Simploring 2019 (13) A way of life

I looked up SL Destinations and came across a blog entry of Inara Pey “A Way of Life in Second Life“, in which she reported about her visit to a sim named “a way of life“.

“a way of life” – overview

a way of life” is a homestead owned by Elyjia Baxton. She also created Tavana Island, an island that I visited back in 2017 (read here). The landmark description just contains the link to the flickr group  but in Elyjia’s profile I found a text about “a way of life“, which is quite fitting:
Discover a landscape of rustic nature with farms and paths, places to walk, green landscapes, bordered by a beach. A quiet, soothing place with many perfect places for photography

Impressions of “a way of life” (1)

a way of life” consists of several islands of which some are connected by bridges or rocks, to get to some others, you’ll have to swim. The landing point is on the terrace of the only residential house at “a way of life“. It overlooks the sea from one side. The house itself is built in a Mediterrean style and it is only sparsely furnished (yet?). From there I began to explore “a way of life“.

Impressions of “a way of life” (2)

I visited the chapel, the windmill and the barn. Wherever you turn your view to, “a way of life” is beautiful in it’s rural simplicity and peace. I liked in particular the natural pond and the pier where you can sit and simply enjoy the quietness.

Impressions of “a way of life” (3)

The lighthouse is on a seperate island and a lot of birds are flying around it. You could take a rest in the gazebo, in which you’ll also find a telescope. The area around the cabin and the nearby beach offer additional cosy places to enjoy the environment or, like I did, for taking pictures.

Impressions of “a way of life” (4)

There’s not much I can write about “a way of life“. It is a perfectly made dream of a place to be, peaceful and natural, rural with it’s own charme. I enjoyed my visit and the views a lot.

Thank you Elyjia for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to “a way of life”
Flickr group of “a way of life”
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Way of Life in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (11) The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort

For my simploring tour on January 17th/19th I picked “The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort” from SL Destinations.  What caught my attention is that The VR Planetarium exsists since 2008(!) in Second Life and that I never heard about it before. And even Annie Oh (anniebrightstar)’s SL Destinations just has one entry listed. The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort is owned by Ambrosius (andoni merlin).

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (1) – Landing and entering the capsule

The landmark led me to a small plattform just below of a huge turning spiral. Zooming out, I could see The VR Planetarium Dome below. The impression is that the dome and the attached steel construction are held in its hoovering position by the turning spiral. Stairs lead down to the top of the dome and further down to the attached construction. I went down to the top of the dome first. There’s a box, where you can grab a key card:
Find the key-card in a folder of your inventory and add it. The key-card attaches as HUD to open the doors in the asteroid. If you are wearing the score HUD, the key-card will also load your points at the main door of the asteroid.
Ok, for whatever this is necessary, I took the key card and went down to the construction. I peeked inside of the dome. It looked very interesting. I saw planets inside and changing backgrounds but postponed a visit and entered a capsule instead that I reached by climbing up a few stairs. I first didn’t realize that I entered the capsule of a rocket. I got 3 destionations offered: Asteroid Base, Asteroid Up and
Earth Repository. I selected Asteroid Base ….

Space Capsule 2: No-return point!!!
Space Capsule Call: COUNTDOWN 10…KEEP CLEAR!
Space Capsule 2 whispers: Systems GO, Autopilot is on command.
Space Capsule Call: Ignition
Space Capsule 2: Lift Off

And then I began my space flight, which ended tragically. The rocket stage separation failed…

Space Capsule 2: Proceeding to rocket stage separation
Second Life: You died and have been teleported to your home location

Ups …. I was home again. What was that? Did I forget wearing the key card that I got? Do I have to join a group? Ok, another try. I went back and entered the capsule again, wearing the key card on a HUD. Later I found out, that you don’t need the key card for a successful flight. I might have been a pure accident. Anyway, my 2nd space flight was successful and I landed at the Asteroid Base.

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (2) – Asteroid Base

Space Capsule 2: No-return point!!!
Space Capsule Call: COUNTDOWN 10…KEEP CLEAR!
Space Capsule 2 whispers: Systems GO, Autopilot is on command.
Space Capsule Call: Ignition
Space Capsule 2: Lift Off
Space Capsule 2: Proceeding to rocket stage separation
Space Capsule 2: Rocket stage separation complete
Space Capsule 2: Engines off, you are into orbit.
Space Capsule 2: Destination set to Asteroid Base.
Proceeding to a routine verification…
Stand by for a new communication in 1 minute, over.
Space Capsule 2: We are about to enter the asteroid’s gravitational field. Initializing protocol for landing.
Space Capsule 2: Approaching maneuver to Asteroid Base
Space Capsule 2: ARRIVED!

