Delilah pointed us to some very nice stories which she found on the internet. Besides that it was a way to tell us about her likes and needs some of her stories were also really exciting for myself too. In Addition her stories were a source for ideas as well gave the opportunity to talk and discuss issues. We thought of publishing a story link on a regular base but so far we didn’t want to force her (or ourselfs) finding something worth to share regularly. As Delilah was busy with her RL lately and less online we asked her upon her return, if she has found something new for us. And she has found something new! And it’s really good. It’s a comic strip from deviantArt.  I really like it.  Once you get into it you will join the long list of followers as the comic is still going on (since 2012). You’ll need a deviantArt account though as it’s adult content.


The URL to the comic is added now under the “Other links” section. If you get drawn into it like me prepare for some hours of reading. Thank you, Shiniez!

20140201 Sunstone_001

20140201 Sunstone_002

Dear Diary

Another “dear diary” entry to keep up to date. So what is going on with the Eurobrats after the holidays?

Kitty is still enjoying her training as a pony. She’s surprised herself about the fun she has with it and I’m looking Forward to detailed reports.
Dana is in Claven’s prison. Due to her busy RL she hasn’t really arrived at her new owner and home.
Angel found a new institute. A real upper class institute. Jenny and I had to save Money for the tuition and for the uniform. Our biggest concern is her tendency to spontaneous accidents.
Florence does the cleaning at home and has adopted to her new enslaved life. And Angel is helping her with cleaning when she’s not online (like right now).
Danii’s visits are still rare. RL and other activities keep her away from SL but she stays in contact.
Fae is just a lovely niece and enjoys bondage every once in a while and she goes exploring on her own sometimes. So if you see her, don’t hesitate to take advantage of her cuffs.
Deli has been offline a bit due to a RL movement and we’re happy that she should be on more again.
It…. it is still in her pit. If we notice it, we step over, look down and control her health. You can see her jumping up and down of joy in ehr pit then – so her vital functions are given.
And Argi is Argi, our independent Soul, always fighting for the non-present rights of our subs.

From that side, the Eurobrats all are doing fine. Lately we had some fun playing bubblitzer, the new game of Marine. It is quite some fun! On other days we catch a straying sub or we go exploring. Over all we enjoy ourselfs in a stable Environment –  and every Friday …. Party!

No post without picture. Here are some newer pictures.

Dio and pony Kitty

Dio and pony Kitty

Angelique Maurer

Angelique Maurer

Jenny, Flo, Angel, Dio at TSH

Jenny, Flo, Angel, Dio at TSH

Dream team in dusting - Angelique and Flo

Dream team in dusting – Angelique and Flo

Dio takes her concubine

Dio takes her concubine

Dio, Jenny  and Deli watching qt - jumping for joy in her pit

Dio, Jenny and Deli watching qt – jumping for joy in her pit

Dear Diary

Summer vacations are over and things turn back to normal for us.  There is no single project going on but we don’t get bored at all. Jenny and I are switching back and forth and we enjoy both roles. We tend to spent more time at the Secret House now instead of Domme a Domme. Both clubs are mostly “Stand&Model”, some call it SM and translate it in a different way *grins*, yet the crowd at the Secret House is a bit different. As opposed to Domme a Domme the Secret House is a club for women only and the general theme is old and young lesbian. Although not everything is about this theme it offers the opportunity for some roleplay, we have met some very nice people there.

Our family and friends are doing well as far as we know.
Kitty (santana.thibedeau) is busy in RL and as our timezones don’t fit at all, we do see Kitty way to rare, but we stay in contact and it is always nice seeing her. In addition Kitty keeps us in touch with our former dissolved family of Yasmin Heartsdale. We appreciate to hear what’s going on with our sisters there. Kitty also spends some time with Dana teasing her and the other cows.

Dana (dana.drezelan) is our cow now and provides milk for those of us who love milk in their coffee or like drinking milk. As far as we can judge she is enjoying her transformation adventure. She has recently been enjoying the company of a certain She Bull and we can see this as she produces more milk now than ever before.

