Dana Maurer is turning 4 today and 2 years collared soon

Dana Maurer Dec 7th, 2012When reviewing our calendar I noticed that Dana Maurer, our Puppe, our Doll (dana.drezelan) has two anniversaries coming very soon. She’s turning 4 years in SL today. Happy Rezzday, Dana! And all of you seeing Dana in world today or within the next days – don’t miss to give her some rezzday smacks on her amazing behind. Being a black woman now she has quite a bum (hint).
Also Dana is going to be collared 2 years Dec 18th, meaning that soon she will have been our brat most of her SL. I feel proud and honoured that she’s still wearing my collar. When I collared her we were aware of the timezone problems that we would be facing and it is an issue unfortunately which reduces the time we can spend online together.

Dana Maurer Dec 7th, 2012 with Dio and JenDana is courageous enough to try out the more extreme adventures that SL has on stock for us. Like the ‘Humare’ challenge she successfully managed this summer or like the transformation into a puppy that she made. I think it is really a pity that she couldn’t do that transformation in a proper way for a longer time as you need to be with more puppies and have someone to train and care about them – and we didn’t find such a place. Just recently Dana stepped into another skin and world by becoming a black woman now and is exploring interracial play. She still looks out for transformation adventures as well as for other groups to expand her experiences. As always she keeps us up-to-date and never forgets her position as our brat.

Thank you Dana for your loyalty, your trust and your devotion as well of bringing so much fun and adventure to our family in SL!
We love you.
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

June 1st, 2012

June 1st, 2012 – just an update on what’s going on with the Eurobrats. First of all I want to explain the story behind the head from the post “Dear Diary”, published May 22nd (https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/dear-diary/) What happened to Angelique was a SL bug. She seemed to be online (as “the head” but wasn’t). She emailed me, but I couldn’t help. Then the next day Jenny proposed to restart our sim and that did help. In the meanwhile Angel had already sent an email to me and was asking for a sim restart. Things overlapped. Happily this bug occurs rarely – and we’re happy to have Angel back. You can read about the bug here (http://blog.nalates.net/2010/10/09/second-life-i-cant-login)

Furthermore last week I released Puppe (Dana) from being a puppy at least for some time. Unfortunately puppy play isn’t spread enough and thus she had no other puppies to enjoy the time she’s online and we aren’t. I am very proud that she succeeded in staying a puppy for exactly one month. Well done, Puppe! To give some variation of her SL, Puppe is now kept naked for an indefinite time. So look our for her, enjoy her bouncing boobs or simply her presence, or ..?? …

Jenny is going to be collared 4 years on June 5th. As we’ve been told often that is close to an eternity in SL.  She desired to spent the 2 weeks before the anniversary at me feet bound and waiting patiently for my attention, just being here for me. I agree, it’s bring back memories – although her comments, her roleplay and her brattiness express much more confidence than 4 years ago and I can easily see what developments we both made in this time. And at least from my side I can tell – the change was and is to the good. I’m proud to have my Ehesklavin at my feet.

