Dio’s 6th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2014

Today I’ll turn 6 years old in Second Life. It has been a year of slow changes, no dramatic changes yet my Second Life developed.

What could I do in here?

What could I do in here?

Let’s begin with our home in SL. We still have our homestead, no movement this year and we like the stability and the base our home provides to us and the family and friends. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. It’s great to have them close.
Inspired by visits to other sims we remodelled our part of Mount Everest. We added grass, flowers, trees and some pathways. We created a new lounge with a pergola. “It” (Queen.Takacs) had some technical problems and her world became literally pink. It almost destroyed her fun coming to SL. She could solve the problem luckily after a while and we built a new pit close to the new lounge for her and locked her down there. Now she has a lot of time to recover from this hard time and maybe she catches a view on our feet sometimes. We built a new dungeon and tore down the Strict Ballet Acedemy, we removed the guest house and added some more cells to “The Keep”. Furtheron we changed the Beach Disco. The weekly Friday night parties are a fix part of our SL (as well as of our RL of course). We do have a great time there and Virgo provides great music for us and she adjusts the program according to the theme. We first thought we have to built and create it newly from the scratch but then we found a great ready built outdoor disco and modified it so that it fits to us.
Over all our island lost its desert character and became greener. It’s not the beautiful landscape that some have created in SL but it is ours and we did it at a resonable prim count. In addition Sarah did a remodelling of her island too. It has become a flowerful oasis and provides places just to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. We use the patio behind her house facing the lake quite regularly for our bondage sessions.

We celebrated several anniversaries last year. Jenny and I had our 5th wedding anniversary, something really rare in SL and even for RL it is not a given. I really feel blessed. And also our brats and closer friends could celebrate anniversaries. Regarding our collared brats “It” , Delilah (Delilah.Ormidale), Danii (Danii. Szydlowska) and Angelique (Angelique.Teskat) nothing has changed but they all had celebrated another year wearing our collar. Thank you all for your devotion and dedication to us. There’s enough to read in this blog about them, no need to repeat it here.
Dana (Dana.Drezelan) had her 3rd collaring day on December 18th. Again she explored something new last year and became a cow at DZone. Another experience she made, she was milked all day and Kitty enjoyed getting her fresh coffee cream every day. Dana gave birth to a calf at DZone and then was released there. We sold Dana to Claven (Claven.Albatros) now just the day after her 3rd collaring anniversary as our island would be too small for a herd of stock.
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) was naughty watching ponies for a while last year. She freed Hu-mares at SnR (Stones and Rubber) just for fun and loitered around in the according sims like FFF (Frilly Filly Farm). And thus she made friends over there and got drawn into the scene more and more. And although Kitty fought the thought of becoming a pony in SL ever and insisted that she went there just to watch, the unexpected happened and she became a pony. She got the best gear available and two friends who train her – Betty (bettylatexlover.resident) and Merjeni (merjeni.resident). Good luck, pony Kitty, win many prizes for us!
We released subtittia (Mistress.Cuttita) who had not much time to spend on SL due to her RL and is now exploring on her own again where to turn her SL to, when she finds the time for SL. Tittia is still close and always welcome to us of course.
We collared Flo (florence.riddler) and Fae (Fae.Howlett) on November 29th, 2013.
Fae is my former subsister and now the 2nd niece who we adopted. She was our sub when she and I were both owned by Yasmin. She had longer phases of absence to SL and returned now. We provide her the stability of a family, the base from where she can start her journeys and of course we keep her in bondage and gagged every once in a while.
Flo, our little doctor slave was first our kidnapee but then we kept her and the Stockholm syndrome did the rest. We enslaved her. With such a large family it’s good to have a doctor close and for us alone.
Welcome to the family Flo and Fae.

For me family is not limited to our collared brats. The family is more. We have some very close friends that are also sort of family for us. Beside our neighbours Tyra, Virgo and Sarah I want to mention Argi (Argi.Boa) here. Argi has been with us all over my last year in SL, still uncollared but nonetheless part of us now. Arka (Arkahelle.Janus) spent a lot of her time with Danii making one of her wishes come true, and recently Nirvana (Nirvana.Elan) appears more and more and fits in well,  Thank you for being with us. And I want to mention Claven who is a friend of mine since my first days in SL. She’s an unfailing source of ideas, a good dominant adviser and just a wonderful friend. Thank you, Claven.

