Is it really 6 years?


I joined SL on 19th March 2008 That seems like a long time to look back in numbers but feels like a it has been a lot shorter due to all the wonderful people I have met during this time.


My first interest in SL was to explore the bondage exploits and themes available in a safe environment where I could live out my fantasies and learn about things I never suspected existed. Very luckily for me I met somebody who fitted perfectly with me and the rest is history, However what I cannot say often enough is that Diomita has brought  a smile to face every day since I have known her . In fact the friends and family that we keep close to us help contribute to the great time that we share together.


This week we went to a wedding at Jades Wedding Venue where for personal reasons the service did not occur. The setting was beautiful as you can see and it reminded me of just how lucky I have been over the past six years. Over this time my Domme side has become very much stronger but I have not forgotten how lovely that sound of the final click is.

So thank you everyone and lets all keep enjoying our sexy Secret Life.


Jenny Maurer  (Laylady Lay)

And yes I would do it all again

You can’t be serious!!!

I saw Kitty on Wednesday this week and mentioned that it was almost her 4th collaring day. After the shock over the time subsided Kitty said something that most of us will relate to .

I asked Kitty how her collar felt after 4 years. Kitty said “what collar?…Oh you mean this badge of honour that I wear around my neck.” And that just about sums it all up.

Really, when you submit to somebody it can go either way, a good short time, or an even better life. Kitty is having the time of her life. I remember 4 years ago when a cocky and sure young man knelt and offered to serve us. Santana has been loyal to us ever since and even though we can’t always see him, he is either our contact with our American cousins or our roving reporter discovering new and exciting lands for us to explore.

He is always a source of humour and brings a smile to our SL often.
Happy four Years Santana / Kitty Maurer we love you very much.
Now bend over and take your spanks like a man.

Love fom Jenny and Mistress Diomita


Kitty Maurer

It is often said that a month in SL is like a year in RL. If that is the case then today is a new landmark for our slaveboy Santana as he reaches his 5th rez day.

Always loyal to Mistress Diomita and myself the transformation to Kitty has enabled Kitty to express a mischievous side full of fun that always bring a smile to our faces. In fact I was not sure about losing our slave boy to Kitty when Yar and Jill forced the change on her, but I have to admit that I will be sorry if Kitty changes back now.

When you know somebody for a long time in SL, it is always difficult to keep RL completely separated. As all families do we try to look after each other and Kitty has shown us her caring side too in the time that we have known her. We wish you all the very best for your OL and SL Kitty. Thank you for the smiles and love and we hope to own you for many years to come.

If you see Kitty give her 5 big spanks for her rez day.

love from Jen and Diomita


??? Marks the spot

To celebrate our one year at Mount Everest Diomita posted a map of our Island and where the camp fire used to be she placed ???. We had thought of asking our family for good ideas for the empty corner but SL and Rl commitments seem to be keeping us all busy. So last week we decided to do a bit of digging and low and behold we found that the Romans had visited our island before us and had used this area as a spa. With a bit of excavating and a bit of hard work we recovered what was left of the ruins and discovered that the Romans had left a lot of good ideas and different ways to use the spa and the surrounding stones.

Feel free to visit our new feature and delve into the many activities this relic has to offer.

Love from Jen xxxx


As Diomita wrote in her last blog we are celebrating 4 years since we met and today is 4 years since Mistress Diomita invited me to enter her double cage knowing that I would be there until she alone decided.

When we had met a few days earlier there was a charge in the air that was not like anything else I had ever felt. During the tour of Diomita’s home she had shown me the cage and I remember I had said something along the lines of do you want me to go inside it. Diomita replied that I would, but on my next visit.  I knew it would happen and I knew I could not resist.

Before I did enter the cage I had some loose ends to attend to. I was being pursued by somebody else and the time zones were wrong and there was also the feeling that I was not welcome by her partner. I asked Diomita if I might explain in person that I had made up my mind as I do like to do things properly.

So on 25th May 2008 I made the steps to enter the cage. I felt a wide mixture of emotions. I had not done anything like this before and yet I already felt there was trust between us. I knew I would be isolated from everyone I knew and would not be able to wander around enjoying the RP’s at Stonehaven and the banter that went on there. I did not know for how long I would be caged or what else to expect so there was some apprehension but most of all I felt that it was something I had to do, Destiny was controlling me as much as my head or my heart.