Just something inbetween

Right now I can’t login. Apparently SL has gone down unexpectedly. No SL, no SL homepage, no marketplace. Time to write a little bit about the ongoings within the Eurobrat family.
– I wrote already about Kitty’s return. I decided that Kitty may have another start and I hope that she will never again vanish without warning.
– tittia’s RL is keeping her from going online. RL is always priority but of course we miss her. We get applications for the Strict Ballet Academy every once in a while but without instructors the academy remains closed.
– Puppe (Dana) is transformed to a puppy. We do enjoy the rare times we see her due to the time difference. She had some issues with the gear that prevents her friends to chat with her via IM. Luckily she found a workaround and I still hope that we can get a feedback of the builder of the gear why it is not working as it should. Well you can always say, voila it works as puppies can’t chat.
– vanessa is vanessa. She comes online at midnight every once in a while when we’re just on our way to bed. Nonetheless her devotion is amazing. And every time she sees a new face being with us she asks “A new sister?”
– qt, Maurer’s it, is still nicely locked down and dreams of escape. She never gets tired to warn those who come close to us but most people simply don’t take her warning to run as fast as they can seriously. Well, we can always say they have been warned.
– Delilah had to reduce her online presence a bit due to her RL. That prevents her from instructing at the ballet academy. Right now she’s assigned to keep our house clean being our first maid. We simply like the idea of bound maids that work for us. It is not our idea and the place “bound maids” is down since quite a while and the new place for the maids isn’t working yet. With the help of Danii we installed some objects which attract the dust in the house and which need dusting every once in a while. Of course this work can only be done with a dustergag.
– That leads to Danii who worked on her scripts after being released from her humare life. And she helped to develop the dusting system for the house.
– Our youngest family member, Angel, is the most active of all of us right now. She brought some new kinks and new roleplay to our SL and we, her aunts, enjoy teasing and humiliating her as much as she enjoys the other side of the leash.

And Jenny and I? We still enjoy ourselves, our togetherness, we make plans and laugh a lot and have fun. Friday nights are still a highlight of our everyday life in SL and RL. So overall everything is just fine although RL is preventing some of us to get online as much as before right now.

Puppy Puppe

Our sub Puppe Maurer (dana.drezelan) has recovered from her humare adventure and is seeking new adventures. She explored the possibilities of becoming a puppy and discussed with me about it and showed me a sim for training – RubberTopia. She watched and got in contact with the some trainers there (Nikita and Stephaniee) and gathered information about the gear. She filled the registration form and asked me to consider it for her. She wasn’t really sure if she wants it as it looks to be pretty tough, maybe even tougher than the humare experience. But then Jenny and I had a closer look and visited the sim. We looked at the gear, talked with Katrine, the owner of the sim and head trainer there, and we came to a clear decision – YES.
So what is that experience about? First of all, Puppe has been transformed into a puppy. We chose the dalmatian skin for her. In her puppy body she has  restrictions that make her feel and act like a puppy – as close as possible in SL and with some little, but important differences. One main feature of the gear is the pet hearing. Puppe will have to learn about 30 core words which are common for a puppy to understand like come, get, stay, sit, fetch or seek. After she has heard these words often enough she will recognize them in main chat. In addition she can learn up to 20 words defined by her owner. These 50 words are her world in chat from as they are learned and from then on all she will ever see.
Jenny and Diomita Maurer with their puppyAnother feature is that she will have to play, jump, fetch sticks and to train her body by running and competing. This will build up her stamina so she may stay awake for longer between naps. Her home of course is a kennel and if she finds herself lost by any chance she can  teleport back to it herself – but she’s not able to get out of the kennel on her own.
Puppies can’t read, so how can they really recognize who is around them? By sniffing of course. So after being with someone for a while she can recognize who it is by sniffing. Of course Puppe barks and licks and can bite. To prevent biting she can wear a muzzle with implies further restrictions on her. The Puppies have strict orders not to bite and if they do they may find themselves muzzled for a long time when they really need to be training.

The base training of our puppy will take place at RubberTopia. Puppe has to be trained for at least 6 weeks. She will learn to obey  the commands which she gets in main chat (by the core words). She will have fun and play, as well as work hard, with the trainers to learn. Fortunately I was invited by Katrine to be a trainer there myself which allows me to visit Puppe during her base training and to take her out on the course to play or work. We’re even able to take her home to be with us for a while but she has to be back in her kennel after that. This is pretty fine for us as Puppe is in another timezone and our online times do not overlap that much.

A little extra is that I can IM with her – but she can’t start an IM. I like to stay close to her and this will enable me to do. We look forward having a nice puppy around us for a long time after the base training which will be fun hopefully. We’re proud that Puppe is brave enough to start this experience.

Good luck, Puppy Puppe (nice word game btw.)