Diary 2017 (41) March 14th – a varied night with slave Flo

Tuesday night, March 14th, turned out to become a varied and relaxing night. Mistress Jenny was not online and as no other slaves showed up I was alone with slave Flo, who is still comfy in her restricted catsuit, corset and hood. First we followed an invitation to a party. Barbara and her partner and sub Karli had invited to celebrate….their wedding, Karli’s submission and Karli’s 10th Rezzday. A lot of reasons! The party was underwater and hence a proper dress was expected. As the party already started at 8 PM my time and I got on close to 10 PM, I first didn’t want to go there anymore, in particular as changing slave Flo into a mermaid would have taken all the remaining time. But Barbara convinced me to come as we were and so we did. It was really a colourful picture with all the mermaids! And Barbara did provide diving goggles and snorkles for slave Flo and me. That alone was fun! We had a good time there, chatting and watching and listening to great music – very relaxing.Then I took slave Flo on a “kinkploring” tour. I often go simploring to explore the magic of Second Life, but “kinkploring”? We often read profiles when we visit a club. I thought it would be great to pick a profile and to follow the picks. And I tink it can be a regular part of our Second Life. For this night I had already selected a profile with 2 picks to explore. The first sounded familiar to me “Damsel Bondage Hangout“. And yes I recognized that I was there before. It is a huge RLV BDSM dungeon, mall and club. Unfortunately it was quite empty. Damsel is described to be for “all types of Fetish for those who love Bondage Latex Rubber Femdom Maledom Pony and Dungeons and YIFF!” What the heck is YIFF? I had to look that up. YIFF is the abbreviation for Young Incredibly Fuckable Furry. No wonder that I didn’t know it as furries are for sure not my kink. Anway, you really never stop learning *winks*. I toured a bit around with slave Flo and found some edges to revisit or to keep in mind for other opportunities.

March 14th: Diomita with slave Flo at Damsel

Then I decided to take the 2nd landmark on our list. That was a dead link unfortunately. We landed on a plane adult sim. There was nothing but about 100m above us was a castle. For sure it was not Obe’s Bondage Island, that we expected. Shame. But once we were there, why not look after this castle. So we went there. It looked medieval and it was. There were a few avatars that looked a bit Gorean. We said hello but we were ignored. What a coincidence, that I knew one of them! A former slave of us, who we haven’t seen for more than 6 or 7 years and who joined Gor. From her I learned that the castle was just rezzed there to finish the building and will be transferred to a Gorean sim later. I enjoyed my short chat with the former slave of ours and she might even come by to visit us.

Again, you can never predict what happens in SL. I enjoyed.

Diary 2016 (1) Dec 31st, 2015 – Jan 3rd, 2016

I want to try something different this year and call it “Diary 2016”. I intend to write more often but sometimes the entries might be a bit shorter (not this one I admit :-))

Besides selling Dana on New Years Eve, I had also a little bondage session with slave L. I stored her at the entrance of Gwen’s storage. Hopefully she found some time to think about good resolutions for 2016.

Last bondage in 2015: Dio with slave L at Gwen's storage.

Last bondage in 2015: Dio with slave L at Gwen’s storage.

Later we ended last year and started this year in Second Life dancing, just Jenny and I. Well, to be more precise, we ended 2015 GMT and started 2016 GMT. That was a nice begining.

Diomita and Jenny dancing into 2016

December 31st, 2015 / January 1st, 2016: Diomita and Jenny dancing into 2016

New Year’s Day was a surprise for me. Jenny granted a green light to me “just because she can” and of course I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of that. I brought her to Lochme and tied her up exposed and restricted. She really makes a nice decoration and she enjoyed some time just thinking and watching the “This resident, That Person, Some People ….” crowd. Later I had my way with my property at Damsel. Unfortunately it was very laggy over there and that did spoil a bit of the fun.

Jan 1st - The first green light: Jenny on display at Lochme

Jan 1st – The first green light: My property Jenny on display at Lochme

Saturday, Jan 2nd, I was in shopping mood and went to Ricielli. This shop has some really nice clothes and shoes at least for my taste. There was a Christmas hunt still ongoing which had some great offers for just 15L per piece. Later Jenny also joined me and we both grabbed a lot of hunt items. I had to do a lot of unpacking and sorting later. While I was still sorting the clothes from Ricielli, slave Flo came online and told me that her duster doesn’t work anymore. Hence I had a look a few hours later to check the equipment. I tried myself, cleaned one baord and found no mistake.
At night, when slave Flo came online, I told her to demonstrate what’s wrong – and the dusting worked fine (of course!). No question, slave Flo had to be punished for making me dust one board! She was put into her confinement suit to think about her behavior. The confinement suit is a rubber bulb which has just one breathing tube with a valve. Thus you can control airflow and you can add some extra’s like nicotine, aphrodisiac, or other smelling liquids (you might guees). Although dangerous, this suit is quite extreme as the slave fully depends on her owner and learns her place (hopefully!). Jenny was online in the meanwhile and we both took slave Flo to Heavy Bondage Club where we had some fun with slave Flo.

Jan 2nd: Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo (the red rubber bulb) at HBC

Jan 2nd: Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo (the red rubber bulb) at HBC

But Saturday was not over yet. When we retreated to CM (Chez Maurer, our private skybox), I unlocked my property. I was aware of the consequences as Jenny had told me in advance, that she will lock me into a short red light if I unlock her before Sunday. Yet, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Although surprised, Jenny switched quickly into being Mistress Jenny and she took advantage of me right away (no picture!). It became late that night as Mistress Jenny took me to The Secret House to wind down a bit.

Jan 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at TSH

Jan 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at TSH

The first Sunday of 2016 was quite relaxed. In the later morning I went to DaD. Mistress had placed a hover text above my head “Owned Domme” and she had attached my serious wrist shackles and prevented that I could take the keys from the cuffs. Thus I was quite vulernable, particular at a place called “Domme a Domme”. I admit, I simply wanted to see if anyone would take even notice. Well, I got some attention, but more the way I’m used to get it *winks*

Jan 3rd: "Owned Domme" Diomita at DaD with Kim

Jan 3rd: “Owned Domme” Diomita at DaD with Kim

In the afternoon we had our niece Angelique, our slave Maurerien Orja and Poison with us. We chatted, Angelique got her belated Christmas present and something from Ricielli’s Christmas hunt in addition, we got something for our Orja and we watched the confined slave Flo. After all, it was very nice to chat a bit again and to relax, as we often do on Sunday’s.

Jan 3rd: A Sunday afternoon at home: Diomita, Maurerien Orja, Poison, Angelique and Mistress Jenny inspecting slave Flo in her confinement suit

Jan 3rd: A Sunday afternoon at home: Diomita, Maurerien Orja, Poison, Angelique and Mistress Jenny inspecting slave Flo in her confinement suit