Over the last year I tried to keep our blog alive and I wrote a lot about the things we do. We started the “Enjoying Bondage” series with one picture per month. The series gives reason to at least one bondage night or one particular bondage or anything related to that once a month. For me the blog has become a memory book where I read myself sometimes and smile about myself or about the good time I had and have. I lost mostly all contact to the old crowd of Yasmin but the memories are kept alive and every once in a while I stumble over things that remind me about this time of my SL or I meet someone (or a reborn avatar) of our old greater family. SL still keeps somethings to explore every day be it new people who I meet or be it new sims to discover.
I met Rona (ronapotter.resident) at “The Secret House”, a club we often stay just to chill a bit. Rona made some nice picture collages for us and she inspired me to create something myself. And I finally began to uplaod pictures to deviantArt.  So instead of the yearly portrait of myself to document how I changed my appearance in SL for this anniversary I made something different that not only shows how I look but also covers my relation to Jenny (laylady.lay).

20140122 Projekt 9D

As mentioned above we celebrated our 5th wedding day last year. We are collared to eachother and we switch back and forth. During the last year Jenny got more and more familiar in her role as my owner. And I can tell that she keeps me on my toes and she knows how to tease me. Nonetheless she still has her place at my feet too. We have a very rare D/s relation where we both can enjoy both sides of the leash. I personally think that we keep up the desire for eachother also by trying to develop something new for eachother with every session we have. We also developed rituals that are now part of my everyday life. We’re connected in many ways. Thank you Jenny, my world, slave, wife and owner for everything you do for me and for the family!

Diomita's  and Jenny's Gallery

Diomita’s and Jenny’s Gallery

Dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 6th year in Second Life. Many thanks!

Expect the unexpected

During the holidays we had two really unexpected changes. To stay in chronological order the first unexpected change happened to Dana, who has been sold by us to our close friend Claven. Slavery involves being a marketable good and as such you never know. Thus Dana and her wife JennAnn (JenAnn.Dubrovna) have different owners for years now and both have been put in different stages of slavery. I heard as rumor that JennAnn is somehow happy that Dana shares her destiny. We hope that Claven is content with her new property (which is worth two with regard to weight) because as it was a deal among friends as we had to grant her a sale or return. Here’s a picture of Dana with her new owner.

20140201 Claven and Dana
On a sidenote: We will not change Dana’s status as long as there is a right of return for Claven.

20131231 Pony Kitty and her trainer Betty (bettylatexlover)The other change that happened unexpectedly occured to our Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau). She was naughty watching ponies for a while now. She freed Hu-mares at SnR (Stones and Rubber) just for fun and loitered around in the according sims like FFF (Frilly Filly Farm). Consequently she made friends over there and got drawn into the scene more and more. And although Kitty fought the thought of becoming a pony in SL ever and insisted that she went there just to watch, the unexpected happened. Let me quote from the message that we got from Kitty:
“Hello Mistress, hello Miss Jenny… the unthinkable finally happened… Kitty is trying out pony life. Kitty has been talking for several weeks now with someone from Sweden called Betty (bettylatexlover.resident). Kitty mentioned her to you before. Well, with a bit of coercion Kitty decided to embark on a brief mission into the pony world. Sometimes, if you don’t understand something, even after observing it for so long, maybe you just have to give it a try. Since Kitty understands and respects your views on pony play Kitty wants to make sure that you understand that Kitty hasn’t gone mad… Betty and Kitty started exploring sims over the last two weeks and despite the language differences have been getting along very well. After Kitty shared the fun of being Kitty with Betty and the spark caught on (she changed her riding outfits to catwoman) Kitty noticed how mischievous she started becoming. Whether it was for the latter or the lack of good English, Betty decided that the best way to answer Kitty’s questions on ponies would be to try it out. That’s where we are now and so far and – admittedly – it’s been more fun than Kitty expected. More news to follow… Kitty”

Pony Kitty and her trainers Betty and Merjeni

Pony Kitty and her trainers Betty and Merjeni

To make a longer story short: Kitty has became a pony. I quote again: “… the events of the last nights were happening too fast for Kitty to fully process what actually happened. At the end of yesterday, Kitty was placed under tight restrictions and leashed in a stall. Betty had a lot of fun explaining to Kitty in much detail the next step of how that tail plug would have to be replaced with a larger one. Kitty was given a stack of straw to sleep on. RLV-straw… grrrh.. It traps Kitty for a predetermined  time (6h) to force rest. Now, that Kitty is staring at the stall door and the walls, reality is setting in, leaving Kitty to wonder which is the lesser evil of the two: The inevitable transformation and formation of Kitty to a pony or Kitty’s mind running wild with crazy thoughts about it all?”

Thank to Jenny, who got her the perfect right gear, she’s looking close to perfect now. She has two trainers the above mentioned Betty and Merjeni (Merjeni.resident). We know already that pony Kitty is quite good in the pony exericises but of course we expect nothing than a wall full of prizes and rewards she will bring home for Betty, Merjeni and for us. Whinnies, pony Kitty!