to neighbours and longtime friends. If you were ejected, please don’t feel offended at all!

Regarding the family we just sold our slave Dana. That was bittersweet. We are convinced that Dana will always stay close and that she will enjoy serving her new owner centi.
Jenny and I also decided to change our niece Fae’s status within the family. We release her as our collared sub. Fae (or lately Luna) has always seeked her own ways and adventures in SL like her latest adventure becoming a “mini”-fairy.  She’s a lovely niece, a close and beloved friend, but we use (or should I say more precisely abuse) her as a sub less than rarely. Therefor it is only consequent not to see her as our sub. Fae shall keep her tag and her priviledges as our niece. Her home is at Mount Everst and she’ll stay a family member. We will only not list her as our collared sub anymore. We’re aware of her dedication and her submissive nature and we will not hesitate to boss her around nonetheless.

Dio with Rona and Delilah in May 2014 - one of Deli's last visits

Dio with Rona and Delilah in May 2014 – one of Deli’s last visits

Sadly we also released Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale), our concubine. Deli is a wonderful sub and has pleased us a lot and added so much to the Eurobrats. During the last year Deli came online less and less due to her RL and finally didn’t appear at all anymore for the last 6 months. We lost any contact to her and she didn’t give any sign of life or replied to our offline IM’s or emails. We can only hope that she’s doing well and wish her all the best. If you read these lines, Delilah – we miss you! Deli will of course also stay a family member and will be welcomed back home in case she joins us again one day.
With these changes it was about time to update the family overview which I did.

20141227 Mimi Singer Hadisson in concert at LDaMS_002Between the year is not only time to clear up, it is also time to have fun with a bit more time online (at least I could spend a bit more time online). And there is no blog entry without some more pictures. On Saturday, Dec 27th, we visited a concert at the Lesbian D/s M&Y Society. It’s always surprising to visit a concert in SL and this one was again proving what is possible in a virtual world. We enjoyed the performance.


This year I bought a HD Video System from Marine Kelley, the creator of our favourite bondage gear “Real Restraints”. A good entertainment for these days between the years is watching a video together. Marine published lately several movies from her “Gina-series”. And watching together, making remarks and cuddling is much better than watching alone.

naughty owned Mistress Jenny

One of these days Mistress Jenny teased me a full night long wearing a transparent latex dress. When we retreated to our private rooms, Mistress offered me her keys for just one hour.
I immediately took the opportunity and locked her arms behind her back and then forced her to sit on our sybian and began to play with the litte remote control. As the picture proves my naughty owned Mistress did enjoy it a lot – and I did too watching her *winks*

Jenny and I playing like kids at Baja NorteDuring this of the year many sims are decorated and changed according to the season. So now is the time to visit as long as they exist in this virtual temporary world of Second Life.
We went to Baja Norte and enjoyed a fabulous winter decoration with fairies, elfes and dwarfs.  You’ll find a description and the landmark in Inara’s “Living in a modemworld”-blog.

And of course we didn’t miss to tease and teach our subs between the years…..

Dio and Jenny having fun with slave Flo and Angelique

Dio and Jenny having fun with slave Flo and Angelique


So – lets enjoy the last hours of 2014!

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