October 24th

Diomita & Jenny Maurer married 7 years Oct 24th, 2015

Diomita & Jenny Maurer married 7 years Oct 24th, 2015


Today marks our 7(!)th wedding anniversary. It’s really not easy to come up with something new in this blog on this occasion. Last year I put up snippets from what I wrote the years before and you could follow how we developed. And the change in our relation is ongoing and we continue to enjoy the journey together. Jenny loves this comparison to a journey. The idea with the snippets was not bad and I decided to make something comparable but still very different for this year: A journey in pictures through our 7 years as a couple, that shows not only how our appearance changed even in Second Life but also how our relation developed to what it is today. And I found the right music for it – Ed Sheeran “Photograph”. So here it is… our anniversary video “October 24th”

Thank you, Jenny. I do look forward to whatever the future keeps for us on our journey.
Love from Diomita

Dear Diary

It’s time for another diary post about what’s going on with the Eurobrats besides the collaring of sklavin (gebby.resident) last week.
There’s still the new maid Sophie (justacow) who had been rarely online latest. But she showed up again yesterday and cleaned the house. Thus she helped slave Flo at least a bit as slave Flo has to do at least the dusting as long as we have no regular maid. We will see if the maid can serve more often.

Dio and maid sophie

Dio and maid Sophie

Then there’s also our “housewife” karen (karen.emms), the “toy”, who we kidnapped weeks ago. We decided to demand a ransom for her – and will either take the money or keep her. That might take a bit time though, so we will have to see what will happen. We’re going to publish the diary of toy that we found in her room (I know some would call it a cell).
(Remark: We will have to wait if RL and timezone issues can be resolved)

Toy aka Karen, the housewife (karen.emms)

Toy aka Karen, the housewife (karen.emms)

Last week we began to change our homeplace Mount Everst. We’re planning just moderate changes. So far we moved our dungeon from a skybox to an hidden cave on our island. We plan to have all family activities on our island itself and to have the skyboxes just as a retreat for Jenny and me. That kept us busy during the last week and will take several additional weeks as we don’t want to rush and want to have enough time left for playing and for ourselfs. When we’re done, there will be a post and some pictures.
When we were not building last week we relaxed in the clubs. One night slave Flo was a bit bigheaded again which provided a nice reason to discipline her with a tight hood and a chastity belt. We decided that slaves should show solidarity and thus sklavin was also hooded. Don’t they look just perfect like this?

Jenny and Dio with slave Flo and sklavin at the club "The Secret House"

Jenny and Dio with slave Flo and sklavin at the club “The Secret House”

Well, that’s it for right now…..

Dear Diary

After celebrating our 7 years together for a couple of weeks we returned to our “everyday life” in Second Life. And of course we had fun.

20150614 Kitty green gecko_004There was this Sunday (June 14th, 2015) when I found Kitty (Santana.thibedeau)  tied up at MzT’s sim transformed into a green gecko. It really was fun teasing her! I tried to wash the green colour off her Skin but that didn’t work. Even scrubbing didn’t help. Well a gecko is something really new to keep as a sub, isn’t it?

June, 14th: Dio trying to wash off the green from our gecko Kitty

June, 14th: Dio trying to wash off the green from our gecko Kitty

Twin Tours

Twin Tours

Still on that very same day, we grabbed one of the promo Latex suits at Latex Station and went on “Twin Tours”. It was fun to run around in the same outfit which looked great on both of us. And when Kitty showed up again, we used all of our magic power and transformed her back into our Kitty.  It was quite obvious to get her the same outfit and we did. The result was this particular photo shot “Maurers”


Maurers: Dio, Kitty, Jenny

Jenny and I also went hunting again in order to get some help and relief for our slave Flo. With Kitty being busy in her OL (Other Life) and in a bad timezone, Angelique still busy in her RL (but slowly getting a bit more time for SL again), and qt and Rona having left SL, all of our teasing, meaningness and sometimes sadism is either to be satisfied among Jenny and me or is turning to slave Flo. And she has all the cleaning in the house with no help from another slave.
As it is easy to grab and claim slaves, you rarely find real individuals. It’s either their timezone not fitting or they are simply running away when they notice that we’re possessive and are going to enslave longterm and not just for a night. We strongly believe that for a D/s relation you don’t need just restraints and restrictions but also trust and obedience and dedication for the life as a slave. And it needs time to get known to eachother and of course it is also kind of hard work for the slave as we tend not to allow topping from the buttom. To make a long story short, we had some disppointments but we’re going on hunting :-). So don’t be surprised seeing new faces and new slaves being locked and leashed at home. I’m sure we’ll find good help for slave Flo.

