Dear Diary follow – up

We got some news this weekend. I wrote that Daeneriis (danii.szydlowska) had to reduce her online time due to rl. That’s true. But in addition to that something else took her attention and causes her to take a break in SL. You’ll find more about it in her blog the url is in the link section). We also will read more about her new passion there. And she promised to keep in touch. Enjoy cutie! We will miss you and look forward seeing you again. And as I said to you, I won’t release your restrictions, you will find yourself nicely bound and controlled whenever you visit or come back. We love you.

Kitty (santana.thibedeau) just sent a detailed update which i share here for our diary:
“Dear Mistress Diomita, thank you for the wonderful update on your blog. It is a delight to hear from all of you. And you are right about Kitty being gone too long. Kitty echoes your feeling and wishes nothing more than to spend some quality time with you and with Miss Jenny. Even though Kitty seeks out others to have fun, with every passing week it is getting more lonely out here because Kitty is missing you and Miss Jenny lots. Last week, Miss Jenny met Kitty and it was wonderful!! Not to mention the uplift it gave to Kitty’s spirit. 🙂 Thank you so much, Miss Jenny!
RL remains difficult and requires a strong mind and body to sustain. Being able to see this through without taking permanent damage to physical, psychological, and economic well-being is the overarching goal. As such, SL has a mitigating effect to keep Kitty sane.
Kitty goes to visit Dana (aka Cow_Slut_6868 now) whenever possible. However, she’s often afk or asleep or probably just being cow… *grins*. Over the last weeks, Kitty’s friendship to a mutual acquaintance of Jill Freenote has grown. Her name is MerJeni and she was desiring to become a Class IV mare at sNr. Kitty helped get her there. However, as things go, there were issues with her owner, lack of new owners, a new love in her life (another pony in the same stall as she), etc. and to make a long story short, after several weeks, she was freed. Kitty has been trying to be helpful along the way and in the process, Kitty has developed new friendships of those who are frequenting sNr. For reasons Kitty can’t explain, there is a tendency and natural desire by some to turn Kitty into a pony (you might recall that in the past, some folks even put money on Kitty’s head to get their wish). So far, this has never sat well with Kitty, in part because even to this day, Kitty has very limited knowledge of what all this pony play stuff is about.
As the friendships are evolving and trust builds, the conversations are giving Kitty some interesting insights and observations on those who decide to live out their kink with hooves. Some people are just  wonderful. Kitty met such a person over the last weeks. Her name is Maja. After some talk about looks, outfits, etc. Maja decided to give Kitty a lot of outfits that she no longer needed. Kitty was floored and still is trying to find a good way to show her appreciation. As for former Yasmin clan members, they are making themselves more and more rare. Jill Ormstein is around here and there and Tasha as well but there is little interaction. Kitty sees them mostly idling or stuffed away somewhere in tight bondage.
Well – that would be the news if there is any. Kitty hopes to see you sometime soon and sends you both big warm fuzzy hugs and kisses meant to keep you happy and healthy until we meet again. Kissss! :-)) your Kitty”

And dr. slave, aka. Flo, aka. Florence Riddler? She’s still with us, yet her restrictions have been screwed tighter. Here is what she wrote herself in the loneliness inside her hood:
“Denial is torture   not only that I’m trapped on a land I even don’t know the name, hard to hear from Miss Diomita that the police officers who had been called by her niece have been frinds of Miss Diomita and believed her she would announce when Dr. Flo would appear….. that was a real lie! more than 7 weeks now I’m far from my profession – be tied in different ways and without any hope of a quick release. Hours … no days I spent to think about the psychological part of my treatment. and more and more or day by day I come closer to the circumstance to …… accept my fate. my fate to become a play toy for the eurobrat family.
It’s 4 weeks since i got teased until I had a breathtaking orgasm. tree weeks since last teasing …… my temple is covered by hard steel and is burning like the fire of a vulcano I can’t give up myself – to become their slave!! and the other side…… the hope that they would be kind to me…. give me their love – sometimes I am close to think that it might become true. but price would be that high …… they force me… torture me with denial until i am cooked like a turkey … and beg for what I can’t think I would ever like…. those panties…. worn panties…. with the scent of Deli … that musk perfume… and be forced to taste in my mouth my paradise is crying for……. some care… some touch …. and they won’t give me relieve —- until….. by now I can stay calm as they put a hood on my head – isolating all my communication, make me deaf and gagged that way I’m forced to think about myself… my future and ….. my fate – what will be the day after I did beg for those panties – would they let me free?”

No post without a picture. Today’s pictures are as the post is titeled diary pictures, just snapshots I made this weekend: One when we met Paige and one when we had some fun using our brat slave subtittia.

