Simploring 2018 (74) Meadow Rose

I got a hint from Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who runs SL Destinations, to have a look at Meadow Rose. I found time for simploring Sunday, August 26th, and visited it.

Meadow Rose overview

Meadow Rose is an adult homestead sim, owned by Rye Falmer. Later, when I met Rye after my simploring tour, he told me that Kitty Templeton (kittytempleton) is co-owning Meadow Rose. Their main estate is Templeton Cove Estates & The Lake House and compromises 16 sims (American Lakes and Wilderness Themed Estate, Residential & Recreational, Light Sailing, Riding & Hiking Trails). I saw a small part of Templeton Cove when I visited it during my Halloween tour 2016 (read here).
Rye loves to landscape at Templeton Cove Estates & The Lake House but he’s not good with managing renters, that’s Kitty’s part together with someone else. Meadow Rose was originally embedded into Templetom Cove Estates, but it dosent go with the theme of the other sims so Rye decided to create it remotely again. In addition Meadow Rose is adult which goes against the family ethos of templeton estate.
I’ll take Templeton Cove Estates on my list of sims to explore.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (1) – around the landing point and the church

But back to Meadow Rose. At the landing point you can join the Meadow Rose group. From there you can walk a real nice trail, which takes you around the island along the shore. I turned left and began exploring on foot. I passed a farm and came to a church with a graveyard. I visited the church and continued walking along the shore. The trail is just beautiful and you get lovely views. The landscape is natural, there’re lots of trees and flower fields, everything fits to perfection.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (2) – beautiful views

After some walking I reached a bay with a sailing boat anchored there. At the shore is a small shipyard for smaller boats. After staying there for a bit I continued my tour, I passed several nice places to sit and cuddle or to simply enjoy. Then I passed some ruins and saw a dandelion which you can use to make a tour flying over the island. I didn’t do that though. After passing the ruins I came to a park with a pond, another place just to enjoy. There’s also the possiblity to dance. Shortly after the park with the pond I reached the landing point once again.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (2) – the marina and the shipyard

But there’s more if you don’t take the trail along the shore but go to the inner island. I took the trail to the farm which leads further to a quite big manor that looks very British. Inside the manor is furnished luxurious and is a collection of antiques, of hunting trophies and of curiosities from all over the world. There’re tapestries and oil paintings decorating the wall. To sum it up: it looks very Britsh, maybe like the home of an Earl or a Duke, maybe of the Duke of Meadow Rose *winks*. I also had a look into the cellar. Surprise! The upper nobility has guilty pleasures and fetishes. I have to keep in mind this manor.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (4) – more beautiful views

Impressions of Meadow Rose (5) – the farm and the manor

Outside of the manor is a garden. Again it looks really British. Everything is neat and you sense that there are gardeners who care that every single flower is at the right place. In the garden I met Rye Falmer, the owner of Meadow Rose (the Duke of Meadow Rose?). We had a really nice chat and he told me about the above mentioned connection to Templeton Cove. We talked about his and our place and he might visit our island one day or even join our party.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (6) – the garden and Diomita Meeting Rye Famer, the owner of Meadow Rose

Meadow Rose is another hidden gem in Second Life and I admire how perfectly it is made. Rye has really a talent to make this place look like a piece of a British paradies. Thank you for sharing the place with the public, Rye!

Landmark to Meadow Rose
Landmark to Templeton Cove Estates (Marina and office)

Simploring 2018 (62) Formosa Cafe

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, July 18th, I picked “Formosa Cafe” from SL Destinations. The Formosa Cafe is a restaurant and bar founded in 1925 and located at 7156 Santa Monica Boulevard at the intersection with North Formosa Avenue, in West Hollywood, California (source wikipedia).
When I followed the provided link to read a little bit about it, I came across Second Life Newers, a blog that exists as long as our blog does, written by several authors. It is about the people, places, things, and events across Second Life and has an extra section about places. Hard to belive that I never came across it before. I added the link to Second Life Newers to the “Other links” section on the right side bar.