Over the 12 days that I was locked up I was kept locked and leashed at all times. Diomta came to visit me every day and we sat and talked and got to know each other very well. My ‘Trial’ would have been over a couple of days earlier but Diomita was obliged to introduce me to Goddess first for her approval. Now this was something that scared me more than the first step into the cage. I really was new to this kind of family hierarchy and Goddess was very comfortable in her role as head. my nerves were on edge and I was worried that I might say the wrong thing and end my chances to wear the collar that made me the property of Mistress Diomita. Needless to say I passed inspection and I met Yar Sam and Tyra for the first time that day too.

So for everybody who knows us in SL, and who follows us in this blog, This time brings back a lot of very special memories to us both. We still like to celebrate this time with some back to the future play, as it brings back the raw feelings that we experienced when we met. We have developed a lot and our roles have evolved over time yet our relationship is strong because of one very firm rule that we both insist on. Mistress Diomita will always own me first and I will always be her slave no matter how you see us or what we are doing at the time this will always be true.

I love you Mistress Diomita

4 years 19th March 2012

Has it been four years already?

I want to do something a little different for my 4th year since my rez day celebrations.

Anybody reading this blog regularly can predict what I would normally say so I will keep that short and later on.

What makes SL the place to spend a lot of our waking moments?

Of course you have to say the people and the escape from RL, but to make it work there has to be something that keeps it fresh, different and even new.

I have spoken before about how a lot of places have disappeared in the past and for a time it felt that SL was shrinking especially in the BDSM world. So it came as a big surprise when I found a gateway to new worlds. I found it with one of my hobbies which is looking through profiles. Some are very entertaining. An example of this is one person I came across just recently at Domme a Domme. Her avatar was 24 days old, she had no payment info and was a member of the group which costs to join. Her words in her profile? “ Stop asking me if I am an ALT”.,,,, If you don’t want to be asked then stop making it obvious. ( Smiles)

Anyway, I was looking through random picks and found a place I have not visited before. I didn’t expect much but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Here is the LM

There may be a landing point so I took a picture to help describe what you will find there.

Inside the store to my right is a shop. You will see glass doorways. If you are wearing a relay one of the doors will take you to a very good demonstration of how RLV works. There are some example traps on short timers and it will explain how RLV can make SL very exciting for those who like traps or transformations.

You will need an #RLV folder so if you need help with that then Marine Kelley describes it in her blog ( Marine is one of the main developers of RLV and her restraints are by far the best)

Once you are familiar with RLV, and wear a relay then to my left is garden that is filled with the same glass doors. They are gateways to many sims that use RLV to enhance the experience and for me a lot of new places to visit in the future.

But SL can be a lonely place on your own, especially with traps about. The life we live here is enhanced a 1,000 fold when you share it with good friends.

I have the best friend I could ever wish for in my Mistress, owner and partner Diomita. Together we have a varied collection of family and friends who we enjoy to the full and they make our life in SL very rich. They have helped to keep SL fresh and exciting as we can hardly plan the night ahead let alone the week.  However we have some things we would like to plan and one of those is a short SL break together on a personal adventure. If we are off map or not in contact then be assured it is something we have wished for, for a long time.

Before I finish this entry I have something else to share. I have finally found something that has given me a special power. The outfit I wear in the first picture is from XTC. I have found that when I wear it my hands suddenly become full with keys, (winks). So you may see me wearing it a lot, but not too much to wear it out.

Yes even after 4 years I still find SL has everything to keep me here for a long time to come.

Love to you all

Jenny Maurer.



The start to 2012 has been a very busy time for us all and we have a lot of things about to happen and more news to share very soon. However we often have quiet moments when we sit down and talk about our lives in SL. This involves looking forward and planning ahead, and also reflecting back on the good times we have had.

Whenever we look back we always think about our friends and family that we have not seen for a while. Often we have been forewarned about a RL break and we understand as RL always comes first. It is one of our steadfast rules. It is the longer breaks and disappearances without warning that concern us most. We do care about our family and friends and we would hate to think that someone we love has problems that we do not know about.

So for all our friends from the past that follow our blog please keep in touch with a short comment. SL has enriched our lives because of the friends we have made from all walks of life all over the world.

We both look forwards to many new and exciting adventures with our family and friends in SL .

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