Hint: Once you arrived you have to get out of the capsule quickly, otherwise you’ll return to The VR Planetarium Dome with the capsule.

The Asteroid base is a steel construction attached to the asteroid. There’s a screen with pictures of the starry sky, constellations, nebulas together with explanatory texts. There’s also a sci-fi bar and a lock to enter the asteroid. Next to the lock is another box, where you can grab a space suit, another HUD for collection points, weapons. I also saw a score list. At this point you need the before mentioned key card to opperate the lock: First click the key card, then the lock – et voila! I didn’t wear the HUD nor the space suit or any weapons. Behind the lock you enter into a spiral tube and I walked inside. My exploartion once again ended quickly. I was attacked by aliens and soon “died” once again and was returned home.

This seems to be fun! I need doing it another time again wearing the according gear and weapons. Later I found the follwoing description: “This is not a game, it’s a challenge to your Second Life skills. There are no rules, use what you know, wear what you have, it’s not cheating if you just follow a few instructions.”

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (3) – Asteroid Up

My next journey led me to the Asteroid Up. This time you get inside of the asteroid where you can walk around a huge vessel of hot magma. The way around the vessel ends a lock where you need the key card once again – and enter the tube with the aliens this time from the other side. Luckily I didn’t meet any aliens enterting from here, but at some point the tube is blocked when you enter from this side.

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (4) – Earth Repository

I then selected Earth Repository for my last space flight. This flight passes the asteroid and leads to a sphere hoovering above a huge tube. Inside of the sphere you can sit down on a platform and watch videos like in and 3D video dome. I had a rollercoaster drive – impressive and very well made as it feels as if you’re sitting on the train. There are more 3D videos but I just saw the rollercoaster.
Besides sitting down and watching 3D videos you can also walk through a spiral tube down to the tube below of the sphere. I did that and I dared to jump down into the tube and landed in sea of green glibber. Touching a red dot at the wall the sea suddenly opened and I fall further down and ended in the hot magma of the asteriod. Incredibly, I didn’t die *winks*

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (5) – Earth Repository, the fall through the tube

Last but not least, I explored The VR Planetarium Dome. At the entry you find some explanatory pictures about Second Life. There are also teleporters to the Asteroid and the Earth Repository – but taking the rocket is way more fun!

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (6) – Entering the dome

The VR Planetarium Dome is a huge sphere, where you can take a seat and watch the space. The projected pictures are taken from the NASA/JPL/ESA/Hubble. Again, this is very impressive and for someone who likes taking pictures like myself …. WOW

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (7) – Impressions of inside of the dome

To sum it up: I had a very entertaining visit to The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort. And I haven’t really explored all of it. Fighting the aliens or watching more 3D videos, watching more pictures of the space with all the explanatory texts, or sitting longer in The VR Planetarium Dome could provide many many hours of fun. You can even dance in The VR Planetarium Dome with the space as a background and enjoy the fitting space music. It is a fantastic place to visit in Second Life.

Thank you so much Ambrosius (andoni merlin) for providing this gem for all of us! I did enjoy my visit a lot and might come back for a longer visit, if I find the time for it.

Landmark to The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort

Simploring 2019 (8) Petit Lac Des Cygnes

For my Sunday simploring tour, January 6th, I selected Petit Lac Des Cygnes from SL Destinations Petit Lac Des Cygnes is “located in the southwest region of France at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, the private estate now open to the public, is comprised of the chateau, Le Petit Cafe Cygne, Antoinette’s, Little Swan Lake for which the region is named, and much more.” (taken from the landmark description).

Petit Lac Des Cygnes is a full sim and is owned by Cougar (Cougar Sangria) and her partner Henry (Henry Mcauley). When you land at Petit Lac Des Cygnes you are offered a folder with some information about the sim and some rules. First of all it is a private sim, although it is open to the public and: “Scripts are limited to 75 for everyone’s enjoyment, and complexity has a limit of 200,000. The region is a NO FLY ZONE. You will be notified upon landing if you are not in compliance.” In addition, no nudity and no sex is allowed at Petit Lac Des Cygnes. Due to privacy, the sim is closed for the public Mondays and Tuesdays.