Qt (queen.takacs) wasn’t online a lot as always during summer. She keeps in touch and and is still bound and leashed at home – our poor victim for close to 3 years soon. In the short time she has been with us she failed yet again to warn Flo and Nat to run away.

subtittia (mistress.cuttita)  is the only brat missing. She had some rl issues, lost contact and reappeared. We released her so that she could seek new adventures, then re-collared her. Then she went off again with no sign of life 5 months ago. Besides a short hello we have no idea what is going on with her. Hopefully she’s doing well. Subtittia has only just come back to SL and we will let her have some time to catch up with everything before we rush her into another play.

Delilah (delilah.ormidale) had some busier weeks in rl. She is more and more becoming our concubine, serving her mistresses. We accompany her on her way into deep and profound submission to us. Thank you, Delilah. When online you will find her mostly around us. She is now programmed to feel sexually aroused when we tell her that she pleased us and she does so all of the time. Good girl, Delilah.

For Angelique (angelique.teskat), our niece, we’re still looking for a nice institution to continue her education. And she herself is also persistently looking for the right school (and roleplay). Her tag “Maurer’s Nichte” is really fitting in the meanwhile. She’s a brat, our genes. She can easily blow off yet she’s such a beautiful young lady at the same time. And, I admit, she’s very obedient if we’re treating her strictly and consequently. She still brings a big smile to our faces with her feigned insolence and brattiness.

Daeneriis (danii.szydlowska) had to reduce her online time due to rl. It fits to her kinks that she’s our bondage toy now. She’s restricted and we gave spare keys to some of the family, so that more can tease her and enjoy a bound sub at their feet.

In addition there’s Dr. Flo (florence.riddler), our bound personal doctor who is getting deeper and deeper into troubles and is happy that we protect her so that there’s a minimal chance left for her to return to her hospital. Some day soon she will be as helplessly bound as QT and we fear her fate is exactly the same.

And there’s our maid slave Natalia (natalia.bressig) who keeps our home dust free. She is willing to do anything to please us and is never a bother.

Finally  to complete the entry  I don’t want to miss mentioning Argi (argi.boa) who helps us “subsitting” and who is a beloved family member. Her collaring is just a matter of time. Well to be fair, she is already a member of our family and she is a Brat without it. She makes all of the family feel at ease with her laid back nature and friendly manner.

So autumn and winter can come. No entry without pictures. Here are some teasers for all of you and for our diary.

Dio and Jenny at the Garden of Venus

Dio and Jenny at the Garden of Venus

Cow Slut 6868 being used

Dio and Argi with subtittia

Dio and Argi with subtittia

Little doctor slave Flo … continuation

Remember the little doctor who was the bondage model for September?
If not, please read that first:

Flo’s (florence.riddler) story did not end that day, it was more the beginning and I kindly (*grins*) asked her to share her story here. So considering the first entry being chapter 1 here comes Chapter 2&3 written by our little doctor slave and published uncensored and unabridged. Enjoy reading

Chapter 2: psycho and teasing

Now it’s close 3 weeks since Miss Diomita met me at the club – and leaded me home to her place. First I thought it might be a nice game play when she asked for those keys to my kinky outfit. But….. she call all that a deal. Miss Diomita showed me to her family members – such as Argi – she is very kind to me and told me to educate me. Angelique, the niece of Mistress, was at the beginning very upset about me – I didn’t know that Miss Diomita is punishing her to wear plastic panties. Poor Angel has to stay in while soaking them.

I learned that Miss Diomita is very clever, using all her power to dominate with huge knowledge of psychology. She played very nicely with the remote control of my CB – making vibrations teasing my temple. I was that much aroused and she stopped 3 times until she let me have an earth breaking orgasm. And cruel as she seems to be, she announced the next orgasm in some weeks or months – and that I will beg for….. I can’t tell about here it’s too humiliating. She ….. will keep me horny and in her power until I would beg for her concubines worn panties.
I fear about infection by such games. Do I really need to accept be humiliated this way – or might that end in a kind of game someone like to play? What started as a lovely game with a small key and my kink to wear a CB is going to become my fate. And imagine – a doc with the kink of fetish and bondage – unbelievable – no one would ever trust me in future.

Miss Diomita knows very well about treating a kinky one like me – it’s like she can read my thoughts – and same time show me that I’m lost – she say I have to accept my fate – there wouldn’t be any way back. Now my mind is racing – like a schizophrenic – one side inside me, the kinky part is glad in the situation – the other side, the realist, tries resisting very hard to see that there is no way of hope until I accept my fate. Should I become that weak to beg for Deli’s worn panties?