June 16th: Diomita and Jenny Relaxing at Salt Water

June 16th: Diomita and Jenny Relaxing at Salt Water

When not hunting Jenny and I are teasing eachother and Jenny recovered from our celebration weeks. So we switched back and forth but I had a Little advantage as I’m still in a quite dommish mood. I even extended the celebration weeks and took Jenny to a fetish clothes shop where I got a nice transparent plastic outfit for her. It reveals a lot more than it hides and is more a “little nothing”, but it looks really great. And I made some nice pictures of her in this little nothing. Oh …. well .. I had fun with my property later this night *winks*

June 21st: Diomita and Ehesklavin at MD Dungeon

June 21st: Diomita and Ehesklavin at MD Dungeon

That’s it so far as an update for the diary. Let’s see if there’s anything to report and to keep for our diary from our hunting efforts soon….

Enjoying Bondage May 2015: Diomita’s and Jenny’s tied-up fun

I had fun exploring SL tied up (see last Enjoying bondage post of April). So why not getting even more fun doing it together with Jenny? Right now she’s the one in control of us two. Well, she would deny that and say that she’s always in control. Anyway, I’m allowed to take her keys and I did take them all of a sudden and made sure that she can’t touch. Then I tied myself and I can tell that Jenny was a bit surprised about what I had in mind. First I took her to RLV Bondage playground “The Lovers” and we simply stood close to the landing point.

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at RLV Bondage playground "The Lovers"

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at RLV Bondage playground “The Lovers”

Don’t we make a nice tied-up couple? There was not that much traffic so I leashed Jenny and took her down to the dungeon and there were a few people playing down there. As we were gagged our hello must have sound more like moans or like asking for help. One woman tried to help, but the padlocks were locked safely. Or did she try to take advantage of us? Anyway, I took some nice pictures ….

20150511 Dio&Jen enjoying bondage_005

20150511 Dio&Jen enjoying bondage_006

Then we went to “Grannus”, another bondage playground. We happened to find a domme playing with her subs,  who she displayed there at a rack. Funny, they didn’t feel disturbed by us. We stood in front of the rack just watching the scene. Then Argi sent an instant message to say hello and we asked her to help us out, to rescue us and after a while she finally agreed. Of course she didn’t know what she had to expect and was surprised to see us both tied up and gagged and the poor subs hanging tied up behind us. She didn’t tell us directly but I suspect that she’d love to swap with us and was secretly envious.

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at "Grannus"

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at “Grannus”

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at "Grannus" - Argi entering the scene

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at “Grannus” – Argi entering the Scene

To complete the chaos and confusion I teleported slave Flo into the scene. Flo got a humiliation board the night before and had it still locked around her neck. I won’t go into details, but slave Flo was a bit rebellious and went on strike the day before and hence her bondage hood and the humiliation board. She might need a few days of “motivation” more to restart doing her chores. And poor slave Flo was totally confused about what she saw. I changed the text on the board and we had really fun watching (we still could just moan into our gags).

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at "Grannus" - slave Flo entering the scene to complete the confusion

Dio&Jen enjoying bondage at “Grannus” – slave Flo entering the scene to complete the confusion

So that was really fun and a different way to enjoy bondage.

Enjoying Bondage April 2015: Dio’s tied-up simploring tour

April is close to be over and there has been no enjoying bondage night so far, at least none I wrote and published about. As Jenny is away this weekend it has been particular quiet and thus I decided to do something different this Sunday morning. I put on a new full latex catsuit from Graves, my leather harness and cuffs from the Real Restraint vixen set, added my tapegag and went to places, where I should find other tied-up people or bondage models. Oh, and I was careful and ensured having the keys myself. My first stop was at the RLV Bondage playground “The Lovers”. What a shame, it was very quiet. I just found one model for a picture and of course I made this one picture there.

Diomita in selfbondage at RLV playground

Diomita in selfbondage at RLV playground “The Lovers” with anonymous tied-up model

My next stop was Adara’s silent bondage island. If you go there, make sure that you’re gagged. Well I was gagged, so I complied to the rules. And I found at least one model. She was blindfolded and it took my a while to grab her and to place her for a picture as communication was a bit hard *winks*

Diomita in selfbondage at silent bondage island with anonymous tied-up model

Diomita in selfbondage at silent bondage island with anonymous tied-up model

After this visit I went home,  changed into something less revealing and returned to the island. In the meanwhile Kitty awoke. She was at home all morning long but had fallen asleep. She awoke just in time to take another nice picture at silent bondage island. Don’t you think that Kitty, Jane Doe and myself give a good example of  complying the rules?

Diomita in selfbondage at silent bondage island with Kitty and Jane Doe - complying the strict rules

Diomita in selfbondage at silent bondage island with Kitty and Jane Doe – complying the strict rules

Where to now? I haven’t been to Psi’s for quite a while. So that was my next stop. Unfortunately Psi’s was not as crowded as it used to be. But Psi Merlin herself was there and she was absent. I think she’s absent most of her time online. But being absent she couldn’t resist to get a picture taken of Kitty and me beside her and – good for this blog entry – she was tied up herself as it should be for an enjoying bondage entry.