At home: Jenny, Dio and Paige

At home: Jenny, Dio and Paige

Dio using tittia, Jenny and Flo watching

Dio using tittia, Jenny and Flo watching

Dear Diary

Summer vacations are over and things turn back to normal for us.  There is no single project going on but we don’t get bored at all. Jenny and I are switching back and forth and we enjoy both roles. We tend to spent more time at the Secret House now instead of Domme a Domme. Both clubs are mostly “Stand&Model”, some call it SM and translate it in a different way *grins*, yet the crowd at the Secret House is a bit different. As opposed to Domme a Domme the Secret House is a club for women only and the general theme is old and young lesbian. Although not everything is about this theme it offers the opportunity for some roleplay, we have met some very nice people there.

Our family and friends are doing well as far as we know.
Kitty (santana.thibedeau) is busy in RL and as our timezones don’t fit at all, we do see Kitty way to rare, but we stay in contact and it is always nice seeing her. In addition Kitty keeps us in touch with our former dissolved family of Yasmin Heartsdale. We appreciate to hear what’s going on with our sisters there. Kitty also spends some time with Dana teasing her and the other cows.

Dana (dana.drezelan) is our cow now and provides milk for those of us who love milk in their coffee or like drinking milk. As far as we can judge she is enjoying her transformation adventure. She has recently been enjoying the company of a certain She Bull and we can see this as she produces more milk now than ever before.

Qt (queen.takacs) wasn’t online a lot as always during summer. She keeps in touch and and is still bound and leashed at home – our poor victim for close to 3 years soon. In the short time she has been with us she failed yet again to warn Flo and Nat to run away.

subtittia (mistress.cuttita)  is the only brat missing. She had some rl issues, lost contact and reappeared. We released her so that she could seek new adventures, then re-collared her. Then she went off again with no sign of life 5 months ago. Besides a short hello we have no idea what is going on with her. Hopefully she’s doing well. Subtittia has only just come back to SL and we will let her have some time to catch up with everything before we rush her into another play.

Delilah (delilah.ormidale) had some busier weeks in rl. She is more and more becoming our concubine, serving her mistresses. We accompany her on her way into deep and profound submission to us. Thank you, Delilah. When online you will find her mostly around us. She is now programmed to feel sexually aroused when we tell her that she pleased us and she does so all of the time. Good girl, Delilah.

For Angelique (angelique.teskat), our niece, we’re still looking for a nice institution to continue her education. And she herself is also persistently looking for the right school (and roleplay). Her tag “Maurer’s Nichte” is really fitting in the meanwhile. She’s a brat, our genes. She can easily blow off yet she’s such a beautiful young lady at the same time. And, I admit, she’s very obedient if we’re treating her strictly and consequently. She still brings a big smile to our faces with her feigned insolence and brattiness.

Daeneriis (danii.szydlowska) had to reduce her online time due to rl. It fits to her kinks that she’s our bondage toy now. She’s restricted and we gave spare keys to some of the family, so that more can tease her and enjoy a bound sub at their feet.

In addition there’s Dr. Flo (florence.riddler), our bound personal doctor who is getting deeper and deeper into troubles and is happy that we protect her so that there’s a minimal chance left for her to return to her hospital. Some day soon she will be as helplessly bound as QT and we fear her fate is exactly the same.

And there’s our maid slave Natalia (natalia.bressig) who keeps our home dust free. She is willing to do anything to please us and is never a bother.

Finally  to complete the entry  I don’t want to miss mentioning Argi (argi.boa) who helps us “subsitting” and who is a beloved family member. Her collaring is just a matter of time. Well to be fair, she is already a member of our family and she is a Brat without it. She makes all of the family feel at ease with her laid back nature and friendly manner.

So autumn and winter can come. No entry without pictures. Here are some teasers for all of you and for our diary.

Dio and Jenny at the Garden of Venus

Dio and Jenny at the Garden of Venus

Cow Slut 6868 being used

Dio and Argi with subtittia

Dio and Argi with subtittia


We enjoyed the “Back to the future” – party last Friday a lot. We had fun not only with the old songs (Thank you Virgo for the music!) but also with old pictures from Stonehaven that were displayed on a slideshow. And last but not least, it was fun to see our friends in their old clothes and/or skins. The idea for this party was born when Jenny and I discussed what to do on the occasion on her 5 year anniversary meeting eachother.
20130524 Back to the future party_002

Delilah MaurerThere is another anniversary today. Our Delilah turns four years old! Congratualtions, Delilah and thank your for being ours 🙂 If you see her inworld, don’t miss delivering some rezz-day spanks.

20110505 tittia portraitAnd tomorrow, May 28th, will be subtittia’s (mistress.cuttita) 2nd collaring anniversary. She has been tied up in RL again lately but we hope to see her soon again. Congratulations, tittia!

We’re happy for any proposals for another Firday night party on the occasion for Deli’s and tittia’s anniversaries.

Love from Dio & Jen