Dio’s 5th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2013

Incredible – I’m 5 years in Second Life! It has become sort of a tradition that I write an anniversary entry to look back and forward. And as always when I begin thinking about what happened during this last year in SL my first thought is that nothing has changed, my second thought is “ok….there have been some changes” and in the end I don’t know where to begin and end this anniversary entry as I notice that so much has happened.

On the first glance nothing has changed in the 5th year. We had the luck that we had not to move again and still live on our “Mount Everst”-Island. The Eurobrats as a family are still there and didn’t change that much. In my 5th year, we collared Angelique Teskat on Feb 21st, 2012. Angel is in several ways still our youngest. She became niece to Jenny and me. As good aunts we care for her living and support her education and we got a lot of love in return. Also in 2012 we released vanessa, who didn’t find the time to attend SL family life. We wish that she’s happy and healthy and that she returns one day. We also released tittia, who had some RL issues to tend to and restarted her SL slowly in autumn without any obligations. Just 2 weeks ago tittia returned to us after several experiences in SL. We locked the collar around her neck again and enslaved her. We took all control and will form her into a perfect slave, toy and servant for us. And we took her back officially – now as our slave “subtittia Maurer”. The Strict Ballet academy however, that is still at Mount Everest, has been closed at least temporarily as we don’t have enough instructors. And in addition we definitively need a larger dungeon *grins.

During the 5th year of “Dio in SL” Danii became a rubber hu-Mare, a very extreme experience for her that she nonetheless did also enjoy. Consequently we had some ponyplay and cart rides.  Dana also was a hu-Mare even before Danii. She wanted to experience SL in another skin in order to get new momentum into her SL. Dana is now a black slave and enjoys her new role and appearance. I feel blessed that Dana and I could celebrate our 2nd anniversary – a special anniversary if you consider that we live in different timezones and do not see eachother that often. Kitty is still Kitty, now sending signs of life when he’s not online for some time and always seeking relaxed fun when he is with us. Thank you, boy:-). I also shared the fun of hunting for the SLBI (Second Life Bureau of Investigation) for several weeks and I intend doing that again. I remember Delilah who had fun blaming me for drinking during the hours. That was a great roleplay and fun.  And Maurer’s It, qt? Still leashed and still nagging about her fate. Yes, I know you will run as fast and as soon as you can, qt. Don’t think we would leave you unattended or unleashed.

Also in 2012 we became closer to our dear neighbour, Sarah Fhang. Sarah makes great pictures from SL and has her own art gallery online. And more important – Sarah loves bondage and restraints and gags. No surprise that we were her victims every once in a while when she was up for it – or that we enjoyed the fun of decorating her patio with several eye-candies. Appropos bondage and restraints: Thanks to the creativity of people in SL we got new toys, ropes, animations, bondage and suspensions racks that added a lot to keep the variety of play and did help enjoying our nights here. Fridays are still a regular fun. We have our party at the beach disco club. Thank you Virgo for the great music and for the reliability spinning the discs every Friday for us. We have so much fun chatting and dancing and listening to good music! And for several months now we get new stuff to read provided by Tyra every Friday night who had this great idea of making interviews and publishing on her blog. And she’s continuing her interview series.

Something very personal also happened. The collar around my neck has been locked again. Locked by my slave, wife and now also owner, Jenny. I do feel arrived now in her collar and we enjoy being owned by eachother. Jenny still holds up the illusion for me that I’d be charge and I am thankful for that. I am thankful as well that I can let go and be not in charge at all when I have a “green light” at her feet. Over the years Jenny became the family head at my side and we would not have the strong family ties within the Eurobrats without her. Thank you, Mrs. Jenny Maurer. She and I are going to be 5 years together very soon. Even in real life that is an amazing lifespan that we lived together in our free time. It is full of memories that we take into our everyday life. Thank you so much, Jenny!

I met new people in my 5th year and learned from them as well as had a lot of fun with them. There is Argi Boa who lives with us with us after I caught her in a roleplay at DaD in November 2012. We had and have really a good time and she fits well to us. Another new closer friend, Zara Latour, is also someone I met at DaD. Again in a roleplay we both were watching a woman fumbling with a gun and it was quite dangerous (of course just in roleplay). Protecting Zara I took her to our home and introduced her to the family. Well I admit I restricted her a bit. She might join us eventually if our online times will fit better some day (they don’t as of right now). And then there is Kim Carson. We had a great kidnapping roleplay with Kim. Jenny and I enjoyed it very much. We finally had our vacation within SL embedded in a roleplay and Kim surprised us really. Thank you Kim for the great time we had together. There was a detailed report in this blog earlier.

Five years and tons of memories and some of them are revealed sometimes in a nice way. Yasmin rebuilt parts of good old Stonehaven in her homesim. Walking through the castle or sitting on the patio with these extraordinary colorful tiles brought back nice memories and conjured a big smile on my face. Thank you for this idea, Yas.
It became a good tradition that I document my style, my avatar here in the blog. So here am I how I look turning 5 years old in SL.

20130112 Dio in central park

Dear Jenny, dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 5th year in Second Life. Many thanks!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tittia
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 20:00:50

    Happy rezzday Mistress. I do hope to be everlasted locked on your leash.


  2. jennymaurer
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 23:48:01

    Happy 5 years in SL. I would not be here if I had not met you and there are many people who enjoy SL all the more for knowing you . May you have many more years of fun and friendship and most of all love.
    Jen xoxoxoxoxox


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