Petit Lac Des Cygnes – overview

I had to strip off some of my scripts to get below the demanded limit, but it was really worth doing it. Right next to the landing point is the “Le Petite café Cygne”. You will have to follow the road and walk around it to get to the entrance. The cafe offers places to sit and have a meal outside but also inside. I recommend that you have a look inside. The cafe is way bigger than you might suspect. The tables are all set, there’re a lot of details to discover.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (1) – Le Petite Café Cygne

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (2) – Le Petite Café Cygne

From the café I continued my tour of Petit Lac Des Cygnes and visited the chateau. The chateau is the private residence of Cougar and Henry and should be treated as such, yet you’re allowed to tour it but you shouldn’t use the furniture menu. Somehow that reminded me of tours I had to chateaus in real life. Of course you my look but you’re not allowed touching anything. What I missed in Second Life were those red ropes that usually prevent you from going to close to some objects.
The chateau is a building that I have seen before in Second Life, but this one is fitted with some very extravagant furniture which was selected with style. The paintings at the wall give the impression of being in a chateau, and even the paintings that are pictures taken in Second Life look ancient. The bathroom is just amazing and also every other room has it’s purpose, be it dining, representation, playing for kids or meeting. I really like the chateau with all it’s luxury.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (3) – Le Château

Of course there’s also a park and some fountains behind the chateau – and an orangery. I had a look into the orangery and it suits perfectly for a formal invitation or a ball. A bit hidden by the orangery is a place where you can play chess or retreat a bit.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (4) – Le Château and L’Orangerie

At the end of the park is a labyrinth as well as a big swimming pool. Again, it is stylish with a lot of statues and well shaped plants. But you can also see that the owners of the chateau live here and enjoy their property. The loungers around the pool are modern and there’re some toys swimming in the pool.
Just next to the pool, a bit difficult to get to due to some hegderows, is a restaurant – Antoinette’s. Again it is fun visiting and looking at the interior. And in one seperate room you find a table set for two. It’s the perfect place to go out for an exclusive dinner in Second Life.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (5) – La Piscine and Restaurant Antoinette’s

I ended my simploring tour to Petit Lac Des Cygnes with visiting the little swan lake, that is surrounded by a lovely park, a great place to take pictures or to just sit and chill. Of course I took a lot of pictures as you can discover a lot of nice details.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (6) – Around Le petit lac des cygnes

Cougar (Cougar Sangria) and Henry (Henry Mcauley) created a particular place for themselves. It feels like visiting a larger park around a chateau in real life. For the tourists there’s the petite cafe and they can walk around at the swan lake. Visiting the chateau of course is the highlight of a visit and privileged rich people can dine at Antoinette’s – perfect.

Cougar wrote a nice background story for her place “Petit Lac Des Cygnes“. You can read it in her blog here. I recommend reading this article before you visit Petit Lac Des Cygnes as it brought me into the right mood and enhanced my experience.

Thank you for sharing your personal place with the public, Cougar and Henry!

Landmark to Petit Lac Des Cygnes
Cougar Sangria’s blog
Post with background story about Petit Lac Des Cygnes

Simploring 2019 (7) Rummu

When I saw a post on SL Destinations reporting that Serene Footman and Jade Koltai had just opened a new sim called Rummu I had to read about it and of course I had to visit it. Serene has written a very detailed documentation about Rummu, Estonia, the place they rebuilt in SL. I strongly recommend to read this documentation and to watch the documantaries embedded there. It provides the needed information to judge what you see in Second Life. It also makes your visit in Second Life getting closer to the feeling that you know this place as if you were there.

Impression of Rummu quarry, Estonia (1)

So what is Rummu? First of all it is a small borough in northern Estonia. Secondly there’s the Rummu quarry, a submerged limestone and Vasalemma marble quarry.
The latter is a specific kind of limestone with its structure and texture resembling that of marble. The quarry is close to two former prisons, the nearest being the former Rummu prison. During the Soviet era, until the 1990s, excavation was performed as hard labour prisoners. When pumping of water ceased, the quarry quickly filled with groundwater, forming a lake, immersing some of the utility buildings and machinery. Next to the lake is the Vasalemma spoil tip (slag heap). Over time, the spoil tip assumed a unique appearance through erosion by water.
With the closure of the Rummu quarry, the area became a featured location for nature photography, hiking, rafting, scuba diving, as a summer spot, musical and sports events, and as a filming location for its unique layout. The site was depicted in the post-apocalyptic short film The Most Beautiful Day (2015) by Einar Kuusk. Several of the deserted buildings at Rummu were featured in the video for hit song “Faded” (2015) by Norwegian DJ Alan Walker.
Jump-diving into the lake off derelict buildings is very dangerous, because the lake bed contains pieces of thick concrete, tree branches, rebar spikes, metal construction (including machinery), and plenty of barbed wire.“(excerpt from wikipedia)
The area is closed now officially, which doesn’t prevent people from visiting.