Chapter 3: the hope and fear – protected

Miss Diomita showed her kind side during the last days – she removed my straight jacket and the face covering hood. As Argi came by she embraced me – the first embrace since weeks.
Argi teased me and I responded her soft touches, caressed her lovely black body with my hands. She has wonderful boobs and she pushed her belly pretty hard against my CB so I felt the steel sliding over my labia’s. But….. not any more touch … just the big frustration for me.
Miss Diomita whispered, you will beg – little doc slave. Little doc slave she calls me! She forces me to spell the word slave S L A V E … several times – it sounded like thunder in my ears – created more fear. And always she says „ accept your fate“ – start loving it and loving „Me“ – Love my tormentor? The one who keeps me away from my job as surgeon? Her answer is – she only protect me from being detected – else I would have my career ruined. This evening Miss Diomita embraced me the first time and I felt like a in heaven – the warm caressing embrace against the unbreakable restraints and her soft voice saying „ you will beg“

Next morning Miss Diomita came from shopping in the city and …… showed me what she found at the white board outside the hospital. They placed an ad! Wanted surgeon Florence Riddler! They fear about me. Miss Diomita pinned the ad at the wall of her summerhouse to show anyone about my real live.

20130915 Wanted surgeon Florence Riddler

But how they would find me? I can’t shout for help as I’m kept on an island whose name I never saw. I can’t run away the way I’m restricted, my arms in a kind of leather sheet encasing my arms and make the use of them impossible and my shoulders aching as hell. I don’t know anymore how my future is going on. From the point of my fetish, I’m safe. The fear to be forced by orgasm denial will soon let me go weak and maybe let me accept my fate. But from view of my profession to be a helpful surgeon I am very far away. I fight with myself…. do I only have that chance to accept my fate or should I try to flee – but how? I’m pulled from one side to the other.

As the niece of Miss Diomita, Angel passed by and saw the ad, she grinned and asked innocently „that’s you“? I nodded and explained my story. Angel quick started to combine the situation and told me she would call for help. Call the hospital – the chief surgeon, to get me back to my place in hospital. I realized that if someone came by, see me that way… my career will be ruined, so I begged her to wait until Miss Diomita has a well prepared plan to end my fate. She wouldn’t stop even when I begged her to do whatever she likes. With a wicked smile she stopped, looked at me in my bondage and then used her mobile phone and dialed the number. Same time Miss Diomita came by and realized that Angel had caused really big trouble.
I was in fear also for Miss Diomita when Angel promised that in a few hours the governor and some police will show up to take me home. In that situation they also would catch Miss Diomita …. and I had fear for her… and same time realized… I felt some ….. love…. love my tormentor….. !

Miss Diomita had a safe but very pity solution for me. I should be placed in the cellar in a soundproofed room – and then I recognized, it was a cell. Better then be compromised in front of those police men and governed people who know me very well – I accepted to be locked or let’s say protected, in that cell.

20130917 Diomita hides Flo in a secure cell_001

The light went off and I heard Miss Diomita slamming the door and then was lost in darkness and silence. Hours I sat in the corner, feared to move, not to make any noise until the sound of rough boots could be heard on the upper floor. I stopped breathing – listened to the voices and heard the faint voice of Miss Diomita who explained to have the ad placed to help searching the doc. She did that with a coolness of a poker player – I admire her…??? admire? my tormentor….  she has become my „protector“ !
I try to wipe the thoughts away to fall in love with the one who caught my freedom – who psychological guide me to accept my fate – to become her …. slave …. S L A V E, to beg for humiliation… for accepting worn panties in my mouth…? That can’t be true… it’s a dream… a nightmare…. or? The steps faded and the silence took place in the house – they have gone – my chance to regain the former life as surgeon – the humiliation to be detected either – all gone.