The Formosa Cafe in Real Life and in Second Life

In the Second Life Newers blog is a very detailed desripction about Formosa Cafe along with information about it’s creator Gardenia Malheur titled “The Formosa“, written by Klaus Bereznyak. As this post is so detailled and complete, it is hard to add anything – and I won’t.
In his post Klaus Bereznyak also provided a link to another blog post about Formosa Cafe, which was published by riverpearl in her blog “Million Happy Endings” titeled “The Formosa Cafe“. I just had a short look into riverpearl’s blog but its amoung other things also about places in Second Life. I added Million Happy Endings as well to the “Other links” section on the right side bar (Remark: I couldn’t find riverpearl or Pearl Grey in Second Life, hence I assume her username must be different).

Impressions of my visit to Formosa Cafe in Second Life

Of course I also visited the Formosa Cafe and I was not disappointed at all. It is a great cafe and you can sense the atmosphere. It is buildt with love and passion by Gardenia Malheur and as I build myself a little bit in Second Life, I know what it means to get it done in such a perfection, in particular if you want to build something that exists in Real Life.
Comparing the picture from wikipedia with the Formosa Cafe in Second Life, I’m impressed! There’s so much to see and discover in Second Life, that I’d need to get a 3rd and 4th life!

Thank you Gardenia for creating Formosa Cafe and for sharing it with the public. Many thanks also to Klaus Bereznyak and to riverpearl for the great blog posts about it. I enjoyed my short simploring tour.

Landmark to Formosa Cafe
Second Life Newers blog entry “The Formosa” by Klaus Bereznyak
riverpearl’s blog post “The Formosa Cafe”

Update: Today Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who manages SL Destinations, send me a private message: “The Editor of SL Newser is Bixyl Shuftan, Klaus is Klaus (klaus.bereznyak) and Pearl Grey is Pearl Grey (pearlgrey) (in Second Life), all interesting people“. Thank you, Annie. I had only found Klaus.

Simploring 2018 (10) Green story (II)

After I published my simploring report about Green story on January 23rd (read here) I got a message from Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who runs (link is listed on the sidebar under Other links: SL Destinations or read here). She told me that I missed a part of Green story, a part that isn’t green either but wet, and gave me a landmark to it: Green story II

You can reach Green story II either by this landmark or by a teleport hub that is close to the lighthouse of Green story but not easy to find particularly at night. This time I had still daylight and found it.

Impressions of Green Story II (1) – upper left pictures show the tp board at Green story

Green story II is in a skybox about 3.500 m above the sandbank of Green story. And it is really wet! The environment is set to night and there are many lights, light effects and fireflies – and reflections of the rain and puddles. Again Green story II is a fantasy world, a conglomerate of cosy huts and spots, of ruins and art. You really can get lost in thoughts when wandering through the rain or when you sit down and just admire the light effects. I recommend to switch the music on, it’s a radio program with piano music (at least during my visit). There are no nothern lights but the moon shines through the clouds and provides a mystic atmosphere.

Impressions of Green Story II (2)

Don’t cry when the sun is gone,
because the tears won’t let
you see the stars.
In my heart lies a memory
to tell the stars above.
I’ll never forgt meeting you here,
our love is like the wind,
I can’t see it — but I can feel it

is written on a wall just above one of the many cosy spots.

Impressions of Green Story II (3)

Green story II is a place for lovers, very romantic. There’re also several spots to dance. It’s another place to dream and to mediate, to live in your fantasy. Thank you, Dior (rich.canis) for sharing Green story and Green story II with the public. I enjoyed my second visit as much as my first!

Landmark to Green story II
Landmark to Green story

Simploring Destinations

After publishing the blog post about my simploring tour to La virevolte I got a message from Annie Oh (anniebrightstar) who follows my simploring tours. She knows that I look up the SL Destination guide every once in a while, when I have no destination on my list to visit. Annie has collated every travel blog she can find for some 4 years now and put into Look it up here: Here you can search blog entries about a SL destination or just look up the latest published entries. I added the link to the “Other links” section on the right.

Annie has also her own blog and I’ll have a look at that from now on. She’s a simplorer like I am. I added her blog “Exploring Second Life with Annie” to the list  “Active blogs” on the right as well.
On Annie’s blog I also found another page, which is curated by Annie:
Art & Culture in Second Life – art Exhibitions, Literature, Groups & more
I added it also to the “Other links” section on the right.

Thank you for the hint, Annie!