Impression of Rummu quarry, Estonia (2)

Serene writes about Rummu:
Those who visit Rummu and write about the experience invariably say that besides the strange beauty of the derelict buildings that lie partially submerged, it is the knowledge of what lies below the water – and the terrible history of the prison itself – that lends the place its extraordinary charisma. We have tried to recreate this combination of surface and depth. If you venture into the water and walk around, you will soon find yourself in darkness, surrounded by plants and pieces of derelict building. Keep on going down the slope, and in the depths you will reach some gates. Here you enter the prison itself, deep under the water, just as divers do today. It’s a creepy place, for sure.

Above ground, Rummu’s most striking feature consists of the giant slag heaps that were created by quarry works. These act as a great vantage point, while in the real place, they have to be crossed to gain access to the beach. Besides the ruined buildings and underwater prison, Rummu’s other distinctive feature are its murals, and we have recreated some of these – while adding others – at the sim. The biggest murals, most notably the image of the coffee cup, which exists at Rummu, appear to be the work of a Moscow-based group of artists called Zukclub.” (taken from Serene’s website)

Rummu in Second Life – overview

Enough foreword and quotes – let’s get to Rummu in SL.
Rummu is a moderate homestead. It is dominated by the lake with the rests of the prison and the quarry underwater, some concrete ruins of the former buildings still reaching high out of the water. There’s the slag heap, two big hills right next to the lake. Plants are growing on the slag heap. The lake is surrounded by beaches and some other solitaire concrete hugs buildings. The nature has taken back almost everything, plants and trees are growing out of every crack of the ruins. Some of the walls are covered artfully with murals outside and inside of the buildings.

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (1)

You can walk inside of the buildings and climb up to the roos for the view and for the fun there’s a zip lane leading from one of the buildings to a ruin in the center of the lake. Serene has added reams of chairs, benches, loungers, beach furntiure, camping furniture and during my visit some of them were taken by other visitors. You can also use a Swan paddle boat, the one I saw when visiting :notos:deer: (read Simploring 2018 (106) :nostos:deer:).

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (2)

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (3)

I explored the whole sim, I visited the hut as well as the two cranes behind the slag heap. I dived and looked at the sunken prison, I went into all buildings, and i visited the ruins of a huge indoor swimming hall. I think, I won’t forget the statue there “A woman is more dangerous than a loaded pistol”, although I have no idea if it is something that belongs to the real Rummu (I think it doesn’t) nor do I know if it is build after a statue in RL.

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (4)

Rummu for sure has it’s magic attraction. Having the pictures in mind that I saw in the documentaries on Serene’s website made my visit quite real. It’s great to see how people take over these really scary places and turn it into something to enjoy. That doesn’t make us forget the history but gives hope that terror and violence won’t ever be permanent.

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (5)

Thank you Serene Footman and Jade Koltai for providing this once again impressive place to the public. I did really enjoy my visit!

Landmark to Rummu
Serene Footman’s website page about Rummu
Wikipedia entry about Rummu quarry
Flickr group

Simploring 2019 (6) 2019-XS

Ever heard about the film Blade Runner (1982). Ever seen it? Well, I have heard about it but I never saw it nor did I know that it is an scifi film. On New Years day 2019, Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who runs my (never ending) source of potential simploring destinations SL Destinations, sent me a message and recommended that I’d visit 2019-XS.