20130917 Diomita hides Flo in a secure cell_002

The only thing left….. me – my fate to become a slave – to beg for…… I drowned into a deep and restless sleep. I dreamed be on my knees – in front of a wonderful woman who showed me a kind of cloth – swung them on her fingers and softly ordered me to open my mouth wide. I wasn’t resisting and my mouth was filled with those used panties – tasting pretty unknown in scent of a strangers pussy – but it was too late to argue. With a large stripe of duct tape my lips where sealed and …… I couldn’t believe … I didn’t struggle – I smiled and mumbled something like thank you.
I woke up as Miss Diomita knocked at the cell door and waked me. My face was reddened and I bite my lips ….. she doesn’t need to know about my dream.

I’m quite convinced that there will be another continuation……

Dark Desires (DD)

A couple of months ago i got contact to Fae Howlett again. Fae was a sister of mine during my time wearing Yasmin’s collar. And she also lived in our family as my subsister quite a while. Fae was looking where to tend her SL to and she revealed her desire submitting to a dominant couple. We promised to keep our eyes and ears open.
Some weeks later we discoverd Dark Desires on one of our simploring tours. The sim had all you’d expect from a bdsm sim. At that time it had a large patio to sit, chill and chat, a house with different themed rooms from rubber to clinic settings, another house for dolls and a Shibari area for bondage fans. During our visit we met Ally Skyward (allycat foxtrot), who became a friend of mine and ours and who kindly invited me to the Dark Desire group. We also met her dom partner Reggie Skyward. Somehow the conversation turned to subs and slaves and i remembered Fae and she got permission to introduce herself. It seems that we found a perfect fit as Fae was collared by Ally and Reggie soon after.

What followed were a few mutual visits and I learned that Ally has a shop for plants and landscaping and that she designs individually customized sims. She took me to her private homesim and I confess that I was very impressed about it. With Ally’s permission I visited her homesim already a few times and one night I showed the possibilities of landscaping to Sarah.

20130605 Visiting Ally's home with Sarah_001

Visiting Ally’s home with Sarah and enjoying the view

A few days ago I got a group message from DD that the sim has been rebuilt. We visited and explored it the last two nights. DD has now a bit of the beauty of Ally’s private homesim. You can feel her personal style and design. Around a cosy lounge (for chilling and chatting) surrounded by nature there’s just one chateau now with different themed rooms. Next to that is a lighthouse which contains a small but effective dungeon and a scenic view platform. If you like games there’s also a game area nearby. We played greedy there last night and had a bet which ended with Jenny and Delilah leashed and cuffed by Argi and me at the DD lounge. And there we met Natalia Kessel (nataliakessel). As I know now she’s one of the owners of DD. And she gave me the hint to have a look at the blog about Dark Desires.
I began reading the blog today and it is entertaining and contains a lot of information. As I recommend reading it you’ll find the link to it in the active blogs section here.  Keep up the great work!

Dark Desires

Dark Desires

When you visit Dark Desires don’t miss the lovely teleport pads. They animate your avatar to dance beside that you can teleport with them of course. And there’s more to discover like the sky lounge and the sky dungeon.
Have fun reading the DD blog and exploring Dark Desires inworld. You might get hooked.

Maurer’s concubine and other updates

The links that we collected and added to this blog need a bit of a revision. Some of the blogs which we refer to aren’t active anymore. So they are more for those who have a tendency of being a bit nostalgic. It’s still fun to read them if it brings back memories but you won’t find any new entry in these blogs anymore. So I devided the link section into “Active blogs” and “Non-active blogs” and other links.

What else? No entry without a picture! And this picture has a story behind it.

Maurer's concubine with her Mistresses Jenny and Diomita

Maurer’s concubine with her Mistresses Jenny and Diomita

Delilah went further down the path of her submission to us. She approached us a couple of weeks ago and told us that she would like to become closer Jenny and to experience Jenny’s dominant and strict side a bit more. So Jenny began by giving her some rules about how she should act when she first met either of us. The rules also helped to nurture her submissive side. We both enjoyed using Delilah more over the past 2 weeks and Delilah began to open up to us more telling us about the things that excite her. Then yesterday we decided to take her to the next step of her submission. She became our concubine, Maurer’s concubine. She’s the woman who pleases us and who fulfills not only our demand to control or to have her tied and locked at feet but also serve our sexual demands. Welcome to your new stage, Delilah.