Kitty and Diomita posing together with Psi Merlin in the dungeons of Psi's

Kitty and Diomita posing together with Psi Merlin in the dungeons of Psi’s

Last stop on my tied-up simploring tour was “Enslaved”. And here I finally found lots of people. To be more precisely I should say, lots of Latex dolls. In the underground labs they are trained for getting used to their only purpose (and no, you’ll have to find out about this purpose yourself, I won’t go into details). Kitty and I had fun to watch and to discuss about the fate of the poor dolls. Luckily I kept Kitty’s and my own keys hidden, otherwise this visit could have ended badly. Our own bondage had one clear disadvantage though: We couldn’t take and even more we couldn’t taste the sparkling wine.

The downside of being tied- up: No sparkling wine for Kitty and me at

The downside of being tied- up: No sparkling wine for Kitty and me at “Enslaved”

I think, I made the most of a quiet Sunday morning / early afternoon. Don’t you agree?

Celebrating my 2nd collaring day

Jenny and I have several days that we celebrate, so we do get reminded about how time flies quite often. And today marks my 2nd official collaring day. I want to emphasise the word “official” as switching between us has a long history. When Jenny and I got married and spent the honeymoon in our skybox, Jenny already had one day when she dominated me. Honestly I don’t remember, if it was before our wedding or after it (I think it was after it) when Yasmin and Jenny arranged a scene where Yasmin added Jenny as 2nd owner besides herself to the my collar. And since that day we do switch every once in a while. Not that often when I was owned by Yasmin but more and more after my release of her collar.
Considering that, there’s no exact date for my collaring day. We simply picked it. Well that’s also not the whole truth behind it. After my release of Yasmin’s collar I had several scenes with others to fulfil my submissive needs and maybe to fill the lack caused by my release. My pretext was that I learn for my domme side if I’m submit in play to others. And up until today it is still exciting to play with others. Two years ago during a “green light” where Jenny was dominating me it came to my mind that my spoardic scenes in which I knelt for others but Jenny distinguished our already mutual ownership of eachother. While Jenny does not kneel for anybody else than me, I did. And I wanted to live up to her attitude and told Jenny about it. And later we agreed to take this day as my official collaring day.

Mistress Jenny and me just before my 2nd collaring anniversary

Mistress Jenny and me just before my 2nd collaring anniversary

We agreed on rules between us that allow scenes with others for me to happen, but ever since there was no play with anybody else that I didn’t confess to her or had her approval upfront. It is her decision how to handle it, when I confess kneeling to somebody else but her. And Jenny reinforced her ownership of me end of 2014 when I fully submitted to her. Don’t get it wrong, Jenny is still my property and her submission to me is without any doubt. This is our way as dommes as well as as submissives to live and enjoy our mutual ownership. And for most people it is hard to understand. It is for sure rare and we feel blessed having this tight relation.

Jenny and Dio enjoying togetherness as my 2nd collaring anniversary begins - early morning April 21st, 2015

Jenny and Dio enjoying togetherness as my 2nd collaring anniversary begins – early morning April 21st, 2015

Enough words. Thank you for collaring me, Mistress Jenny. I love you!

Busy times

We have a rule that might be valid for most people who are in Second Life: Real Life has always priority. Unfortunately this priority applies for me and for some of the Euro Brats right now. Thus our cummunity has shrunk lately.

  • Kitty’s (Santana.thibedeau) online times rarely matched with ours due to her time zone (PST), but her RL kicked in now in addition again. Luckily we still stay in contact and manage to see eachother online every once in a while for catching up at least. Kitty still has fun, when she’s online and hopefully will continue writing her sim reports.
  • qt’s (queen.takacs) account has been hacked and she’s still trying to get it restored. Otherwise she has to come back on a new account. Right now we just hope that she will return soon and won’t turn her back to SL.
  • Our niece Angelique has a lot of work in RL right now and she’s not at all as present as she used to be and if she manages to go online her online times don’t match with ours.
  • Our Rona (ronapotter.resident) is missing since December 17th, 2014. We don’t know what happened with her and have to wait for any sign of life. But we hope, that she’s doing well.

So right now it is often Jenny, slave Flo and myself – and my RL has become a bit busy too. Nonetheless or in particular because of my busy RL I enjoy the time, that I can spend in SL. We often just hang around chatting at “our” clubs (The Secret House or Domme a Domme) or go a little bit exploring somewhere else or play dice. I enjoy just to relax. And as my second offical collaring day is getting closer, Jenny began to prepare me for this event in her way *winks.

No post without picture: Yesterday Sarah took advantage of me and had a short play enjoying that I couldn’t talk back.

Dio prevented from talking back by Sarah - Jenny watching

Dio prevented from talking back by Sarah – Jenny watching

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