“Blade Runner is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford. The Blade Runner soundtrack is by Vangelis. The film is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles of 2019, in which synthetic humans known as replicants are bio-engineered to work on off-world colonies. When a fugitive group of replicants escapes back to Earth, burnt-out cop Rick Deckard (Ford) reluctantly agrees to hunt them down.
Blade Runner initially underperformed in North American theaters and polarized critics. It deals with the fine line between humans and robots … can robots become human? It later became an acclaimed cult film regarded as one of the all-time best science fiction movies. The film has influenced many science fiction films, video games, anime, and television series.” (excerpt mainly from wikipedia)

Impressions of 2019-XS (1) – around the landing point

2019-XS is an adult homestead created and owned by Hera (zee9). The landing is in a subway station. Once you have gone upstairs to the town, there’s a board where you can grab a notecard with some background information. Hera (zee9) writes:
Welcome to 2019-XS – Why the weird Name?
Well as all Blade Runner fans will know 2019 was the year in which the original story was set. I figured as we move into the actual year of 2019 I could not let this auspicious moment pass without acknowledging in some way the huge creative influence this movie has had on me personally since I first saw it way back in the early 1980’s. In the late 1990’s 2019-XS was my long time Domain name….

Impressions of 2019-XS (2) – town views (left) / a night club (right)

Blade Runner is set up in an urban environment, Los Angeles in 2019! The town is a confuse chaos of streets, levels and buildings, with advertisating boards and lights everywhere, hoovering vehicles, elevators and it is noisy. There are similarities between this background and Metropolis.

Impressions of 2019 (3) – the night club “Industry”

2019-XS in Second Life is exactly this – a seemingly chaotic world of streets, passages, buildings, elevators, levels, advertising boards, lights, stores, backyards, Restaurants and night clubs. And it is fun exploring it! There are several night clubs and they are not that easily to find. I might not have found all of them. You navigate between the different levels of 2019-XS with elevators. On the levels itself you walk over bridges from one building to another. Often a door just leeds to a passage to the next building. These doors are not opened by simply clicking them but by clicking the door lock keyboard. Remember it is how the creators of Blade Runner imagined in 1982 how an urban world could like like in 2019 – it doesn’t look like this, at least not everywhere, thank god *winks*.

Impressions of 2019 (4) – roaming in LA 2019

2019-XS is a sim that can be visited for it’s nigthclubs (for example the jazz club is great), for taking pictures in front of an unusal set up, just for the fun of exploring or for roleplay.
In her landmark description Hera (zee9) also refers to some other films like Altered Carbon (a Netflix television series) and Immortal (2004). According to her 2019-XS is “Cyberpunk for real”.
Cyberpunk? Again something I had to look up:
“Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a futuristic setting that tends to focus on a combination of lowlife and high tech featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order” (from wikipedia)

Impressions of 2019 (5) – Holo-Girls massage / Allege Cats Jazz Club

I’m not a sci-fi fan, nor do I really know a lot about it, but 2019-XS was really fun to explore, the research for this blog post was instructive and I saw once again another new corner of Second Life. Thank you, Hera (zee9) for creating and sharing your sim (you passion). I hope it will attract many people and also roleplayers.

Landmark to 2019-XS
Wikipedia about Blade Runner
Wikipedia about Cyberpunk


Simploring 2019 (5) Missing Melody

For my last simploring tour in 2018 on New Year’s Eve afternoon I picked Missing Melody from SL Destinations. There have been already several publications about this sim on various blogs. It seems to change with the season and is all winterly now. Missing Melody is a homestead, rated moderate. It is owned and created by Bambi (norahbrent).

Missing Melody Overview

Bambi writes about her sim in the landmark’s description:
Missing Melody. Chime to an old winter song. A white blanket of snow is wrapping Missing Melody in a quiet soothing and soft cool silk. A collaboration of best friends coming together to create something new. Enjoy! xx

I looked up Bambi (norahbrent)’s profile and there Bambi wrote why she named her sim Missing Melody:
What is a Missing Melody? It’s that song in your head that you can’t get out but not sure how it really goes. It’s that temptation you want to have in your life so you can fight to resist. It’s that place in your heart that is always waiting to be filled. It’s that little wicked smile when a naughty thought crosses your mind.

Impressions of Missing Melody (1) – Landing point and Fountain island

Missing Melody is another lovely sim decorcated for the season and there’s a lot to explore and discover. Missing Melody also provides spots to sit and enjoy as well as some fun activities. I went from the Landing point along the road over the big covered bridge to the fountain. Along the way is a board where you can rezz a sleigh. It works, yet a hill is missing :-). At the end of the covered bridge are snowballs that you can use for a snowball fight. Returning from the fountain I had a look at the old railroad engine which is just a museum object, but somehow these engines have something intriguing, don’t they?