We enjoyed the “Back to the future” – party last Friday a lot. We had fun not only with the old songs (Thank you Virgo for the music!) but also with old pictures from Stonehaven that were displayed on a slideshow. And last but not least, it was fun to see our friends in their old clothes and/or skins. The idea for this party was born when Jenny and I discussed what to do on the occasion on her 5 year anniversary meeting eachother.
20130524 Back to the future party_002

Delilah MaurerThere is another anniversary today. Our Delilah turns four years old! Congratualtions, Delilah and thank your for being ours 🙂 If you see her inworld, don’t miss delivering some rezz-day spanks.

20110505 tittia portraitAnd tomorrow, May 28th, will be subtittia’s (mistress.cuttita) 2nd collaring anniversary. She has been tied up in RL again lately but we hope to see her soon again. Congratulations, tittia!

We’re happy for any proposals for another Firday night party on the occasion for Deli’s and tittia’s anniversaries.

Love from Dio & Jen

Delilah Maurer’s Interview

Today Tyra has published her interview with Delilah. I remember how Delilah brooded over some of the questions. The result is amazing in my point of view.
And of course Tyra’s remarks to Deli’s answers are funny. I strongly recomend to have a look on this interview in Tyra’s blog. Here is the link to it:

And of course, I will take the 3 Pictures for 10 L, Tyra!
As everybody knows, I collect pictures *winks.

Delilah Maurer

Delilah Maurer

Thank you both for the enjoyable interview, Tyra and Delilah

Jenny Maurer’s 5th Rez Day

20130319 Jenny Maurer turning 5 Years in SL_002This post is from Jenny …

I changed nothing on the text itself but I added some pictures as demanded by my dear wife, Partner, Ehesklavin and owner.

My 5th rez day. 19 March 2013

Our readers will know all the things I could say for my 5th rez day. How I met Diomita and the family and friends that make SL a place I feel a very big part of. It is the people that make SL and we are very blessed.
My RL has  changed a lot over 5 years, as my family has grown older the time I get for myself has changed and the demands on my time changes from week to week.
Our SL family has grown in a similar way and here we find our time is often filled with the people we love.

cutie, Arka, Angel, Dio, Jenny, Deli, Argi celebratring Jenny Maurer's 5th Rez Day

cutie, Arka, Angel, Dio, Jenny, Deli, Argi celebratring Jenny Maurer’s 5th Rez Day

20130319 Jenny Maurer turning 5 Years in SL_006

20130319 Jenny Maurer turning 5 Years in SL_004

So what better way to celebrate 5 a year rez day than to see as many friends and family as possible and to get 5 birthday spanks from each, of course my wife could not resist taking some pictures which she will share.

My SL is a very rich experience because of you all.

Thank you and may we all enjoy many more.
Lots of Love Jenny Maurer

Delilah Maurer

Last night turned out to end with a surprise. First I took Jenny and Delilah on a simploring tour. We visited Fortress Mortice (FM). The sim is part mansion, part asylum and part prison,  The owners use it as a cover for their criminal activites, for using their slaves as cheap labour and  amusing toys. In short FM is a new prison and slave sim. Dana considers a stay there. So that gave reason for the visit.
We got an enjoyable tour seeing all facilities of this prison and attended a trial. In fact we can imagine to agree to a stay for Dana or of another sub of ours.

Back home I was in the mood to play. I was just using Delilah while Jenny watched as Argi joined the scene. The situation was kind of embarrassing and humiliating for Delilah. No I wont go into details:-). In the end Argi and Jenny played while Deli and I took the time to whisper together about what has happened. As a matter of fact Deli had become even closer to us during the last weeks and also stepped deeper in her submission to Jenny and me. Spontaneously, I proposed to her to change her display name to Delilah Maurer to express this development. Deli loves her last name and had considered this change before but dismissed the idea. Now after the experience of last night and as I proposed it she felt ready for it. She thinks that the new name will also help and support her in her submission to us and protect her in case of any doubts. Jenny and I feel very honored about her change as for her it was not a petitesse but a big step. So we celebrated with her dancing on the roof of our most private home “Chez Maurer”. On a sidenote – thus Argi got the chance to see our skybox even before being collared by us *winks.

Argi, Jenny and Dio dancing together with Delilah Maurer

Argi, Jenny and Dio dancing together with Delilah Maurer

Thank you for your gift to us, Delilah Maurer.

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