Dana Maurer is turning 4 today and 2 years collared soon

Dana Maurer Dec 7th, 2012When reviewing our calendar I noticed that Dana Maurer, our Puppe, our Doll (dana.drezelan) has two anniversaries coming very soon. She’s turning 4 years in SL today. Happy Rezzday, Dana! And all of you seeing Dana in world today or within the next days – don’t miss to give her some rezzday smacks on her amazing behind. Being a black woman now she has quite a bum (hint).
Also Dana is going to be collared 2 years Dec 18th, meaning that soon she will have been our brat most of her SL. I feel proud and honoured that she’s still wearing my collar. When I collared her we were aware of the timezone problems that we would be facing and it is an issue unfortunately which reduces the time we can spend online together.

Dana Maurer Dec 7th, 2012 with Dio and JenDana is courageous enough to try out the more extreme adventures that SL has on stock for us. Like the ‘Humare’ challenge she successfully managed this summer or like the transformation into a puppy that she made. I think it is really a pity that she couldn’t do that transformation in a proper way for a longer time as you need to be with more puppies and have someone to train and care about them – and we didn’t find such a place. Just recently Dana stepped into another skin and world by becoming a black woman now and is exploring interracial play. She still looks out for transformation adventures as well as for other groups to expand her experiences. As always she keeps us up-to-date and never forgets her position as our brat.

Thank you Dana for your loyalty, your trust and your devotion as well of bringing so much fun and adventure to our family in SL!
We love you.
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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  1. Kitty Maurer
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 07:45:21

    Congratulations, Dana!!
    Kitty will make sure that you get into double-trouble as your gift for your double celebration.


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