Impressions of Missing Melody (2) – Grasslands with sheep/ Old Railroad engine / Farm

I explored the farm with the paddock and went over the smaller covered bridge to the ice skating and to the Christmas gazebo. At the ice skating is a board where you can get skaters. I really liked the Christmas gazebo with it’s Christmas tree. It provides some lovely animations even for one person alone. You should try it out.

Impressions of Missing Melody (3) – Ice skating and Christmas tree gazebo

Then I went to the ruins. This might be the rests of a bigger church. At the place you’d expect the altar is a piano. Some ice sculptures are rezzed to decorate the place with is a great spot to dance. Some birds like this place, hence you can also watch them.

Impressions of Missing Melody (4) – The ruins

Following the shore I came to Santa’s house. A lot of small animals have found home here in the snow and a deer is searching grass in front of the house. The chimney is smoking and the snow on the roof is about to slide down due to the warmth. Behind the house is a nice scene with 2 penguins and a dog. You can even lay down into the snow to watch the three – cute!

Impressions of Missing Melody (5) – at Santa’s house

On my way returning to the landingpoint I found a desperate Santa who had just had a crash with his sleigh. The deers were running around confused. What a scene! What a wide smile it conjured on my face! Next to the landing point is another house which is used as an atelier.

Impressions of Missing Melody (6) – Santa with his crashed sleigh / Atelier

Missing Melody is a very picturesque sim offering a lot for photgraphers like me. It also offers a lot of fun and it is a place to dream about, peaceful and romantic, a place you wanna be, idyllic world. And when I can’t get a melody out of my head, I might remember this place. Just lovely. I did enjoy my visit a lot.
Thank you Bambi (norahbrent) for providing your place with the public.

Landmark to Missing Melody

Simploring 2019 (4) Mesmeric Cove

For my simploring tour on Saturday, December 29th, 2018, I selected Mersmeric Cove from SL Destinations as the pictures looked great. The landmark description sounded tempting as well: “Mesmeric Cove is an idyllic seaonsonal rp community sim with picturesque views,vacation & rental homes, honeymoon, restaurant,hangout, scholars hall, ballet theatre & more”

Mesmeric Cove – overview

Mesmeric Cove is a full moderate sim, it’s group owned by the group “Mesmeric” and the group itself is owned by a bot. Arriving at Mermeric Cove is an experience in itself. You get greeted nicely when you arrive at the landing point, which is at the train station:
-Mesmeric-: As you step off the train, a rush off warm steam brushes your face. You make out the faint shadows and glows of light of what looks like a quiet town, or is it? Your curiosity impels you too travel deeper. Can you unlock the history of Mesmeric Cove
The first views caused a “wow” for me. The scenery is just lovely and beautiful, the houses look cosy, the sounds do fit, it is lightly snowing. Accordingto the season there’s a Christmas tree in the center of the court. In the background you see a gondola lift leading up to a high mountain.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (1)

I began exploring and it was fun. I took the lift and went up to the mountain. On the top is a nice restaurant and a little bit below of it is a sauna, perfectly arranged as Winter sauna.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (2)

Where ever you turn your view you get leovely views and I took a lot of pictures. The town is built with great love for detail and I had fun exploring it, seeing the covered bridge that leads over a river, seeing the waterfall and the railrod, seeing some deers and the sleigh rides. Some of the houses were decorated for the season, some are small, some are huge villas. At the coast is a lighthouse, a promenade and a hot-air balloon. Unforuantely the balloon didn’t work for me, maybe because I didn’t join the group. The two bigger buildings in the town are a school and a theatre.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (3)

Mesmeric Cove is an outstanding well and thoughtfully created sim and I wanted to know more about it. The sim is owned and was created by Yosh Shi Juan (macximuss zsun) and ḋυсќïε ρøρṡ Juan (candyharlequin), a couple from the US and Europe. They love too deco and just wanted to create someting old timey feel that can change through the seasons.
There are residential homes available and some, vacation homes that are pre decorated. The sim can be used for roleplay or just to enjoy the environment. They are still building out sorority and fraternity type builds, for teen hang outs. That explains the two big buildings, the school and the theatre. Yosh and duckie finance it by their own and by the rentals and donations. The sim is changing with the seasons, which is a good reason to return for me!

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (4)

For what reason ever you visit Mesmeric Cove, be it to rent a vacation home, be it for roleplay or be it for taking pictures – it’s worth a vist. I’m already curios to see it in Spring. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you Yosh and duckie for sharing your sim.

Landmark to Mesmeric Cove

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